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11 Jun 2012
Love / Very disappointed in Polish women. They prefer Spanish men. [24]

I've been in the center of Gdansk before the Spain vs Italy game.
Thousands of people on the street, a lot of spanish fans.
I was dressed up in a spanish t-shirt, flag etc, jus like most spanish fans.
And i realised most (all?) polish girls were hot only for spanish guys.
Many times (13 exactly), girls wanted to talk to me, party after the game.
Obviously i was taken for a spanish guy (i have very tanned skin).
But EVRY TIME, a girl heard me answering them in polish... suddenly stoped talking to me and turned back with a disappointed face.
And once i heard from one hot girl saying to her friend "pff pollack... were looking for a real hispanic guy".
After the game i met a group of spanish guys, we went to a party.
Those guys weren't handsom. Regular men at the age of 35-45.
None of them had to search for a girl or buy a drink, all the girls were coming to them by theirselves.
Even the fat and hairy guy got some, only because he was hispanic.
I guess being polish disqualifying every guy.

Well i'm 50% american and 50% polish, but i feel more polish than american, and i didn't want to pretend a foreigner, what i could of done very easily.

It's sad to say it, but... so what polish girls are (one of) the prettiest in the world, when they're also the sluttiest?!

I must mention i've been to mass parties in other countries (USA, UK, Spain, Italy), and ladies were acting normal, not like horny sl*ts who've never seen a man before, or having sex with foreigners in the bathroom in a disco.

Want free sex? Come to poland, flash your passport and speak in an exotic language - that's all you have to do (even if your ugly).
30 May 2012
History / What do Polish people think of Palestinians? [20]

Do Polish people stand moslty with Israeli or Palestinian people, or do they not care about issues happening between palestinians and israeli people?

The governments of all european countries support American & Israel terrorism on Palestine.
Most people don't care much, but i think the ones that do, support Palestine.
I don't support any of the sides of the conflict because its not my business, but i kind of understand Palestina and if i had to choose i would be on palestinian side.

If you really want to / have to say your not palestinian... say your Egyptian.
28 May 2012
History / Ukrainian-occupied Eastern Poland [135]

But didn't they fight against eachother?
Saxony against Branderburgia?
And what do you think about Budyšyn - dose it have german background, or is it Sorbian? (i'm just curious i never asked any German about the Serbs)
28 May 2012
News / Don't go to Poland ... because you could end up coming back in a coffin [313]

I don't suppose it makes much difference to someone who is attacked, whether it's an organised gang with a name and flag or just a handful of Legia hools.

If an organised racist gang will attack you, they'll do everything to destroy/terrorize/kill you.
Legia hooligans won't kill you. The worst they can do is beat you up a little "for fun", without serious damage.
For me it's a big difference; i'd rather end up with a black eye, than dead, or with broken spine, or jaw.
28 May 2012
History / Ukrainian-occupied Eastern Poland [135]

I know what Hitler wanted, but i think we should judge poeople for what they did. Not for what they wanted to do.
Soviets killed in Katyn over 200 000 polish elite (prefessors, genreals, doctors).
For many years Russia lied about Katyn, saying that Nazis did it.
Till this day they did not apoligize (Germans at least admit to what Nazis did and apologized many times).
Did you eaver hear about Hlodomor?
Stalin starved to death (murdered) over 7 000 000 Ukrainians (yes seven million), that was 27% of the whole nation, 20 000 Polaks died also.
Also soldiers who fought for Poland were discriminated, accused for terrorism, send to Siberia to camps, prosons, or killed.
So what there was a Polish state, when it was illegal to be a patriot, most products were made for Russia. It was all a big lie.

I personally think i'd rather die in a country which fought till the end, and got destroyed with pride, than give up and live like a slave.

One more thing. On the first battle of WWII in Westerplatte.
After 7 days when the major gave up, nazis aressted him with honor, gratulated him he lasted so long (150 Poles against 2500(?) Germans)
Sovietes never treated anyone with honor, they did what they could to imbaress their enemy.
And i think you know who completely destroyed Gdansk....

The loyality of the German speaking Danzigers went to a multi-ethnical and multi-cultural Polish state and King, not to a modern Polish nation state.

What about Jan Sobieski?
He was very respected in Gdansk.
Even J. Hevelius named a star system to honor him.
And what about Stanislaw Leszczynski? Gdansk supported him insted of August II (who was from Saxony)
They were 100% polish kings.

I notized many times that some Poles try to overstate the Flemish and Dutch element of the historic Danzig city culture in order to diminish the German one.

But was there a united german country in XIV-XV century?
I thought there were seperate states (saxony, brandenburgia etc)
If you look at the buildings in Gdansk they look just like in Harlem or Antwerpien.
The most important builders of Gdansk (like van den Blocke) were flemish, some were german, but they came to Poland, because they had to leave their home countries because of religion problems. Gdansk (i think the whole Poland at that time) was a city of freedom for religion.

I would say "germans not welcome in their country, moved to a country which welcomed them with open hands to buld their towns" insted of "germans came to build german town" ;)

I agree about the language, but lower german was used in all Hanza towns, including Latvia, Lithunia, Sweden and i think a little part of nort-west Russia.

But it was a union of baltic cities - not a seperate country.
28 May 2012
News / Don't go to Poland ... because you could end up coming back in a coffin [313]

It makes me laugh when i hear about racism in Poland.
First of all there are NO major racist gangs or groups in Poland.
Just a bunch of hooligans, who spray paint "jude raus" and things like that on the streets.
And they do it to show that they are ********, they're not even antisemits, and most of them don't know what antisemitism is.
But in West Europe, and USA, they are organized terrorist groups witch are dangerous (Ku Klux Klan exists legally till today, Combat 18, and other groups).

The groups in USA, UK, France have access to weapon, explosives (maybe someone heard about the bomb they put in England in a gay pub).

I have heard about many racially motivated murders in USA, UK (not only commited, by whites, but mostly by blacks).
In Poland i have NEVER heard about someone killed because of different color of skin.
Yes if youre non-white some people can look at you in a strange way, laugh at you, or be impolite to you.
But no one will ever hurt you.
It was different 10 years ago, but i see everyday blacks on the street, even at night, and nobody attacks them.
28 May 2012
History / Ukrainian-occupied Eastern Poland [135]

Should countries like France and Italy make claims for these cities because of that?

I know that. I read very much about Sorbs and Wenden, and their ancestors.
As for Danzig, I know Germany has it's own version of the citys history, and so does Poland.
But if you ever been there, or if you ever looked at old paintings, you can see in many places of the town the symbol of Poland right next to the symbol of Gdansk.

The crown in the symbol above the silver crosses is the polish king's crown.
And even during the prussian occupation in XVIII century, even the german speking citizens of gdansk didn't want Gdansk to be prussian, but polish (J. Upgagen).

It was always a town of many nations (scots, flamands, etc) but it was loyal to Poland.
But the most important thing is that over 90% of Gdansk was destroyed during the last war.
Everything had to be rebuild. Every building that stands in Gdnask today, was build and rebuild by polish hands.
The originals are gone...

But your right, nobody has the power to change anything today.

Does this mean there are no legally binding treaties for Poland regarding its border with Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine? Are you sure about that?

It was illegally taken from us.
When the war started, polish government emigrated to France, than Englad.
After the war, the communists "took over" and organized a voting for new gorernment it was all false, they did that to have control over east european contries.

So you can say that from 1945-1989 we were occupied by soviets. The 'polish' government were only puppets in the hands of Moscow. The legal government was in London, and had nothing to say, because all other contries didnt authorize it anymore.

Poland helped defend Lwow along with the soviets, from the nazis.
When they succeded, polish soliders were arested by soviets, and send to capms and prisons.
Poland never, ever agreed to give Lwow away. We tried to fight for it even when it was taken from us.
But soviets deported most polish people from Lwow (and other territories in that region), making us leave all our stuff (houses, furniture, everythig).
You should read about polish history from that time.
I can swear to you it was not only illegal, it was crime.
In my opionion, what soviets did to Poland (and not only, but also to Ukraine) was much, much worse than Hitler.
27 May 2012
History / Ukrainian-occupied Eastern Poland [135]

Let's talk about "Polish-occupied East Germany" ... ;)

Danzig was always polish, from it's beginning.
The Deutscher Orden was the one who occupied Danzig in 1308.
And later in 1772 Prussia occupied it again.
Before WWII it was occupied again by III Reich, what was illegal.
Bresleu also was polish from the beginning until XIII.
The original names of the cities are slavic.

I can agree that Wilno was never polish, but Lithunian.
But Lwow was was build by Poland, and belonged to Poland a lot longer than it did to Russia or Ukraine (as far as i know it never belonged to Ukraine until 1945).

It was as much polish as Poznan or Warsaw.

Didn't Poland accept its Eastern Border with Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine in international treaties?

No, Poland did not accept it.
It was Stalin who changed the boarder.
Poland had nothing to say. It was Stalin, Roosvelt and Churchill on Jalta conference.
Poland asked USA for help, to make Stalin change his decision, but they never did nothing.
27 May 2012
Love / Polish girls call themselves sensitive and easily to be hurt, but how if they hurt others [35]

If you're hunting for girls in Poland, you're looking in the wrong place. Try next door in Ukraine.

That is not true. Lie and stereotype.
I have Ukrainian friends, and ex girlfriend from Ukraine.

In Poland you hear a lot about horny ukrainian and russian girls who drop their pants for foreigners.
They say the same about polish women in west Europe... is that true? Answer yourself.