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18 Jun 2012
Travel / How come no one ever seems to pay for the bus in Poland? [63]

you watch too much Green Street Hooligans.... only Texans talk like that!

got a lot of help from this board since i booked my trip back in january....
for the most part, Polish people have been quite nice ONCE YOU TALK TO THEM.... they certainly do not go out of their way to initiate conversation (quite the opposite of Jamaica where they bug the hell out of you every 5 steps....)

and i noticed that even walking down the street or in a grocery store, the common smile and "Hi" us Americans give to perfect strangers is non-existent here.... stare straight ahead or look down as you pass by a stranger seems to be the norm....

that being said, the 20-somethings were totally friendly and agreed with my assessment of older Poles and said they wished it was different....

had a GOOD (not great) time out here..... weather was OK (remember, I'm from California, so high standards there), food was good, beer was cheap (costing and tasting), but flowing.... soccer was GREAT..... but after 15 days here.... u kinda run out of things to do on non-game days (after tonight ill have been to 3 matches in 15 days), other than eat and drink and drink and eat..... I'm gonna have to go home and shed the 10-15 lbs i must have put on here!

my hotel (Walewscy) is awesome (you could survive on the free daily breakfast buffet alone) , and I'm trying to convince the guy he needs to put up a Facebook page to promote it to foreigners.... he thinks he has to "update it all the time" ... but i'll give him one more pitch on the way out to get some photos and a page up , and that's all he needs to do. ill provide the first sparking review!

anyway, off to downtown for a few Carlesburgs (what else they have here?) before the match. VAMOS ESPANA!
18 Jun 2012
Travel / How come no one ever seems to pay for the bus in Poland? [63]

Try to find a taxi firm that speaks English and will come if you phone them from a phone box rather than just getting in an Anycab.

what's a L with a line thru it? ;)
I'm American, we don't do pounds.... :)

yeah, well i survived.... i'm flying home Weds morning. was here for all 3 Spain group matches, heading out to the final one tonight....

if i come back..... ah, let's be serious, i very likely will not be back. spain, italy, germany, france on my "next up" list in Europe... and of course BRAZIL in 2014!

enjoyed Poland.... but without the draw of the Euros... not sure i'd come just for "vacation" when there are so many other options of greater interest. No offense :)
18 Jun 2012
Travel / How come no one ever seems to pay for the bus in Poland? [63]

Any nonsense from dodgy cabbies or similar, tell them to "go away now" * ("odd-ey-guz turrazz") and if they don't, then step away and dial 997 for the boys in blue.

thanks for the tips.... he pretty much had me in a no-win situation.... i brought no cell phone with me (don't have anyone to call out here) and it was past midnight so the buses were done running...

fortunately i knew that i knew the way home.... i didn't WANT to walk.... but all i had left in my wallet was another 100 zloty bill and i wasn't going to give that to him.... i was hoping that by calling his bluff he'd go ahead and give me the ride home, but he swirled around and headed back toward town...

the funny thing is he kept demanding my Spain shirt, which would NEVER fit him. he had to be pushing 300 lbs.
ah well, lesson learned to shop for a better cabbie next time...

also, the meter seemed to run at an incredibly high pace... way faster than other taxis i've been in out here...i wonder if the driver can "rig it" to rip off tourists??
18 Jun 2012
Travel / How come no one ever seems to pay for the bus in Poland? [63]

I carry a card that has a chip and inspectors inspect usually once a week or once a fortnight when they get on the bus or tram disguised as little old ladies.

well, i must say i've gone about the last week without paying at all, as i thought that's what everyone else was doing..... on the 167 line to the City Center (Fan Zone) and back....

of course today, i don't HAVE to pay, or at least that's what i've been told, because it's a match day and i have a ticket to SPAIN-CROATIA! i figure the fare dodging caught up with me the other night when some meathead taxi driver gave me a set price of 100 zloty to take me from the Parliament club back to my hotel (on Kartusky).... then pulled over about halfway, or maybe 3/4 way there and demanded i paid more....

when i told him that's all the cash i had left (100 i gave him already), he said to take off my Spain shirt and give it to him. i told him what he could do with that offer and pleaded with him to finish the ride he agreed to....

he didn't. he demanded cash or the shirt.

i got out and walked what was at least 30 minutes the rest of the way home....
18 Jun 2012
Travel / How come no one ever seems to pay for the bus in Poland? [63]

You mean they don't validate their ticket in the machine or have a bus pass which they carry in case an inspector wants to see it? They can't not have a ticket if it's pay on entry to the bus, as the driver will just switch off the engine if someone refuses to buy a ticket and boards anyway.

I've seen very few people validate a ticket (less than 10%. mostly, like i said, elderly and tourists).

i went to buy a ticket from the driver the 1st day and he seemed surprised....

most people just walk on (in the middle or back) and grab a seat.
i've never seen an "inspector"

i assume you guys are right, most must have passes in their possession....

just much different from States, where everyone has to enter up front and pay the driver immediately before sitting....

i thought maybe there was a "ride free during the Euros" promotion or something, but a guy next to me who spoke English said, no, you're "supposed" to pay....

not complaining... was just curious
18 Jun 2012
Travel / How come no one ever seems to pay for the bus in Poland? [63]

I've been in Gdansk for 2 weeks now and have only seen a handful of people (all tourist looking) ever pay for the bus (which i ride virtually every day)

the driver doesn't seem to care....

are there no consequences for nabbing a free ride?
9 Jun 2012
News / Will EURO 2012 be a proud moment for Poland and its people or set back Poland 20 years? [86]

so far, 1 day into the actual matches, this tourney is going down as mostly known for RACISM and VIOLENCE..... (with a hint of horrible refereeing) ....

monkey sounds.... russian fans beating up polish security..... dubious red cards to aid the host team (which still flubbed it) .... not off to a flying start folks....

(oh, we won't even mention the outrageous hotels/taxis/ticket price gouging going on....)

better home for something spectacularly good to happen.... SOON...
30 May 2012
Travel / American visiting for Euros, will standard American plug on Apple MacBook laptop work? [5]

also, do taxis take credit cards?
i'll try to take local buses/trains for the most part from my hotel to the venue in Gdansk to watch Spain, but i assume on the way to and from the airport I'll need a taxi. do they take credit cards? American cash ? GBP? or will i have to convert some into local currency?

one week til arrival in GDANSK!

15 Jan 2012
Travel / Visiting Gdansk - looking for ex-pat bars... [21]

appreciate the help

i am booked here: Hotel Hotel Walewscy
Address Kartuska 477
GdaƄsk, 80-298

june 6-20. i also just purchased single tickets to 3 spain matches in gdansk (vs. italy, ireland, croatia) at the PGE (?) stadium. hope taxi rides are easy and reasonable from there?

i know NOTHING about poland and little about europe. lifelong californian who grew into a big international soccer fan lately and taking a chance to see my grandfather's team (spain) in person at a major competition. going completely solo, with no friends or even Facebook buddies in poland!

i have spent up to a month combined on 2 trips to Wales with my then jamaican girlfriend... (well, she's still jamaican, but no longer my girlfriend ;)

so for 2 weeks, i'll have 3 days at spain matches (if viagogo is a legit ticket site, i just gave them $1000 usd or so on my credit card for tickets i hope i receive!) .... and 11 days of absolutely no schedule/obligations....

hoping there's a decent "downtown" area not too far by that i'll be able to access.... not at all a rowdy party type, but a 30-something American who love new cultures and people.... looking forward to it!

thanks for all the help

p.s. i imagine there will be an influx of spain, italy and irish fans (and croats?) who might make gdansk a pretty fun spot during the month? possible festivals or spots to watch the (other) matches on a big public tv?
14 Jan 2012
Travel / Visiting Gdansk - looking for ex-pat bars... [21]

need to know where i can watch soccer on tv?
can i bet sports in poland?
should i bring cash or credit? amex? visa?
where are the cute/single girls!?