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24 Mar 2012
Love / Do Irish / British guys like Polish girls? [138]

The Polish Lady who made such sweeping generalizations about Irish men clearly has had a very negative personal experience with some Irish men, as an Irish man I must explain that we are not all gentlemen and we are not all university educated and we don't all work in IT or financial services. However, many of are and for those that are not, I suspect that you will find such type of people everywhere. Women in general are very highly regarded, having had only female Presidents for the last 20 years makes its own statement about the men who voted for these excellent female Presidents. We currently have 40,00 Polish people living in Ireland. Such a figure suggests they like us very much and feel welcome too.

POLISH WOMEN - Positives
1 Very nicely educated
2- attractive
3 Keep healthy and fit
4 Hard working
5 sincere
1 None they make the world a better place please come to Ireland each and every Polish person, you brought sooo much to Ireland, and when work finishes we love socializing with you - great crac.