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11 Dec 2012
Law / Can I obtain Polish citizenship by birth instead of the one I have, by naturalization? [10]

Be carefull what you decide for your kids when the under 18,in 2004 I got my children Polish passports from NY consulate cuz there mums polish,now when he is 21 and is in process of getting a job needs security clearence has to surrender his Polish citizenship and remove the property in his name there,I am telling you this first hand experience what we are going through.
9 Dec 2012
Life / Moving to Poland Part-Time (probably Katowice) [46]

Why dont you guys google that stuff out?There have been answers about all that on this forum here before so check it out and about the malls I tell you they better then Portugal or America in Katowice..8000Pln are pretty good to live on until you have drug or hooker hiring habbits:)
7 Dec 2012
UK, Ireland / How long will Poles use communism and ww2 as an excuse to move to the UK? [55]

Most of the arse-holes are Brit Wannabes.

Who wants to be a brit??????????a native speaker who speaks wid a twisted tounge accent:))))))calls a FLAME a TORCH,a HOOD a BONNET,a REAR END a BACKSIDE?OH! and comes to Poland to teach english to live a cheap high life being unsucessfull in his own country where third world immigrants are taking over:D
3 Dec 2012
Love / Aliments and abortion (I was married to a Polish guy) [64]

Have the baby and sue the barstud* even if u in Poland if u need help mail me and I can help you guide through the proper agencies.Trust me even in these cases in Poland woman can take the man to cleaners,but dont accept him after you step on his toes.remember WAR IS A WAR.
1 Dec 2012
Language / What has been the hardest language for you to learn? [81]

I hope to learn some basic Japanese someday and maybe some calligraphy.

I have a place rented to that kind of services on NOWEGRODSKA street in Warsaw,but they are barely surviving...if u into it get in touch with them
30 Nov 2012
Travel / Restaurant reviews in Poland. [86]

P3 KEBABS in Poland are like gyros in America,with slice,grilled beef,lamb or chicken meat in pita bread and lots of salatka tosed into for polish taste and hot ot sour sauce dowsed on it.
29 Nov 2012
Travel / Restaurant reviews in Poland. [86]

authentic too

Disagree totally! has asian,arabian,greek food all mixed up! what is aithentic?lol catered to Polish taste...mostly everything with SALATKA!now tell me how many have salatka with that food?????
29 Nov 2012
Law / Polish Visa Refused, Going To Make Appeal, What should I do ? [81]

O really? Try to tell that to those Poles rejected by US embassy recently. A decision is a decision, he should just go elsewhere.

My friend is A visa consular and she says she meets with almost 25 people everyday ...some have vague stories,criminal history,or simple no paperwork to backup there claims,or some who overstayed before so she refuses them.Some Poles think Embassy dont know anything whereas embassy verifies everything before the come for interview.
29 Nov 2012
Travel / Restaurant reviews in Poland. [86]

sphinx is disgusting.

Agreed 200% whenever I asked for no french fries they gave me fried potatoes.I like Polish swek(cant pronounce) really good food for the price the same man owns JEFFS and fooking dont speak a word of English,I really like it the breakfast esp there for 12 pln worth a try.
29 Nov 2012
USA, Canada / How to withdraw funds from US Delaware LLC? [2]

Has anyone here started a US company as non-resident, and are familiar with how to set it up and who to contact to do this? And how much this costs?

My Russian pal did it,costs around 150$ done on line by his sure if you do a legit business,pay taxes you can open bank account and do banking on internet.But beware if its any hanky panky they will bring you here even from russia:)))) Remeber what happened to Mr Laden now he is exiting fish arse:)
28 Nov 2012
Law / what is well-off in Poland [13]

Le'ts say a single person with 600~800k USD networth, and passive income of 40k net, would that be considered well-off in Poland?

Honestly nope! if you have a family and YES if you are alone considering the 2 cars kids education,and day to day normal bills by american standards.
27 Nov 2012
Law / Foreigners Getting Married in Poland - a Guide to Formal Preparation [54]

So when one gets married in Poland, is this proper legal procedure to take one's original birth certificate and store it at the municipal building?

Yes it is,I had to go through same but dont forget they give u Polish certificate thats EU certificate also.I dont know where u are from but in the USA we pay 5$ and get a new one from the office:)so technically still have both.
25 Nov 2012
USA, Canada / Homeless Poles in NYC [25]

Being homeless in such a country cannot be much fun for anyone, especially in NYC

lol I also heard if you go to a shelter they try to steal the sneakers that one is wearing if one falls asleep!Thats why most like not to go there.
23 Nov 2012
Love / Polish couples living out of wedlock? [108]

I was in the same situation,until one day my 6 yo comes home and says he knows the meaning of BASTARD....a child born out of wedlock!we looked at each other and got legally and socially married( without his presence) in a month.
19 Nov 2012
Love / English proposing to a Polish lady [31]

None of those buddy! take her to bedroom do her and take her back when u want again just shove some pounds in her purse!

well should buy the ring from the place where they issue refunds:)
13 Nov 2012
Law / US citizen staying beyond 90 days in Poland [2]

Exactly what I heard also,I personally know some canadians and americans go to ukraine(no visa required) and come back after 24 hours,but an american I know had a cheap ticket with transit in germany was fined 400 or 500 euros(i forget) and told not to comeback in 180 days and also pay the fine,then again her immigration was not in Poland but germany.Maybe one should fly directly to Poland and not via transit which is cheaper of course.

Related: Does EU (Poland) deport or fine Americans for overstay or for violating immigration laws?

I was wondering what does Poland do for Americans who violate immigration laws?I have known some people who got fined and didnt have 450 euros to pay told pay fine and then come back or else will not be allowed to renter.She did not pay and does not intend to comeback,and her passport was not stamped as deported.I wonder what is going on.Just an curiosity as i became a polish citizen and as that when going to the states I was asked in copenhagen for my overstay visits there,when showing them my polish passport and id card I was let go with a smirk:)

Usual punishment is a year's ban from Schengen for the first offense. No fines, normally.

and her passport was not stamped as deported

It doesn't have to be - the data is contained in the Schengen database.
13 Nov 2012
Law / How to renounce citizenship of Poland? [7]

I think you need to do that as in US to get top security clearance is not easy,esp if one needs to work in a sensitive area,for eg look at the general now had to resign cuz of his affair which is personal.Get your facts str8 and educate yourself.