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8 Nov 2011
Work / Monthly income for family - Warsaw [71]

so I understand that I have to start looking for good public school, if looking realistically on the numbers...private schools we won't be able to cover

First thing first juli25, choose the school then choose the area. How old are your children and are they boys or girls. There are some very good private schools in warsaw your child will get full support.
7 Nov 2011
Life / What on earth is the fascination of Indians, Pakistanis and Nepalese with Poland? [112]

When Munni arrived in this fertile, sugarcane-growing region of north India as a young bride years ago, little did she imagine she would be forced into having sex and bearing children with her husband's two brothers who had failed to find wives.
7 Nov 2011
Love / English Men vs Polish Men [207]

Technically we don't need men any more. We can have babies via a sperm bank, we can look after ourselves emotionally, physically, materially.

Until some of you women decide to sue the sperm donor for child support. Lets face it some female lefties just don't care who they scratch. Whatever happened to don't bite the hand that feeds?
6 Nov 2011
Life / Trick or treat in Poland [24]

I had no idea it was introduced that long ago in Warsaw.

From my knowledge it all started off with the families of the American embassy staff who live out near Kabaty, I was invited with my children to one in 1999.
4 Nov 2011
UK, Ireland / Poles and the English are all the same underneath. Funny really (UK perspective). [8]

people get very hot under the collar very quickly!

It is Polish reality.

I suppose I am in the weird position of having Polish parents and upbringing but born in the UK and grewing up as English too? Double trouble eh? So I try to see both sides of arguments (well hopefully I do?)

Even the foreigners acquire the Polish art of complaining, I don't want to generalize - the Polish art of complaining and being unhappy about all things unimportant is special disability...

oh dear what have I started........ sorry folks I am weeing into the wind.

Enjoy the rest of the day whatever your doing. Be nice ;o)

Stash1, if you keep going left sooner or later you will go round and round in circles.
2 Nov 2011
Genealogy / DOBZYN, PLOCK ? Need more information [15]

Dobrzyń nad Wisłą had a very large jewish population before WW2. It was a wealthy trading port on the Wisla in times gone by.You can still find the ruins of a castle built by the Teutonic Knights

Here is a link []

Here is another link for you to look at
1 Nov 2011
Travel / Why does everyone seem to hate LOT Polish Airlines? [380]

A friend of mine is currently on a LOT flight from JFK-WAW, circling around Warsaw bc the tires wont come out! Preparing for an emergency landing. Very angry with LOT....its simply despicable.

The Plane landed safely, hats off to the pilot.
1 Nov 2011
Life / Trick or treat in Poland [24]

they have been trick or treating for three years straight now in our neighbourhood in Warsaw

Trick or treating has been going on in Warsaw for well over 10 years,especially in one of the enclosed villages in Kabaty/Ursynow were many American and korean families live.
31 Oct 2011
UK, Ireland / What do you like about living in Britain? [134]

This forum is famous for being full of anti-everyone sentiment and sometimes I think that this is what many of these people enjoy most (even if they don't admit to that ;)

It is NOT " anti everyone " more non Poles acquiring the Polish art of complaining - when in rome and all that gubbins.
29 Oct 2011
Love / Advice Please! Meeting my Polish boyfriend's parents!! Gifts, customs... [105]

So we are going to meet my girlfriends parents and family (we have been together 6 months), we booked the flights tonight for the end of january

What to expect.

The weather will be very cold, so when you hire the car make sure they have included snow chains and shovel in the boot, check the car has winter tyres on. Skop is in Mazury so you could expect a ride on horse driven sleigh in the snow or on the frozen lakes, kielbasa ( sausage) cooked on a fire, hot beer with herbs and honey, mulled wine, fantastic home cooked food. If you are visiting a small village everyone will know you are arriving so be on your best behavior and just be yourself. As someone pointed out your girlfriends grand parents are the one to impress. Presents bring an extra suitcase there will be plenty you want to take back to England.

Let us know how you get on.

26 Oct 2011
Life / Lightbulbs in Poland: what was once 1zl now costs... [10]

@Wroclaw: I think you have a street lamp close to your window, you can save money on lightbulbs :)

I only buy wind up light bulbs, based on the same system as the radio. It saves me money on electricity and i no longer have to go to the gym as I get plenty of exercise with my new system. I was going to go with russian night goggles but I would still have had to pay the gym fees. So savings, savings and more savings...
26 Oct 2011
News / Will Poland be badly hit by Recession ? I don't think so. [70]

All of the big ticket items that Poles never had before are still being purchased,

I am not quite sure about that pip, the Poles have taken to credit like a duck takes to water, this is what is driving purchases.Warsaw is also the epicenter of Yuppies in Poland, " all flash no cash mostly " although I am not disputing there are some very wealthy Poles in Warsaw especially in Zoliborz. If you did an audit on the majority of people in Warsaw, I am convinced the credit to debit ratio would be above 60% now, if as some are suggesting the value of real estate goes down after Euro 2012 by 10-20% then we are up to 70/80%

There is also a strong desire for foreign companies to invest still- they haven't saturated the market yet.

This has been based on Poland being the only Oasis in Europe during the previous crisis, we have since found out that mistakes were made and the figures revised, so it was not as good as first reviewed. Further more most companies that are setting up shop in Poland now are looking at Eastern markets. It is not a foregone conclusion these markets will open up fully, it is still work in progress.

Crucial steps in overcoming the predicted slowdown in the Polish construction industry - October 2011

This autumn business confidence index in the Polish construction sector fell to a level previously seen in the spring of 2009. The sentiment among market participants was adversely affected by such factors as continued uncertainty in financial markets, most projects for Euro 2012 reaching completion, required cuts in public sector investment spending and the lack of clear signs of recovery in private investment. However, companies mention numerous factors facilitating doing business in the construction industry in Poland.

The results of a survey of high-level professionals from the management and operating divisions of 200 largest Polish construction companies, which was conducted for the purpose of the report “Construction sector in Poland H2 2011 – Comparative regional analysis and development forecasts for 2011-2014” show a sharp downturn in business sentiment in the construction industry in Poland. PMR Business Confidence Indicator for the construction industry had a value of -2.4 pts in September 2011, demonstrating that construction companies were significantly less optimistic as to the present and future situation in the sector after two years of relative stabilisation.

Poland faces economic slowdown: experts

Poland faces an economic slowdown in 2012 due to the deepening global crisis and much in this respect will depend on foreign markets, economic experts said Monday at a conference hosted by the Lewiatan employers confederation.

According to Lewiatan's observers, Poland's industrial sales were going down, as was foreign demand for Polish products and the inflow of foreign investment to the country.

They also warned that Poland's trade deficit was oscillating strongly and less and less companies were willing to take credit.
26 Oct 2011
UK, Ireland / The Slavic Tax Thieves Stealing from the UK [29]

shows that Polish migrants are smart and pick up places with more economic opportunities.

It shows that some Poles lack morals by claiming tax relief in both Poland and UK

they go to where the grass is greener and cannot be blamed for that

Poles are one of Europe's most nomadic, as soon as there are Problems at home, they are off in search of a safer domicile. Lets not forget the following fact why Poles deserted Poland:

1. High unemployment rate in Poland ( no jobs)
2. Low salaries.
3. During the PIS government.
4. Possibility to travel funded by work.

The vast majority of Polish emigrates' , did so on the basis that the Poland failed them so they had to look for better countries to raise their brood. Nothing to do with Poles being smart, quite the opposite the smart ones stayed in Poland.
26 Oct 2011
Life / Expats/Immigrants in Poland: Needy, Greedy or contributor. Which one are you? [118]

So we have established that a large number of immigrants/expats are actively giving back to Poland more than they receive. So maybe it is about time Poland started valuing this community, by giving them the same rights as the Polish national receive abroad. Poland can not have it both ways, standing on a pedestal shouting we have our fiscal policy in order, follow the Polish model and asking for EU handouts at the same time. Either the economy is in full swing and does not need support from the EU funds, or the growth is EU subsidized and it has nothing to do with Polish fiscal policy.
26 Oct 2011
News / Will Poland be badly hit by Recession ? I don't think so. [70]

2) Every week we hear that new international Businesses are outsourcing in Poland or setting up a base ( for instance Samsung and LG are opening new plants soon)

This is also what was happening in Ireland.

Moody's might lower Poland 's rating if Tusk does not restrict public spending but not beeing able to borrow too much may be good to avoid getting huge debts passed on future Polish generations.

The rock and the hard stone for PO/Tusk is how to appease both EU and Poles with the forth coming austerity measures. Higher unemployment and more business's failures in favor of Maastricht treaty.Furthermore if there is a significant slow down, within EU proper, it will effect the Poles working overseas, therefore less funds being repatriated.
24 Oct 2011
Food / Where to find cider in Warsaw [13]

In Poland you have redds... for real cider you have to go to:
22 Oct 2011
News / Gap is setting up shop in Arkadia in Warsaw [20]

At least Zara change their stock every month.

This practice makes one of my friends in Barcelona very rich, she design and manufactures a lot of the clothing in Turkey, as a Zara external partner.
22 Oct 2011
Real Estate / Demand for apartments low in Poland's main cities [89]

Who would also like to promote the industry that pays his bread and butter.

The following areas are holding but not increasing, Centrum, Powisle,Zoliborz, Mokotow (dolne, gorne) Muranow and some parts of Ochota According to my sources houses and apartments outside of the aforementioned areas are in price deflation
16 Oct 2011
Law / Would Polish people use a cattery? [17]

if polish people would be willing to use them.

Vets seem to do well, cat and dog hotels, hit and miss. Two pet parlors have gone out of business in the last six months. There seems to be a shortage of good branded pet accessories. A lot of it is own label.
16 Oct 2011
Real Estate / Banks in Poland selling fewer mortgages in 2011, down 49% [285]

CEE growth negatively affected by euro and global economic slowdownback

Average real GDP growth will slow down to 2.3 per cent in 2012 (3.2 per cent in 2011) in CEE; higher growth rates compared to the eurozone in the medium term

Bond and exchange markets under pressure
General environment still burden for equities
16 Oct 2011
Love / Why are Varsovian women so uninteresting? [23]

Your thread title: Why are Varsovian women so uninteresting
Should read: Why are Varsovian women NOT interested in me.

where I said that I was a business card

When I party in any club in Warsaw I really feel how disgusting they are, too arrogant, too much money flashing before you can actually get something

I work for a very big company and women there are very nice with me (they know that if i work for that company i should earn good money), but when they don't know you it is different).

Latino83, just be yourself, there is too much competition for you to play the big man in Warsaw, you are just another latino trying to play the slime ball game. Change tactics, let your female colleagues know you are on the market, if they think you are a good guy they will be lining up to give you an intro to their friends,
16 Oct 2011
Travel / Tips/suggestions/do's and don't of going to Poland....? [55]

of being polite and respectful

When you go into a supermarket head for the check out till, find the longest line and make a few grunting noises to the person at the end of the queue, now go do your shopping and when you have finished head back to the line and go to the front of the queue, if anyone questions you, just tell them that the person you grunted at was holding your place in line, if the original person you grunted at, has gone through the checkout, just point and shout at the person who is now at the checkout and tell them that he/she should have been informed by the original person you grunted at. It will then descend into chaos, welcome to life in Poland.