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24 Mar 2012
Language / Do the Polish words for 'please' and 'piglet' sound very similar? [24]

The different pronunciations of ę on Google translate are unrelated to the difference between "sz' and 'si". In "proszę" the tip of the tongue should be rolled up to touch the top of the mouth - in "prosię" the tip should be pointing downwards and the middle of the tongue lifted. By "should" I mean that's what I do with apparently acceptable results!

As far as the final ę is concerned, standard pronunciation is now like "e". The sound on Google for "Proszę" is considered old-fashioned or regional.
16 Mar 2012
Life / Warsaw Philharmonia - keeping the smelly plebs out! [8]

Does anyone know what the ticketing situation is like for the orchestras and operas in Gdańsk and Wroclaw? I'm weighing up the pros and cons of each at the moment, and the ability to listen to live classical music is really important to me.
16 Mar 2012
Language / Polish language grammar books [59]

That looks like like bene-fight-ed to me, but unfortunately the dictionary seems to disagree. Maybe I'll put my Polish on hold and give English another shot :) (To be fair to myself, Mirriam-Webster does list the two ts version as an alternative.)
16 Mar 2012
Language / Polish language grammar books [59]

I've stared at that sentence for five minutes and can't see anything wrong with it.
15 Mar 2012
Language / Polish language grammar books [59]

In my opinion this is the best and it is also free:

And while I'm on the subject, the main site ( is a treasure trove of useful resources,
Including a dictionary that gives you the cases of nouns and adjectives and the conjugations of verbs. Oscar Swan, the author, is a hero of Polish language teaching!
12 Mar 2012
Real Estate / Gdańsk - Safe and decent residential areas? [14]

cjj - Did you have any luck with finding employment?

My plan is to move here first and then look for work. I'm freelancing over the Internet at the moment so it's not critical that I find work with an employer immediately but I'd like to do so soon after I arrive to get better integrated socially.

I was on Słowackiego this morning on the bus from the airport, and it didn't seem too bad, but I could imagine it would be a lot worse during the rush hour.
9 Mar 2012
USA, Canada / Would like to move back to Poland from New York after living in USA for 20 years. [155]

My situation is a bit similar to yours but my connections to Poland are weaker. My father is polish but I was born in England and only started learning

the language two years ago. I worked in investment banking until fairly recently. I was getting pretty tired of the lifestyle in London and I have always

wanted to get to know another country as a resident rather than a tourist so I've decided emigrate! I haven't got a job lined up but I'm just going to take my chances.

I'm open to the idea that I might stay permanently but more likely it will just be for a year.
Frankly I'm terrified but really the worst than can happen is that I hate it and have to move back
to London. That would still be better than a lifetime of what ifs and at least I'll have some stories to tell ...
6 Mar 2012
UK, Ireland / Bank Pekao branch in London? [6]

There's a PKO Bank Polski branch on Shaftesbury Avenue. I've got an account there but it is not as useful
as you might hope because you cannot pay money in there. You have to send everything to a branch in Warsaw
which means paying a SWIFT transfer fee. However, it's better than nothing and the staff are very helpful if you have
5 Mar 2012
Real Estate / Gdańsk - Safe and decent residential areas? [14]

I'm going to be in Gdańsk next week and want to do some flat hunting (for rental). The prospect is a bit daunting at the moment - I don't really know where to start.

What are generally considered the best areas to live in, with regards to the usual things like amenities, transport links, safety etc? Because the Tricity area is long and thin,

I suspect this may be an easier decision to get wrong than in more conventionally shaped towns! Thanks in advance for any advice.
23 Feb 2012
Life / Moving to Poland - Wrocław/Gdańsk? [11]

Thanks for the answers so far. Unanimity! I was all set on Wrocław, my polish teacher is from there and recommends it for job opportunities, culture etc. However after seeing Gdańsk, I wasn't so sure.

It really is a beautiful city and the proximity of Sopot adds another dimension. Also from surveys that I have read, it seems accommodation is cheaper but average salaries are higher. Is there any truth in that?

Jasondmzk - Those pictures are great.
23 Feb 2012
Life / Moving to Poland - Wrocław/Gdańsk? [11]

Hi. This is my first post here after lurking for some time. I've recently decided to give up a job in the finance/software sector in London and move to Poland for an extended period. At least a year, maybe more.

It's difficult to put my finger on exactly why I'm doing this - it's a combination of Polish roots, a fascination with the language, culture and history, polish friends in London and probably also a bit of mid-life crisis!

I've narrowed down my possible destinations to Wrocław and Gdańsk but I'm finding it difficult to make the final choice and looking for recommendations, personal experiences etc. Obviously I like both cities but having spent only about a week in each, I'm sure I've missed more than I've so far seen. I'm interested in many of the usual things cities have to offer - entertainment, especially classical music and theatre, eating out, bars etc. I don't like long commutes, so the ability to live reasonably close to the centre on a reasonable rent (1500pln pcm?) would be important. I'll be looking for a job on arrival in financial software if possible, otherwise in any kind of software.

It's a pretty difficult question to answer, I know, but any personal recommendations or reflections about the life style, friendliness and also cost of living or anything else would be more than welcome!

Thanks in advance