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5 Feb 2012
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]


Thanks for your input. Working in Genealogy certainly proves that "Mukh-ups" do happen! LOL...

9 Feb 2012
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]

Mr. Duplaga,

You bring up some interesting thoughts in response to the Posts of Polonius3-it would be nice if we could all put our heads together to figure it out!

I did not mention in my Post #11 that My grandfather and my Great Uncle Walter settled in Cleveleand, Ohio. GUncle Walter had about 8 children. Is there any chance you are associated with the Du Plaga's in Ohio? Other than this line of Duplaga's-I have not come across anyone else, or seen the name spelled as "Du Plaga."

I'm happy to hear you will be visiting your Uncle this year--may I kindly request that you possibly video tape or voice record your questions and answers with him. I think you will appreciate having such a documented item in the future-if not just to be able to hear his voice someday later! And I hope you will at the very least make photocopies for yourself of any notes, names & addresses that he may have written down over the years! Also, old letters, envelopes or post cards and photos would be wonderful to have at least copies of , if not the originals. This is a real Plus for genealogical research. May I also suggest that you visit the Domaradz Cemetery and take photos of all the Duplaga graves and any others, that you learn from your Uncle that are related to your Duplaga Line?? You are very lucky to be able to travel to visit this year and you can turn this trip into a real Genealogical Experience. It is costly and very time consuming to obtain this info from other sources, so since you will be there yourself, you may find it to be a rich and rewarding experience. You have not mentioned how much research if any you have done?? Perhaps you are just starting to get into this and happened to find this forum?

You had mentioned that he currently lives in Krakow--Do you know exactly where he was born? My research has taken me mainly to Brzozow, but also to Stara Wies-2miles away and Golcowa-6miles away, I do know that there are some Duplaga's in Domaradz-which is more like 10 miles from Brzozow and I am attempting to make some inquiries there.

It is interesting that your Uncle was curious enough to make inquiries in Domaradz, yet he did not formally put together a Family Tree-perhaps when you visit, you will find a LIST of the various family members he thought or knew about over the years?

From what I can figure-besides learning the names of all our "Great" Grandparents and above--the second important thing is to be able to find the names of each of their Siblings, and this proves a bit more difficult. It is these siblings that lead off into the other Family Lines that we need identified so that we can make Connections to learn how and at what point on the family tree we are related.

I listed my email address for you and I do hope you will keep in touch, or contact me for further information that may be helpful to you! I do have a Spam Blocker, so it would be helpful to know what your email address is so that I can Authorize it to come through the system!

Thanks for another informative Post,

To: nangel
My reply to you is long overdue, since you wrote in July 2011. Thank you for writing and I apologize, I had illness in the family and I hadn't checked the Forum for quite awhile, until someone alerted me to the recent new Post! Actually, one of the people that I have been working with is your Cousin "George K." and he had told me about being in touch with you some time ago! Your Duplaga Line is from Golcowa and mine is from Brzozow, so I already knew this. At the present time, George & I have not found a connection but we continue to work on it, and when we do, I would think it should include your Duplaga line.

How is your research going? Do you have actual Documents from your Duplaga Line? Do you have any OLD family photos that may be from Poland---Another Duplaga researcher and I have made a connection through a photo that we are working on trying to figure out-but it tells us that our families MUST have been related.

I look forward to your reply and you are welcome to write to my email as listed in one of the above posts and forward any OLD polish photos you may have.

My Best to you,
22 Aug 2012
Genealogy / Advice to translate pages from a Polish book into English? (Genealogy) [16]

To Markskibniewski,
Thanks for the reference to Our Lady of Bright Mount with contact info. It is about an hours drive on crazy Calif. freeways and I don't travel them anymore! The problem is that I have over 25 Polish books now and it isn't the same as asking someone to translate just One letter. I trust that some day I will stumble upon a Solution that will work.

I did speak with a Vice President of a Translation software company about a month ago, and she told me that even what they currently have is not so good for the "Polish" language-however she said that with the New "Cloud" technology, she expects that in about 4 years or so, we will see a Vast improvement on the Polish as well as other language translation software.

To panpivo,

No, I have not gotten the book or any part of it translated. The Golcowa website used to have a long history page that was poorly translated by Google-you may still find it there, but I'm not sure if it is or not. I think this history may have been from that green book on the first page.(which is the same book I have)

In the limited records that I've seen from that area, Tomon & Obloj are fairly common in Golcowa & the surrounding villages. I'm from Cleveland and there is a Tomon & Sons funeral home that has been in business forever and they have serviced many members of my family. I've even wondered if the original owners were friends with my grandfather in Poland, because I know their family came from there. A genealogy friend of mine had a Stanko in his public family tree that is posted on he passed away in June 2012.

The Rector of the Golcowa parish was difficult to deal with in getting records. He only allowed a few entries. Have you tried to get hold of the LDS films of that area--I'm fairly certain they were photographed and it would give you access to a lot more. Someone had told me that once you locate the correct village of origin, it is wise to search the 10 surrounding villages as well. I have found this to be true and helpful-some people did re-locate as well as inter-marry from neighboring villages.

My thanks to everyone for their kind suggestions,
23 Feb 2013
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]

Hi Piotr,

Thanks for joining this "Duplaga" thread. I have been hoping to come in contact with someone from this region who could also speak English. I am very committed to my genealogy research, and need to know more about the region. I am aware that the Duplaga's appear to have originated in Golcowa, according to a book that I have of Golcowa. The book shows a map with an outlined area stating the "tribe of Duplaga's originated there. However, my Duplaga's are traced back to the late 1700's i"n Brzozow." Through Church records, I was told that all the Duplaga's in Brzozow were related to me. It appears that someone in my line must have moved to Brzozow, and I'm guessing from either Golcowa, Stara Wies or Domaradz. Do you have any way to check for addresses or phone numbers of current Duplaga's in Brzozow? I do know of a watchmaker. He & I have chatted, but we didn't find an "immediate common relative" and he does not have time or interest to continue the work of going back in his family line. I would be interested to discuss this further by email, so I could provide more info to you. Please contact me at mwduplaga@gmail I would appreciate it if you could contact me directly. At one time I contacted a official from the Golcowa town website, to see if he could answer some questions, but he did not reply.

16 Feb 2014
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]

Hello Kamil Duplaga Brzozow,

I am happy to hear from another Duplaga. This Forum has had no participation for quite some time.
Do you currently have family that lives in Brzozow. Or do you only have family in Stara Weis? Do you have any names of family members that go further back than your current grandparents that live in Stara Wies? If you have the names of Great Grandparents AND the names of their siblings, that would be very helpful. Perhaps you can ask your Grandparents to tell you the names of any ancestors above them?

Some "Duplaga's" settled in Cleveland, Ohio. Do you know where your relatives settled?
I can also be contacted at mwduplaga@gmail
Your answers to the above questions will be very helpful to us, Thank you for writing.
28 Apr 2014
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]

Hello Kamil1990,

Good to hear from you again!
Do you have any idea of an approximate year that Martinus went to Poland from France ?? Is Martinus in Your family line?
The question would be if he was the First Duplaga to go to Poland and settle there and if his family grew from that point on.

What type of information are YOU seeking on the Duplaga's? Do you have the names of any Duplaga's that came to America in the early 1900's that may be related to YOU?

Cathy & I look forward to more conversation with you,
5 May 2014
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]

Hello Chicago & Astoria,

My line of Duplaga's is traced back in the same Parish of Brzozow,Podkarpackie, to the late 1700's. The Golcowa "Green Covered Book" has a map showing where a tribe of Duplaga's originated in the region surrounding Brzozow. I am hoping to get at least some pages of this book translated by the end of the year, as I may have a volunteer to help me out with it. I will certainly share it on this Forum, if we discover any pertinent information in the book.

I have made attempts to locate a person in that region who can do some research for me, but there seems to be a lack of English speaker's available, or English speaker's with a computer and the time or interest in doing the research.

Few people in Poland really understand the American's Interest in digging up old information about ancestor's, which I find difficult to understand as their cemeteries are full of candles and flowers in honor of their deceased loved ones. So certainly they must have connections to those above them. In addition, the issue of privacy and distrust of telling complete strangers personal family information is daunting to get beyond.

I hope that both of you and all other Duplaga's who stumble upon this Forum will set your Forum Settings to Notify you every time a new Post appears, then come back to contribute any information that you may have gained since your last visit. If we all keep pooling our information and questions and thoughts, we will hopefully solve this mystery of the Origin of the Duplaga's.

I encourage all of you to continue to learn more about your individual Duplaga lines. There are so few of us that certainly, we must all be related. However, finding the connection is dependent upon knowing who your Oldest Ancestors are and their Birth dates, so we can piece this puzzle together. Without the Ancestor Line information, it is impossible to finish the puzzle.

Anyone who still has older family members alive~please continue asking them questions about 'Family Stories" that they have heard. My research has taught me that the info we get from the family is very valuable.

Best Wishes to all,
1 Jun 2014
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]

Hello Michelle,

This is MaryAnne-thank you for writing to Kamil--would it be possible for you to tell us a bit about your Duplaga Ancestors and if you learned anything interesting about the Duplaga surname in this region of Poland?

Are you possibly related to an Anna Duplaga that immigrated to America and ended up in Ohio?

5 Jul 2014
Genealogy / Trying to extend the family tree ( Surnames Janowska and Brys ) [4]


My grandfather's family was from Brzozow, Podcarpackie. From records that I've seen, I can tell you there are many Bry's families in that area. Do you know your Grandmother's Birthdate-if so, I can check to see if I have any records close to her date. Your post was not clear on exactly what if any information you hope to learn.

13 Sep 2014
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]


Sorry for the delay in seeing your post. Thank you for the above information regarding the graveyard situation. I was wondering, if you know if there are Offices on the graveyard site that handle the burials and can possibly guide someone to a site location or if they might have any Records on the site of who was buried and when? Do you know who it is that runs the graveyard operations-Is it the Town, or the County or is it Always the Parish Church? I am assuming that grave yards next to a Parish church are always run by the Parish, but I could be incorrect.

Any further information you can share with us is appreciated.

8 Jan 2015
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]

Hi tg12,

Can you tell us who your grandparents were and if you have any information on your ancestral line and where the originated from in Poland? Where does your family live?

Duplaga is a relatively rare name in Poland, and some of us are trying to find how we are all connected.

9 Jan 2015
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]

Hi Polonius3,
Here's the Translation of the info you provided in your post:

"In France: 71 people bear the surname Duplaga according to our estimates

The Duplaga is the 122 804th most name in France.
Know everything about the family Duplaga name:
Distribution by Department - data by Department - ranking by Department
This map shows the breakdown by Department of the Duplaga in France. For example, we see below that more than 5% of the french having Duplaga surname live in 44 (Loire-Atlantique)"

It appears to be telling us how many "Current" people in France have the Surname of Duplaga. If I'm correct then it may just be telling us how some Duplaga's that went to France at any time or may have become "Displaced People of Poland" and then ended up in France circa the 1930's-1950's, and have grown as a family over the years to now have 71 members. I don't see anything that indicates they 'originated' there. Have I missed something?

Polonius3~Do you have any suggestions on a next step to get deeper research in France? My past efforts have not produced anything at all! I see that Loire-Atlantique is a location in France-it is called a 'department' but seems to be a Town?

Thanks for this information as it gives me hope to discovering the origin of the Duplaga name in France at some point in time!
10 Jan 2015
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]

I tend to agree with your renewed assessment. The reason Basimara & I are pursuing this is that 3 individual "Duplaga" lines, where we haven't discovered our true connection, have independently over the years had discussion or belief that there was some sort of "French" connection to the name. In one line in my family, when the children went to school they were told by the teacher that their name had a French relationship and should be spelled DuPlaga rather than Duplaga. So that family immediately changed how they wrote it from then on. They apparently trusted the 'educated' teacher's opinion thinking she must know something they did not know about their own name. This does not make it a proven fact, but at least 2 other Duplaga lines have surmised, or possible had information passed down the line as to the same thought about the origin or their name.

I have church records in the one Brzozow Parish going back to the 1770's. Do you have any possible suggestions if there is a way for me to research further back in time in that area? In this Brzozow region of other small villages, there is a great many Duplaga's (with this rare name) and a book that I have about Golcowa indicates that the " Duplaga clan" originated in that region. I need the whole book translated to see if it offers any significant information explaining more about the Duplaga's. The Google translation is not good enough. I recently read that Microsoft is working on some way to further the use of Translations, so there is hope for improvement in the future!

Thank you for your assistance,
11 Jan 2015
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]


Your first suggestion is a possibility, but I am not knowledgeable enough in this area to decide one way or another. I would need further documentation, and I don't know if that is possible!

My professional researcher did the Church Record search for me and stopped where the records ended in the Brzozow parish. I have not yet pursued it any further with him, but will consider it again.

Thanks you for your suggestions,
25 Dec 2016
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]

Adamos07, Thank you for your reply as I continue to research my "Duplaga" relatives from Brzozow. Let us set aside the situation regarding "French Soldiers" for the time being, as there is so little to verify any connection. There are so few people in Poland named "Duplaga" and the majority of them seem to be based in the area of surrounding villages that you mentioned and I am familiar with. One of my researchers told me that this area appears to be the Origins of the Duplaga clan. My desire is to try to find ANY further info about the Duplaga's of this region. Unfortunately this requires a person with a "Duplaga" connection and also with "information" to help establish some Duplaga History in this region. With so few Duplaga's existing in the region, it may appear that in some way, we Must all be related-it is just a matter of finding the individual sources, of where ON the family trees we can be connected. This requires that each family actually have a Family Tree to be able to track their ancestry and it also requires communication with someone who is willing to assist with a project, and also speaks Polish and English. In the late 1800's and early 1900's, approximately 120 Duplaga named people immigrated to the USA. A few were from Brzozow, and many were from the surrounding villages. I have some limited documentation on them from Ellis Island.

May I inquire if you have any interest in pursuing any investigation work in your region to perhaps speak to the Elders that are still alive in the villages to try to learn any Duplaga History from them??

My personal interest is in my Duplaga family and to learn more about the other Duplaga's in the region to try to figure out how we are all related and to document the information. I have no other interests, it is purely to document Duplaga related History. Wouldn't it be nice to write a Book of Duplaga History?

My grandfather and 3 of his siblings emigrated to the USA. He had one brother, named Adam Duplaga who was a Polish military soldier who remained in Poland, I have recently obtained his records from the archives. They were beneficial in indicating the year my great grand father died and also, leading me to a couple of relatives related to my great Uncle. I have yet to speak to them as we have translation problems as they are newly located. I have tried contacting people named "Duplaga" in Poland on Facebook, but now one has replied to me!!!

I would be interested in any information you are willing to share regarding your mother's Duplaga ancestors. I do know of 2 other Duplaga people whose relatives are from Golcowa & Stara Wies-perhaps their families are connected to your mother's family? Do you have anyone in your family with the surname of "Data"?

I hope to hear from you again-thank you for inquiring about my posts as I am still working on research.
Best Regards and today it is Christmas 2016! MaryAnne
30 Jan 2019
Genealogy / Duplaga, Data surnames [67]

I'm still researching the Duplaga's and our region in Podcarpackie, and wondering if you have advanced your Family Tree Line so that we can try to locate where on the tree we are most likely related? An update would be very much appreciated as it's been 3 years! Thank you for replying with an update.