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21 Jul 2011
Study / Public dorms in Warsaw for students [26]

Merged:Student Hostels in Warsaw?

Hello friends. I need to cheap, central to Warsaw technical university student hostels, flat or apart in Warsaw. Where can i find one? Thanks.
18 Jul 2011
Law / Possible to convert to Turkish driver's license to Polish driver's license? [17]

sedif. Have you noticed how drivers use their horn/klaxon just a little bit less in Poland than in Turkey?

In Turkey, you can't use horn/klaxon except emergency status. If you use horn/klaxon for arbitrary, you get punish 1 driver license point + 50 euro money punishment. Firstly learn traffic rules then talk to me kid :)

Still my question...why the OP wants to change his DP for a Polish one?

I will go to poland for master education... So i will use car maybe, just asked...
17 Jul 2011
Study / Wroclaw vs Warsaw vs Cracow? - Which city is better for education? [10]

Which city is better for education?

Wroclaw university of technlogy
Warsaw university of technology
Cracow university of technology

I don't know polish and i will make polish course then i will take polish education in architeckture faculty... Where is better for polishing up my polish language? Which do you advise to me as a polish... Thanks :)

Help me pleaseee. I have to decide :/
16 Jul 2011
Work / Warsaw polytechnic or Krakow polytechnic? [3]

Thank you for reply. There is not english program for architecture so already i have to take polish...

Btw what do you advise to me about university? Warsaw, cracow, lodz or wroclaw?
16 Jul 2011
Work / Warsaw polytechnic or Krakow polytechnic? [3]

I will get bsc architect education in Poland but i don't know which university is better and fomous in Poland.

And second question do you suggest Poland University to me? Is architect education and job status good?

And which language should i take ? Polish or English?