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29 Jan 2013
Real Estate / Non Pole Applying for Mortgage in Poland [11]

Thanks All,

We found a place, agreed a price, and now we will apply for the mortgage and see
just which banks will be diligent enough within their processes.

Fingers crossed :)

I will surely post afterwards regarding the outcome.
12 Jan 2013
Real Estate / Non Pole Applying for Mortgage in Poland [11]


We just today found the perfect house. So now the trawl of paperwork begins and i'm sure that by the time we have
it done, this property will have passed.

Are you aware if status within Poland is a key factor? I am thinking if to ask a friend to register me as a perm resident

if it helps the situation. I had permanent residence 2 years ago with my previous partner but they renounced it when
we broke up. So now I guess I have temporary residence.

I have Pesel, 4 years earning history etc in polish firm.
12 Jan 2013
Real Estate / Non Pole Applying for Mortgage in Poland [11]

Hi All,

Anyone have experience in applying for a Mortgage as a non pole. I am applying with my Girlfriend
but I had a poor rating back in the UK and i'm concerned it will follow me here. I have lived in Poland
for 5 years now. My girlfriend is polish and on paper we are easy to lend too but we are concerned our
broker is just not experienced enough in this.

Anyone have any experience or can recommend a broker specialising in this type of mortgage base in
Gdynia, Gdansk, Sopot area.

Thanks in advanced.
1 Oct 2012
Law / Stay in Poland after Divorce- Yes or No? [5]

Hi Mate,

I stayed and have been here 2 years since we split and went through the divorce etc.

I am glad I did it. It's not easy, and I needed some local friends to help me with both personal stuff, and
also the paperwork side of things. I feel better here being in the minority rather then heading home back
into the rat race. But depends on what you want to do next.
30 Sep 2012
Law / Poland Residency, Marriage, Divorce, Kids [3]

Hi All,

I have a complicated situation.

In February of next year I will have been living in Poland 5 years.

I started on a temporary residence, then I moved to permanent residence. Then I married a polish girl.

I then divorced with the girl, and then we stated I no longer lived at the residence. Therefore, I'm imagining that
I lost my permanent residence.

Since this time, I have continued to live in Poland and now would like to create roots to be closer to my polish son.

I would like to apply for citizenship purely as small things such as credit or mortgages just are too much hassle as
a foreign person. So my questions are...

1. Can I apply?
2. Will I be applying for permanent residency? or for citizenship outright due to previous perm resi or due to having been married and have child here. (I read it's 5 temp + 3 perm)

3. Will having it help me with making roots here. (Banks, opening a company etc.)