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22 Nov 2012
Travel / Szczyrk- Snowboarding [6]

I'm a level II snowboard instructor from BC, Canada living in Poland with 24 years of snowboarding experience. I've never been to this hill but by looking at the ski map it looks like a fine place to learn.
30 Apr 2012
Language / Rosetta Stone Polish Level 1-3 (my personal experience) [17]

I'm learning Polish via Rosetta Stone as well. What I like about it is the ability to slow down the pronunciation and see how the phonics should be compared to what you are saying. I'm have to learn Polish as soon as possible so I can communicate with the guys I'm working with. I've been hired by a Polish skatepark company to train them on building concrete parks. Some of them speak and understand English but the majority of them do not. So needless to say I've been working hard to learn construction terms and phrases. I did find work tutoring English, the bulk of the work will start in Sept.

I was pretty timid speaking Polish as well. I did notice that even though they know you speak English they do appreciate the effort in learning their language. Baby steps is the best way to get over the fear. At the gym I go to I try to say 1 new phrase a day. Usually 4 word sentences are all I'm capable of right now. I haven't really used too much from Rosetta Stone yet but it does help with the pronunciation. I'm still on level1 part 3. Much of it so far is what a 3 or 4 year old would be saying.
12 Mar 2012
Work / Learn Web development in Warsaw? [4]

Sorry about the delay. Here is the link:

I'm currently enrolled in this program and will continue my studies while I'm in Poland.
3 Mar 2012
Work / English native speaker without a teaching experience moved to Poland and got a job [66]

@delphiandomine HAHAHAHA. I can hear your sadness and loneliness from here. The only thing that is harsh is that you're still in the situation you are in. I get that you've moved there expecting to have fun and an easy life, you keep having endless rows time and time again and you can't adapt. You may want get on that plane. May be it's time for you to make a change in your life. You need to just let go and start seeing the glass as half full. Life is what you make of it you know. You may want to take a look at yourself within before you are on your death bed thinking of what you've accomplished in life and if your proud of it.

You are right though about not having a "fiance" as our relationship will be more official by then. I love the fact that you hang on to the small things like typos. By the way, when my girl was taking English classes in Poland, she and her friends didn't enjoy it as the teachers were not fun or interesting at all. Have you read your feedback questionnaire on how to improve the course yet? Sometimes the truth hurts but that's part of growing within. No offense to the other English instructors but you are just an English instructor. We are all just people trying to make it through life in this crazy world.

I can't wait to go hang with all those serious Pols that don't enjoy fishing and kayaking down the San or mountain biking in Lublin, watching hockey tourney's in Krynica, going to the Eurocup, hiking and snowboarding in Zakopane and kite boarding in Mazury. Those are definitely the serious people who don't mess around I hang with.

It takes only three and a half months to build a skatepark from start to finish. This I know because I've been building them in Europe and N.America for the past 10 years. Poland has 2 established skatepark construction companies. Yet another activity in Poland for the serious.

You may also want to take a look at the posting guidelines, particularly the part about personal attacks. Just remember delphiandomine, it can't rain everyday and keep your chin up son!

@pip Thanks for all the dope. I'm bringing my dh bike with me as well as my hockey gear. I've got extra hockey gear so I'm going to leave it in Poland so I don't have to always travel with it. I'm looking forward to arriving in Poland and take in it's rich history. As always it's always hard to find time to work when there is so much to do see and visit. I can't believe how cheap it is to fly to Paris! I have to really buckle down and keep learning Polish as my girls friends don't converse in English.
2 Mar 2012
Work / English native speaker without a teaching experience moved to Poland and got a job [66]

Holy Crap scottie1113! You are one huge bag of negativity. Didn't know I needed to have my posts edited, this is just a forum for expats isn't it? Sounds like your not having a very good time over there. I don't know why you think my back up plan would fail. You have no idea what I've lined up. By the sounds of it you sure don't sound like a fun, positive person to learn from that is for for. What school is it that you teach at Scott?

Maybe grab a ray of sunshine there peanut so you don't have be such a Debbie Downer. Someone quick! Give this guy a hug!

PS. let me know if any of your students that want to have some conversational English.
1 Mar 2012
Work / English native speaker without a teaching experience moved to Poland and got a job [66]

By no way do I think it is going to be an easy ride to just go teach. My fiance who is born and raised in Lublin really wants me to try. She thinks because of my passion for hockey and sports that I would be a "fun" person to help with english. I'm just trying to keep busy and take in Poland while I'm there. I do have a friend that used to work with tree planting BC that has moved to Warsaw years ago that said he would steer me in the right direction.

I do have a back up planning of building skateparks. I'm try to do something new during my 9 month stay in Poland.
1 Mar 2012
Work / Learn Web development in Warsaw? [4]

Hi Ash,
I don't know if your still interested in web development but I'm taking a good from BCIT. It is an online course.