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9 Oct 2011
News / Predicitng Poland's parliamentary election, 2011? [12]

PO - 33%
PiS - 29%
Ruch Palikota - 10%
SLD - 9%
SLD - 8%
PJN - 3%
Of course, as I mentioned on another thread already, the winner was already chosen in Brussels - y.html
9 Oct 2011
News / Poland Parliament elections in October 2011 [944]

I live here in Poznan and find it frustrating that no one even wants to talk about the election. The PO will win going away as there is no real alternative and the markets have deemed them to be the right choice, a vote for stability. Of course in this Orwellian world, stability means market servility which will only bring the exact opposite. I'm still new here so I can't post real links, but the rest of my thoughts for today's election are on my blog - y.html
9 Oct 2011
News / Tusk wants to privatize PKP Cargo. [38]

Tusk and his neo-liberal masters in Brussels in Berlin have been doing everything they can to mobilize the feeling that Poland should privatize everything from the post office to the railways. They stole money that was supposed to be earmarked for the rails and used it to fill in the budget gap for roads while the trains run with half the cars they need. Pathetic to watch them follow the exact same failed process as the UK saw -