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31 May 2012
Life / You've been in Poland a while if .... [49]

You got your ice cream right? :) Isn't that ultimately what matters?

yes i did but lots of heads turned around and my friend explained me what actually it means....
31 May 2012
Life / You've been in Poland a while if .... [49]

You can see some mistakes in what some people write or say

once I said Po Prsze die mi loda! in Micky dees and made a fool of myself:(
31 May 2012
Life / Which services is Poland still waiting for? [218]

While in US, I used the service twice or thrice, and considered it very weird, as sth against my nature, culture, upbringing, everything. Washing my clothes in public,

[DAMN!washing clothes in a laundromat is weird?you are washing your clothes not your d**pa!wake up!quote=Maybe]A MacDonald's drive thru is a Disservice to the community[/quote]

30 May 2012
Life / Which services is Poland still waiting for? [218]

but in HRC you have to ask the waiter and he/she will at no xtra charge and free wifi so can spend a good time hanging there by the power outlet with notebook surfing and having coke zero for hrs for 5 PLN or even whole day:)))
29 May 2012
Law / Bringing overseas foreign workers into Poland? [2]

If so, what type of lawyers should be consulted

There are people esp in restaurant industry like indian,japenes,vietnamese etc who bring chefs from there respective countries...since you also plan to be in that kind of industry I am sure you can,as far as I know the person should have required qualifications for the job and you cannot find anyone in Poland for that job like ethnic food chefs or massuers etc.About taxes you have to legally pay there wages and taxes it is better to consult some agents( plenty there) as the attorneys charge a lot basically to fill forms when you probably can get away with cpl grand zlotays.

For real help I would as the Indian restaurant owners,how and about they do as vietnamese owners usually do not open and tell much and so does the japs..Good Luck!
28 May 2012
News / Don't go to Poland ... because you could end up coming back in a coffin [313]

Yawn... I would order a survey to estimate how many fans can give it up because of crap spread by this jerk and then sue him for compensations.

One good reason I am not going to Poland in June at all so are my friends,as we all stay in centrum of Warsaw even though our work suffers but not worth it to have problems with hooligans:(