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22 Nov 2011
USA, Canada / Where to buy Polish food in New Jersey? [157]

I agree with Rybnik! Piast is a good store and they carry a lot of products. Also, two or three doors down, in the same shopping center as Piast, is a polish bakery (if it is still there - I haven't been to NJ in about a year). Unfortunately, I can't remember the name but they have awesome bread and pączki! mmmmmmmmm
4 Feb 2012
Genealogy / Is Aleska a Polish baby name ? [42]

I named my daughter (now age 15) Valeska. I am not Polish. I found the name in a "Baby Name" book and thought it was very pretty and uncommon enough that there wouldn't be several other girls in school with the same name. According to my book, it is of old slavic origin and means glorious ruler.
4 Feb 2012
Genealogy / Is Aleska a Polish baby name ? [42]

Alligator...Just because the book I found the name in may have erroneously listed it as Slavic, does not automatically mean that it is a misspelled or messed up name. Also, I was not trying to chose a Slavic name. I looked for one that was unique and that my husband and I both liked. My daughter is happy with her name and that is all that matters to me.

The fact that the name may actually be German is a bonus as my grandparents were from Germany and Prussia. Thank you for that information Boletus!
1 Aug 2012
USA, Canada / List of Polish Communities in the Southeast of the US? [18]

I think I remember reading in a different thread that you are currently living in the Triangle Area of NC. Obviously, the Polish population is not 10%, but there are definitely Polish people living here. There is a Polish store in Raleigh (Myeurofoodmart dot com) and another one in Durham (halgo-durham dot com) There is also a Polish American Club in Raleigh. Try going to one of their events to meet some new people.