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5 Jun 2012
UK, Ireland / Are the Irish welcome in Poland? [24]

Thanks guys. I guess i'm just a little nervous as I don't know how the Polish see the Irish but i'm sure i'll be fine when I get settled in.
5 Jun 2012
UK, Ireland / Are the Irish welcome in Poland? [24]

I'm applying to the University of Silesia to do my second year in English there and I was wondering will I get any abuse for being a foriegner? I have only started learning Polish so I won't know much Polish by then. I know it depends on the place and time and who I will encounter but is it likely that I could get attacked by Anti-Irish thugs or just people who hate foriegners in Poland?
3 Jun 2012
Study / Irish student to choose between Univeristy of Lodz or Silesia. [3]

I have been given a chance to do my second year in Poland. I have to choose to apply to either Lodz or Silesia and I would appreciate any information you could offer. I'm doing a BA honours in English and although I don't know any Polish there's a woman from Katowice who is friends with my parents who has told me a few things about those two places. There's only one campus in Lodz where I can study English but in Silesia I can study it in Katowice or Sosnowiec. Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks.