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21 Jun 2012
UK, Ireland / Are the Irish welcome in Poland? [24]

I would suggest u ( n to all visitors of PF) to read opinions of Irish ppl that came to Poland for Euro `12 n posted about their impression on this site

So many positive opinions there :)
28 Jun 2012
Love / Need help/advice polish girl :( British and Polish girl relationship. [26]

i feel pity for u.. u seem to be a decent guy, but u feel attracted w. a gurl that is not serioulsy foucused on u, she only lives w/u as w/ her guy, i wonder how would be ur relation like, if u both wouldnt live togather... maybe there woudlnt be any relation, ....coz her life there is about enjoying time w. frnds n alcohol (too much of alcohol)

Story about her looks like some pathology, personally even woudlnt like to make a frndship w such kind of gurl, but u make her partner of ur life (ups!)

worried about wasting my time and feelings

- yeah, u should be worried, coz the way she is, is not what u expect (as i understand from ur talk)

its just my opinion, but ur choice.
29 Oct 2012
Law / Tourist visa to Poland for Indian citizen, invitation letter. [57]

Hi, there is no need of passport as its not their trip, n to show their data (if such need) they have id cards.

All what is required i already pointed out in my post on this site. Hope u already read it ;)
29 Oct 2012
Law / Tourist visa to Poland for Indian citizen, invitation letter. [57]

I see u bother ur head with info from some agencies n embassy forum, n i understand it coz u r just looking for information, but the place this issue is suppoused to be done is Voivodoship Office (-> Citizen n Foreigner Department), n everything will be fixed only there, coz they dont issue this things with embassy or some agencies, so there only counts this what Voivodoship Office says that is required.
24 Jan 2013
Love / Marriage in Poland (civil ceremony,need advice on documents). Indian girl. [36]

As for this Cer­tifi­cate of No Impediment - they refused it coz its not their role. U should issue it from ur country indeed (eg. u could ask ur parents to do it for u n then send it eg. via DHL).

Anyways, its not a point to contact with embassy, but rather with a appropriate office with regards to city where u would like to get married. As someone already wrote on this forum but not in this thread - "ask them exactly what documentation they will want to see. It is quite common in Poland for different offices, and even different people in the same office, to interpret regulations in different way."

The requirements of getting married to a Polish National as a foreigner here in Poland are only three documents:
1.ID card / passport
2.Birthcertificate ( translated into the Polish language by a sworn translator)
3.Cer­tifi­cate of No Impediment (however some countries like eg. USA, Pakistan dont give such one, - then there is a need to process it sth like a 3 months before wedding, coz its related with visiting court, waiting for decission that is formality, but u r expected to wait, n once this point is done, u r expected to wait 21 days untill it will validate)