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10 Dec 2011
News / Will Poland ever host the Olympics? [18]

A city can host the Olympic games not the country, but you can give some sports in other cities but need to be close so the athletes won't need to travel a lot.
21 Oct 2011
Love / Is it wrong for Polish girls to kiss boys before marriage ? [31]

She kissed him also to some other parts of his this good reason for getting divorced?Probably you got your passport and you are searching for stupid reasons to move out and have fun in other countries!!!

Before her did you kiss other girls?For sure yes...and not only kiss but also F**k them!!!
21 Oct 2011
Travel / Is it safe to travel to Poland? [194]

Poland is not like are safe to do everything except if you are looking for troubles!
21 Sep 2011
Love / How do I make a Polish girl cry? [107]

Just ask her to cry at least once...she can even pretend that she is cry just to satisfy your desire!(for sure she knows how to pretend!!!)
10 Sep 2011
Work / How To Study In Poland and stay with my GF? Inability to move to Poland looks stupid. [60]

Have you ever thought that you are just 17 years old and moving to a different country is not so easy? Somehow i understood that because of your girlfriend you started thinking to come to Poland to study,not so mature way of thinking!

If you really "love" the girl you can do something easier in my in turkey, find a job to earn some money and on your 2nd or 3rd year of your studies go for Erasmus in Poznan for a year. Then you will be able to see how is life in Poland,you will have connections plus you will see if you really want to be with this girl.
9 Sep 2011
Real Estate / How to find a flat in Warsaw [9]

Searching for a place to rent in gumtree is very hard for the foreigners, usually the have only phone numbers and if you have someone who speaks polish then you can ask him/her to call the person!Otherwise you will need a miracle to get an answer via mail either english or polish.
18 Aug 2011
Travel / Would Polish visit Greece for it's islands or for it's history ? [30]

grubas you made laugh today :D

We let the ruins like this to remind some people that we built a civilization few thousands years before "you" rebuild Warsaw,even before you build Warsaw!

Always when they ask me here in Poland to tell them some places in Greece the first thing which i tell them is "If you want to see the actual Greece and Greeks just don't go to place with many tourists".