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1 Sep 2011
Genealogy / Looking for a lost friend (Katarzyna Serwin)? [9]


First, try searching for Katarzyna (no 'h' added to name)... There is someone in FB that matches the age average (as far as I can see in the photo, but I can be wrong...). Good luck!
27 Jul 2011
Work / Got a job offer (involving Hungarian and Romanian languages) in Krakow. Potential salary? [28]

If you are skilled in languages (and job requires you to speak in even more than one international language), 2,200 PLN is really unfair.
We don't have any openings for Hungarian and Romanian at this moment, but can happen that positions can come up soon. If you want to send us an open application, for helpdesk analyst position in Krakow, the salary might reach 4,400 PLN. If (and when) sending your mail, please attach only DOC or PDF formats for CV. Greetings.
8 Jul 2011
Work / Jobs for non Polish speakers? [24]

Hi Paul,

Do you have skills in another European language than English? If yes and willing to work in IT as an analyst, please PM your e-mail address.

8 Jul 2011
Food / Possible to find Indian vegetarian food in Poland? [17]


Gaaack! Seems that Indian restaurants are not recommended in Poznan... I've also found that topic about the Indian Ocean, also with very negative points of view.

Thanks, alexw68.
7 Jul 2011
Food / Possible to find Indian vegetarian food in Poland? [17]

Have you heard about an Indian restaurant close to Malta, in Poznan? Actually I got a clue that it would be close to the lake, but in the opposite side of the Malta mall. If you know the name and address of the restaurant (and some comments - good or bad), please share it here.
7 Jul 2011
News / Sex is patriotic: Poland's birth rate rises [34]

Well... If some Poles decided won't return from abroad, no problem. Foreigners will contribute for statistics in Poland. I proudly announce that our baby - mixing Brazilian and Polish blood - is on his way! = )
7 Jul 2011
Real Estate / Foreign investor, properties in Poland, walk away from mortgages? [209]

Hello there,

I must confess that I was really interested about the topic, as I am a foreigner too, but in my case I chose to live in Poland and I'm not speculating. I decided to ask for a loan and, first, the banks were not so friendly when I ask for it. I have European passport (Portugal) and have permanent contact of employment in Poland. Oh! I forgot to mention that I married to a Polish lady. But, speaking about the banks, even having a good salary, they didn't give me the loan so easily. Is that something about the fact is happened in December last year, and 3 years ago, when mglaze put the request for his loan things used to be easier? 1st question banks asked me: do you have a job here? 2nd: are you a permanent resident? And lots of different questions, of course... It was different in 2007-2008? Just to clarify one small detail: My wife and I we have separation of property, so I could ask for the loan just in my name. According the reactions I could see on people's face when I was asking for the loan only in my name, seems that they are not comfortable to give loans so easily to foreigners. Am I wrong?

I was also asked if I would prefer my loan in different currency. I know almost nothing about market but for sure I was unsure about any 'attractive offer' for low rates. I decided for PLN anyway. Better not take risks at this time. So I feel that the title for this thread is not totally fair. Why 'walk away from mortgages'?

Just one last question to mglaze: is your contract so strict that you are not allowed to change your choice for currency? Because it was an option for me, if I would have decided for loan in CHF or USD or EUR.