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Speaks Polish?: i learning

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18 Mar 2012
Love / E-marriage - how successful among Poles? [21]

i 'd like to know what a logical difference between meeting in some club or on some chat room ... > it just First connection <
26 Apr 2011
Love / POLISH GIRLS... wake up and prove you are respectable.... [135]

maybe because they are sweet and innocent girls so there is lot ppl be in touch with them ,that why polish ppl (guys) looking to them like they not respectable ,in fact guys just see this view only when foreigners be with polish girls ...weird!! !.

i dont know how many polish guy wish be with american or russian or even lebanese girls ( i just saw this) , any way i think that almost ppl likes polish girls and lot guys dream live with them not because they pretty but imo they sweetest girls then others or if they just rude or not respectable then u will see them walking without partner :)

warm greet for my girl :*
8 Apr 2011
Language / Polish language grammar books [59]

[Moved from]: Polish grammar for Arab students

hello can any one help me how to find any polish grammars book for Arabs students and if i can download it from any websites .... \thank you
1 Apr 2011
Love / 6 months with my Polish girlfriend and I still don't understand her.. [208]

i have been year with my polish girlfriend and she never stop talk about lipstick .....

A J: It's like a dance. You take the lead, but you let her go and spin around every once in a while.

they will end up like this >
20 Mar 2011
Polonia / My Polish girlfriend and I want to travel in Turkey [9]

Lodz_The_Boat:She's a Polish girl


Lodz_The_Boat:I can comment that for her sake

- you so sweet ! it realy nice to hear that u guys care of polish girls like u do im serious !
- you don't know the situation , don't know who i am ,who is she , why we aren't married yet ,i don't know how you have right to comment without knowledge about such private case like this beside topic was about turkey , i guess you should ask about situation and hear story from begin? any way call "parasitic" with my respect ...

i can just don't answer but i talk for your sake

Lodz_The_Boat:She'll know what she got herself into at the age of 40.

i appreciate ....
you know what she will get? if you know ... then help her ,and of course you will not help me "im not polish"

so she listen ..any advice?
19 Mar 2011
Polonia / My Polish girlfriend and I want to travel in Turkey [9]


thank you

Lodz_The_Boat : Reckless people end up with reckless lives

i think u watch urself by mirror , or how you could figure us (Reckless)

Lodz_The_Boat :I think the girl is not smart, but her life.

i didn't ask opinion about her or marry her or not it my/her business and if u can help about turkey go ahead im thankful but if u want put any meaningless comments i think it bit silly and you will be just parasitic or jealous , thank you any way .
15 Mar 2011
Polonia / My Polish girlfriend and I want to travel in Turkey [9]

hello ..
me and my girlfriend want spend time in this summer in turky she polish and im out poland now and she have to come istanbul alone by plane any way ,

i would like any one inform me spacialy polish ppl which went to turkey ,any help about where she can get visa and if any agents in Rzeszow can sell her tickts ?

,where is safe and nice place in istanbul for foregners ?i heard that arabs-turk untrastable so i would liek to live in zone that there lot of EU 's ppl.

and if there is some office "trustable" can we arrange some trips in all over turkey ? by making groups

about her age she under age yet in turkey i dont know law there , about poland we dont have problems living together but what about turkey, it islamic country and we aren;t married yet so it's legal?

..any one was there please help by info.
im thankful :)