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28 Nov 2011
Love / Polish Women Versus Your Local Women ? [289]

Hahahaha, man they don't flirt, they are just briliant ;) ...I don't know what's your problem...maybe try to smile sometimes bore. Instead of backbite your employees better do something for yourself. Employer who does not know what to do with employees with hangovers, hehehe.

I though flirting is o.k. and funny, well I guess I was wrong :D
28 Nov 2011
Language / 'lubię, lubisz' - Infinitive [86]

saying jestem w samochodem albo jestem w samochod? think first might be correct, although maybe they are both wrong? i can only listen to friends and guess!

your friend probably said "jestem samochodem" (shorthand) which means "I arrived by car" . Literally it means " I am a car" :)

Correct form of being in a car is jestem w samochodzie
28 Nov 2011
Love / Polish Women Versus Your Local Women ? [289]

I think polish women are the best in every case, because. hehehe...this topic is awsome , lol :D. Brits women have nice sense of humour, I mean those who likes Monty. Dutch women live in nice modern houses, I like their architecture. Germans always know better :) Russian women have funny men, like dancing Miedwiediew. Thats all about women, lol.
22 Nov 2011
Life / Pregnant - do Polish parents want to know the sex of the baby in advance? [17]

So, new parents say on the day of the birth : Lazar, Ana... is born :))

That is cute but silly because until he pops out he is not really a detached unit. He is de jure and de facto just one of mom's parts.

I don't agree. If the baby can live without mom then it's not anymore one of her parts (from 7 month of pregnancy I assume). So following this on the day of birth people can say: Ana is born :)
22 Nov 2011
Life / Cellphone plan with Data, with contract in Poland [16]

I would chose the Internet at home because is much cheaper and infinitely faster (I would choose the UPC internet, but there are others like: Netia, Neostrada). Mobile operators/companies: Orange, Era, Play, Plus (they all have also mobile internet).

Orange (examples of cellphones with new contract):

monthly peyment from 30 zł - 150 zł