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15 Jun 2012
Law / After marriage do I have to file for Poland residency? [6]

Actually 45 days before it expires... Check here for more info:

Related: 2 weeks after marriage to get UE ID. Is it true?

Hi! I'm from Philippines and my bf is coming over to marry me. He was saying after we get married, it would take like 2 weeks to get UE ID. Is it true?

looks like you two have a lot in common. You're tricking him into marriage for an EU passport and he's just tricking you into marriage.

Is it true?

No, it'll take at least 30 days to get your resident's card. And it must be done in Poland.
9 Jun 2012
Law / Tourist visa to Poland for Indian citizen, invitation letter. [57]

Sometimes all this is not enough to "convince" the consulate. However, official invitation letter is the best option, because the person providing the invitation is actually taking full responsibility for the person being invited.

If you are serious about this gentleman, you should convince your parents to cooperate. If they don't cooperate now, imagine how things will be when you tell them you are planning on getting married to him...

Good luck to you.
5 Jun 2012
Law / Polish Visa Refused, Going To Make Appeal, What should I do ? [81]


This is a tricky issue, because what it really means is that the consul or person that interviewed you is not convinced with whatever you told them.

As far as I know, if they have taken your application and the fees from you and then refused it, there is no appeal mechanism against Schengen visa refusal. You have to wait 6 months and apply again.

You are a student staying in Armenia? If I may ask, what is your nationality?

From what I have seen, students staying at a country other than their own country of origin are likely to have their Schengen visa applications refused.

I know a Russian student studying in Qatar. His parents are very rich, and he has a very handsome bank account. He applied for a Schengen visa through the German embassy. Not only did they reject his application, they gave him a letter quoting various articles of German law which bascially state the following:

1. They are not obligated to provide any reason for refusal.
2. There is no mechanism to appeal against the refusal.
3. There is no mechanism to complain and no competent body to complain to.
4. They are not obligated to refund the fees.

At the least the Polish embassy bothered to give you a reason.

I think at this stage you are more likely to get it if you apply through another embassy, like Italian, Swiss or German...
3 May 2012
USA, Canada / Living in Poland - prospects for Alabama guy ... need some advice! [146]

Sounds homesick as hell to me, to the point of depression

I agree 100%...

I think you (Jason) should seriously look into moving to Poland at least for a while. I am sure it would be good for your wife's state of mind, not to mention a fantastic experience for you, regardless of the outcome.

I happen to be in the middle of getting ready for such a move... I am nervous but optimistic about it. I am starting my own business... If you like I can tell you more.
24 Apr 2012
News / Should Poles care who becomes French President or is it irrelevant? [45]

I think that the current French leadership is responsible for increasing anti-European sentiment in several parts of the world, and from the looks of it, the other candidates will make it even worse.

France's influence on NATO and EU will affect how Poland is perceived globally.

As export becomes a bigger part of Poland's economy, it is important that Poland is perceived positively.

Just food for thought.
19 Apr 2012
Love / Married to a Polish girl in The Netherlands and residing with her here as well [9]

My wife and I registered our marriage in Poland by mailing our papers directly to the registration office. We called them on the phone and got all the details from them. The papers had to be translated and attested by the Polish embassy. However, we chose to keep the same name because changing the name while you are not in Poland is seemingly a "cumbersome" process.

The papers we sent to the registration office were:

1. Marriage certificate, translated to Polish and attested by Polish embassy.
2. Application form for registration of marriage. Tell your registration office that you need this and they will email you a blank one.
3. Additional application form declaring the names will not change (in our case), and also declaring which last name your future children will have. Again, ask the registration office for this. NOTE: Both this form and the form mentioned in # 2 above need to be signed by both of you at the Polish embassy or consulate and in the presence of the Consul, who will also sign these applications and attest them making them legal declarations in Poland. Also, it is worth knowing: they will refuse to hyphenate a Polish last name with a non-Polish last name, regardless of whether you ask for name hyphenation for the spouses or the children.

4. Translated and attested birth certificate or civic record of the non-Polish spouse, clearly stating their marital status and the name of their spouse (if the marriage has been registered in their country) or stating that they are single if the marriage is not yet registered.

5. The Polish spouse's birth certificate, which does not need to be translated nor attested.
6. Copies of both of your passports or identity cards, attested by Polish embassy. The passports or ID cards must be current and valid.

Furthermore, and as per our experience:
Once they receive all the papers, they should complete the registration process and issue a Polish marriage certificate within no more than a week.
If you don't want to go to Poland to collect the papers, then you can ask them to send the papers to the Polish embassy in your country. This will take about 6-8 weeks (!)

They will provide 3 documents in 2 sets of copies, first is the short form marriage certificate, second is the long form marriage certificate, and third is the decision with regards to approval of marriage registration. All you will ever need is the short form marriage certificate as far as we have experienced.

We paid all applicable fees at the Polish embassy.
15 Apr 2012
Law / How to apply for Poland and Ukraine visa? [7]

Embassy of Ukraine in Abu Dhabi:

Address: The United Arab Emirates, Abu-Dhabi, P.O.Box: 35572
Tel.: +9712 632 75 86
Fax: +9712 632 75 06

Embassy of Poland in Abu Dhabi:

tel: 02 446 5200 ext. 113, 114 or ext 119
fax: 02 446 2967

Contact them and ask.
11 Apr 2012
UK, Ireland / My dream about UK. Please help. [86]

It looks like you have the will and the tools, and that is all it takes. I am sure that you will succeed :)
28 Mar 2012
Life / Poland needs more immigrants and their children - which nationalities are the best? [518]

if you're saying your passport is 15 years old then I have my doubts.

:) several passports, where I come from they used to give passports with only 2 years validity, and now with 6...

One country a month. Are you sure you weren't trying to run away from yourself.

Could be! I never thought of it that way
28 Mar 2012
Life / Poland needs more immigrants and their children - which nationalities are the best? [518]

When immigration becomes a necessity then that is PROOF POSITIVE that inequality and exploitation is happening. Welcoming this reality is, in a sense, welcoming inequality and exploitation.

I think that this statement can be subject to different interpretations.

Is it exploitation if it is permitted by written law? In some countries, you are allowed to recruit workers from poor countries and make them work in blistering 40C+ weather 12+ hours a day, 7 days a week for $100 per month, and no benefits whatsoever beyond that. Usually these people live in slums that make concentration camps look good in comparison, and quite often, their employers are Western companies that pay their Western executives several hundred times more per month (and I mean that quite literally).

What do you think of that? Some say that nobody forced these people to leave their countries to work, therefore it is not exploitation, while others argue that such employers are taking advantage of the misery of these workers in their home countries and exploiting them...

On a different note, I have technically been an "immigrant" or an "expat" since I was 17. I have received over 300 stamps in my passport over the last 15 years. That means I have travelled from one country to another on average once a month during these 15 years. Have I allowed anyone to exploit me or exploit someone else through me? The answer is a firm no. I moved around a lot while I was looking for opportunity and more importantly, looking for me...
25 Mar 2012
Travel / Traveling within Poland into my destination city - Lublin (from Warsaw airport) [43]

From airport to city center cab is safe, just make sure you take a proper taxi, not just a random vehicle posing as a taxi... Do not exchange currency at the airport because the rate is blatant robbery. Try to exchange in advance before you travel, and if not possible, then in the city center. If you have to exchange at the airport, then reduce the amount you exchange to the bare minimum.

Immigration will not ask you for train ticket to Lublin, but they will ask you for the address of hotel in Lublin (only if you are arriving from outside Schengen), so I suggest you give them a copy of the hotel confirmation with the address highlighted.

Make sure you buy a ticket that entitles you to a specific seat, and don't be shy to ask for help at the station... There will be many people that speak Polish and English and are willing to help.
24 Mar 2012
Life / Poland needs more immigrants and their children - which nationalities are the best? [518]

In today's day and age, relying on immigration to maintain your standard of living, culture and progress is the first step to throwing out your culture, standard of living, values and progress.

Very well said. I can't disagree with you. Relying entirely on immigration (alone) is a sure way to lose your identity. Look at what happened in Zanzibar for example...

And you can most certainly import criminals and terrorists if your immigration policy is too lenient. I guess it would have to be carefully evaluated on a case by case basis...

However, some immigration is not entirely bad... Of course, that has to go hand in hand with other measures, which are not the subject of this particular thread.
24 Mar 2012
Life / Poland needs more immigrants and their children - which nationalities are the best? [518]

What a fantastic and interesting subject :)

I know someone that was born in a 3rd world country. He went to study in Canada in the 90s. He studied Robotics and did his graduation project on a practical application of interfacing GPS with motion control systems. He was given a full scholarship, and he received several job offers before he even graduated, all from American companies. They were not concerned with his skin color or native culture or sexual orientation or what not, they simply saw what he can give to their society and economy.

This is how the US gets the best human capital. Do we see Russia going out of her way to recruit outstanding students from other countries? No we don't, and that is why the US always wins the race to attract quality immigrants, and that is why they are always on top.

Maybe Poland should look into attracting more foreign students, and then work on keeping the smart ones by creating opportunities for them? That is how others have attracted the "crème de la crème" of their human resources and continue to do so today.

Food for thought:
Someone mentioned that they believe that a certain "race" is solely responsible for the majority of collective human achievement. How naive! This is the classical argument used by each and every racially oriented supremacy movement in history to justify their own existence and attract mindless recruit after mindless recruit. This very thought is the seed of all xenophobia and the disasters that come from it. Do people that preach this theory know how Nazism started? If not, then they should look it up.
18 Mar 2012
Life / Multiracial Poles [154]

They aren't swayed by facts or logic. Their bias comes from a dark, lizard-like part of their brain, and they couldn't change it, or explain it to you if they wanted to.

Very well said indeed!
4 Mar 2012
Work / how much is the salary of purchasing manager in Poland? [7]

Merged: Salary for Business Development Manager in Poland

Dear All,

What should a business development manager with the following qualifications expect to get (in terms of salary & benefits) in Warsaw:

A. Graduate of a Polish university or college with Diploma or Majester in engineering (mechanical or electrical)
B. Bilingual (Polish-English)
C. 3-5 years relevant work experience
D. Can work unsupervised

I don't need an exact figure but just a ballpark...

Anyone? :)
28 Feb 2012
Food / How toxic is industrial salt? (some food factories in Poland used it for sausages) [49]

Guys, if you call a salt supplier and ask for industrial salt to be used for food processing, with no further elaboration, what you will receive is NaCl (Sodium Chloride) and is IDENTICAL to REFINED table salt, without the Iodine. Dishwasher salt is basically industrial salt with more anti-caking agent. It remains on every plate and every glass that goes in the dishwasher, yet it doesn't kill anyone - if used as intended.

Unrefined salt is something different, and that is used to de-ice roads for example, where it is mixed with sand or grit intentionally to improve traction and to enhance its ice abrasion properties.

Lots of potentially toxic substances go into food processing.

Did you know that Potassium FerroCYANIDE is added to the salt you eat everyday to stop the grains from sticking together when the air is moist?

My grandmother used CaCl2 (Calcium Chloride) when she made jams and preserves, and nobody ever got sick :) This "salt" has hundreds of other applications.
28 Feb 2012
Food / How toxic is industrial salt? (some food factories in Poland used it for sausages) [49]

Industrial salt is just normal salt without added Iodine (which is added to table salt) and usually in larger crystals.

It is not toxic in reasonable quantities. Furthermore, food processing industry usually uses industrial salt, not table salt, for making things like sausages etc.

Remember, even too much normal table salt can be fatal (more than 1gm per kilogram of body weight in a single dose).
10 Feb 2012
Life / Question about hot water in Poland and the use of water heaters? [52]

connect us to the system for free

That is not unheard of. Considering how much return they will make on their investment, don't be surprised. However, they may impose contractual conditions such as using them exclusively as a source of hot water or steam by all units in the building for a certain number of years.

Also, while they may agree to retrofit the building to work with their system for free, the aesthetic quality of such free installation could be questionable (example, lots of visible piping and valves etc). This is hard to avoid when retrofitting an older building.
9 Feb 2012
Life / Question about hot water in Poland and the use of water heaters? [52]

how many households can be serviced by one of these heat exchangers

A heat exchanger can (in theory) be built to any size as needed. Limitations are due to space, weight carrying capacity of plant room and shipping. You can have a heat exchanger that services a single jacuzzi or one that serves a 25 storey building or more.

I have attached a picture of a heat exchanger sample that I took last Monday at an exhibition. This is the plate type, and typical of what is used for heating or cooling. Most of the plates have been removed so you can see a few individual plated and gaskets. The gaskets need to be replaced periodically. The plates are usually made of stainless steel, and can be cleaned and reused under normal circumstances.