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5 Jan 2019
Law / Recording someone in private - is it legal in Poland? [14]

Ha HA to begin with no call was ever made,Only an invitation to accept WhatsApp and viber lol and that's a crime???Seriously,then why UNCLE FESTER didn't do anything?When I did something like mailing,emailing and called fat mans school why nobody didn't do anything?I will do that again once I get the apportunity including legal action by hiring pvt lawyers.
6 Jan 2019
Food / Where to buy corned beef in Warsaw? [21]

Real good grass fed angus beef & Wagyu is also available at the Wilka(wolf) building in there store upstairs on Jerozolimski enterance.This store is on top of the building where Louis Vuitton store is.They are expensive but worth it.They also have a restaurant there(I forget the name)very good steaks.
6 Jan 2019
Life / Is there a website for used boat in Poland? [7]

I knew a jewish guy who made sold and dealt with boats near warsaw Blonie.Google and contact him.His company name was "E Tec Drives or star boats.Just remembered his name is Greg.

Here we go if it helps

Sorry to Post again here is one for sale in Poland for 24k pln new one
8 Jan 2019
News / Man Charged in Escape Room Deaths in Warsaw, Poland [8]

They do have all the laws etc in place but corruption is still there,if that explains it.I see so many bistros,clubs,restaurants etc with code and health violation (even though im no health or code inspector qualified) that I would shut them down.In Poland money and influence still talks.

I tell you there is that famous club named Hybrydy(wrong spellings) and has serious exit problems from the basement incase of emergency.A disaster waiting to happen.
12 Jan 2019
Travel / Why do you visit Poland? [193]

JR,I drove by it years back out of curiosity and saw signs posted that its a private property of Polish military and no trespassing so just drove away.
13 Jan 2019
Real Estate / Where to look on the internet for Poland Real Estate [112]

I always have my notary do that.I really don't care what the seller bought the property for only how much he is selling for.There is no set price of property anywhere.Be carefull Poles rent out the property at higher prices and value it with 6 to8% return.I just bought one on Belverdeska in Warsaw for 10k pln a sq m which is cheap by warsaw commercials.Residentials are a bit different.If you need a good reliable and reasonably priced notariusz in Warsaw let me know.Her husband is an American and a very good pal of mine.

Also be careful with the VAT and if you are a VAT payer you will get it all back depending how you pay them(I pay them monthly so I always get my refunds in a months time from Ujzad Skarbowe)
13 Jan 2019
Work / Teaching in public school VS private school in Poland [9]

Also, how willing are public school administrations to deal with foreigners (papers, permits etc)?

Be careful,a school just duped a Canadian friend of mine.She moved to Poland from China and the school didn't do nothing for her and gave her a shared studio accommodation.She overstayed and is now back in Canda.
16 Jan 2019
Law / If you lose your job in Poland is it easy to claim welfare? [36]

Just curious since Poland seems so very concerned about losing it's welfare money if the E.U. dissolves.

PF wont let me quote your questions so I will answeras they are posted:
!:yes2:Dont know3:Yes4:No5:Usually parents(I think legally also)
16 Jan 2019
Law / Closing an inactive company in Poland (limited liability company) [11]

I went through almost a similar exp10 yrs back and was contacted by the uzad skarbowe to file taxes.I had to file all the 8 years of taxes for my spookazoo company as 00 pln in returns,asII never did any business with it.Then turned around and sold that company for 10k pln and the new owner takes responsibility of all the taxes.Depending on the value of investment in the company,it can be either sold without tax clearance and closed with tax clearance I learnt.I suggest sell it,there are plenty of people buying and selling companies,if you need help let me know.
16 Jan 2019
Real Estate / Lease contract with no renewal clause in Poland [7]

the police could prevent him from doing that

The police can never interfere as this situation is totally civil.Even if the landlord wants him out he has to send him legal letter giving a months notice to vacate,if he doesn't then the landlord can go to court.Tenant has to be paying in time though all the while or habitual late payer charge can also be used by the landlord.

it's unlikely he'd dare

I bet you he can dare,last January I did throw out a nasty salon owner giving her 2 months notice who was later begging me to let her stay as her business was booming on nowegrodska and she was in middle of her 3 year contract.
17 Jan 2019
Law / Identity Theft Laws and Situation in Poland? [9]

Plus also all those horror stories of the homeless being used as słups to be directors of dodgy businesses in the 90s

This infact is the latest crime business going on.People buy and sell companies and take cell phone connections to huge loans on them.I was surprised to know about some people making 100 thousands of Pln a month on it.

But you can pay a small fee and get your credit checked.
18 Jan 2019
Work / Poland Work Permit / Study Visa Processing Times [191]

@PolAmKrakow,I agree with you 100 euros or more an hour attorneys are not what English teachers in Poland can afford thus don't know the results.Money and contacts still does talk silently in Poland.Also most foreigners in Poland cannot even afford an attorney forget professionals.I have been coming to Poland over 18 years now every other month for at least a month and no problems:)
18 Jan 2019
News / Pawel Adamowicz, Gdansk mayor, dies after stabbing [299]

, isn't it actually an obligation to report a crime if you have knowledge of it?

I agree with you 100%,I did before and will do in future as well as a law abiding and a concerned citizen.
19 Jan 2019
Feedback / Suggestions by members to make PF more user friendly and entertaining. [81]

I think Admin should start a BAN INSURANCE.For 25$ a month min of 1 year contract and an upfront fee the member will not be banned and incase the member misuses his insurance his rates should rise every year.Since some members would like to misuse the insurance every time an warning is issued to the account the member has to change his screen name for the time out given.In case of abuse the member should not be allowed the original screen name.

It will raise revenue for the forum to keep the costs down as well deter the notorious abusers.
Also when a warning is to be given member should be asked to respond in his defense in 24 hours which should be left at the discretion of the mods since there will be lots of spammers abusing this rule.

Insurance rates could be lowered or increased at the admins discretion.
I was also thinking to rent moderating rights ofcourse at very high prices with time limits eg:50$ an hr without banning authority.
A good idea - interested members please send PM or email info@polishforums.
Obviously, it was teasing.
19 Jan 2019
USA, Canada / Where Polish in NJ live? [58]

Diane,I live in Brick,You should not give your number here openly as some members might stalk you(from the history here).But I suggest you place an ad in the Polish newspaper "Nowe Dzennik" or a free ad on the site "Bazarynka".Lots of Polish women looking and advertising for work there and it has a English version also.
19 Jan 2019
Feedback / Suggestions by members to make PF more user friendly and entertaining. [81]

if Deepak start showing off

Which woman in your household told you about it?Dont be jealous its just genes.

just put all his posts under his real name

You & Admin have full consent.
I did expect Admin to at least comment about BAN INSURANE POLICY?