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10 Mar 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

There no such thing as Polish drop dead gorgeous anything female.

Looks like a WUM to me - wind up merchant.

Polish women are exceptionally beautiful, it's not even open for debate.
7 Dec 2011
History / What proportion of the Polish population collaborated with the Nazis? [125]

Very few Poles collaborated, the Nazis did not allow it, it was usually only on a local level for hunting Jews and often it was coerced under the threat of violence.

That is not to say that some Poles who hated the Jews were not willing accomplices but only on this subject.

Ethnic Germans are something different as they saw the invading Nazis as conquering heroes.
It is wrong to castigate Silesians as Kaczynski has done, the ethnic Germans were forcibly removed from Poland after 1945, very few remained in Western Poland.

Hitler planned for Poznan to be the capital of the Eastern kingdom, the city was to be run by the local German population as the admin centre

for all the Slavic speaking peoples.
The city was being rebuilt to suit this purpose, with areas of the city set aside for the German elite, such as Solacz down the road from me.

The Zamek in Poznan was being redesigned to be identical to his palace in Berlin.

The goal was to not only eliminate the Jews and other ethnic groups, it was to remove the educated classes in Slavic countries.
The Easterm empire was to be the labour force for the Third Reich but the overall aim was to greatly reduce this population making it easier to control.

The reproductive experiments were also aimed at breeding the slaves to be obedient and docile with heavily controlled reproductive programs.

The anti-semitic movement which inspired Hitler began in Austria at the turn of the century, Vienna elected an antisemitic mayor, Karl Lueger.
He was opposed by the Emperor Franz Joseph I, who had granted Jews equal rights.

Many of the leading Nazis, the main architects of the Holocaust were in fact Austrian Catholics who had been influenced by Karl Lueger and his followers.

It is wrong to say Hitler expected the Catholics to be predisposed to help, he had long abandoned the Catholic religion, in favour of his new pagan religion.

It would be also wrong to say that the Catholic church was vehemently opposed to the Nazis persecution of the Jews, it often did nothing to assist non-Catholics.

It did not officially collaborate but it also did not encourage it's flock to help the Jews, it took a neutral stance which in my opinion is a form of collaboration.

Publicly it would denounce the rounds-ups etc., however in my opinion this was more for show.
The Vatican did not want to be seen as helping Jews, despite the fact it could have done much to save Jews, it did little.

That is not to say that some priests did not sacrifice themselves to help Jews, many did but they did it out of morale conscience and not as official church policy.

This is in contrast to many of the Lutheran and Protestant churches which setup escape networks to help the Jews.

Hitler at no stage desired Poland as a partner, his initial plan was to free the ethnic Germans, this was completely incompatible with working with Poland as a partner.

His plans for Poznan and Poland in general were drawn up long before the invasion.

The Jews were to be eliminated the Polish population reduced to manageable numbers.
9 Dec 2011
Life / Moving to Poland - what is the most important thing I need to do, once I'm in Poland? [51]

The first things you will need is a NIP to work and pay taxes - Urzad Skarbowa - local tax office.

Then register yourself to your address and get a Pesel - Meldunek is registration to an address, Pesel is needed for many things in Poland such as going to the doctor, getting loans etc.

As a foreigner you will need to get an ID card - Karta Pobytu.

After six months you are also supposed to change you driving license to a Polish one etc etc.

plenty of bureaucracy to keep you busy :D
9 Dec 2011
Life / Moving to Poland - what is the most important thing I need to do, once I'm in Poland? [51]

Sure you can pay to go to the doctors but you cannot avail of free medical treatment without a Pesel, as you cannot be registered at state clinics etc without one.

There are some exceptions, as some doctors may circumvent the rules if you are married for example to a Polish citizen and sign off prescriptions to them etc.

You can buy property without a Pesel but some banks and financiers won't deal with you without one.
The main reason being many of the computerized databases are setup to only handle Pesel, as all Polish citizens have a Pesel.
Many if the systems are not geared towards foreigners, as there are so few in Poland.

Employment and setting up companies only requires N.I.P. and Passport.

It may have changed in the last few years but it used to be that you could not get a paid mobile phone contract (private) without Pesel - only the prepaid cards.

I had to get a Pesel to get a paid mobile contract with Orange.
20 Apr 2012
Life / A recent visit to Poland. First time after 12 years. [19]

Sorry but you sound like a really strange person.
Why don't you tell us where you went?
In my opinion you are talking total bull****.
I am not Polish btw.

1. Poles pretending not to be Polish - sorry but what crap is that, Poles abroad stick out a mile.

2. No improvements, I have no idea where you were,must have been some village in the middle of nowhere.

3. In English we have borrowed many words from other languages - you used quite a few in your post lmao

4. I think people were just rude to you, to seem to have a condescending attitude which Poles ******* hate.

5. Littering - most Poles don't litter, it's one of the things that really sticks out here.

6. same in every country

7. true in some cases, but there have been huge improvements in main roads - country roads in the states are also ****.

8. same as in any other country

9. your condescending attitude again

10. same as in any other country

11. thank god we dress better than Americans, with some style - we have all the major European clothing chains in the major cities.

12. same as other European countries

13. you were not in any Polish city I know
20 Apr 2012
Language / Too many English words in the Polish language! [709]

You are Kaczynski?
I claim my €5.

The English language has borrowed many words from other languages such as

etc etc etc etc

Should we English speakers stop using these words?
22 May 2012
Life / Advice needed - being spammed by Orange [3]

When I renewed my contract with Orange it was on the condition that they would not call me with promotional offers.
I insisted and they promised that I was marked in the database not to be spammed.

Despite this they constantly call me with offers I do not want.
I have complained several times and made written requests to be taken off their telemarketing lists.

They have confirmed on several occasions that I have been removed from their lists.

I get some peace for a few weeks after each complaint and then the harassment starts again.

For example when I was holidays:
They rang me every single morning about 8-9 am.

Recently they rang me for almost 30 days in a row.

Now it looks like they have sold my number to PiS and I am getting spam messages from PiS.

And the best, my wife cancelled her contract with Orange and moved to T-mobile, yet still gets spammed by Orange.

Can anyone tell me where I should complain too?
Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
30 May 2012
News / Don't go to Poland ... because you could end up coming back in a coffin [313]

Man Utd and Chelsea have more hooligan related arrests each season than all the clubs in Poland combined.
The police in Poland are much more extreme in their enforcement.

This program showed 3 of the most extreme examples in Poland and tried to make it look like this happens all the time, it doesn't.

I have seen Legia behave very badly over the years and I have seen an improvement in recent years but they have a long way to go.

There is a problem with racism and anti-semitism in Krakow, that is for sure and football is not the cause of it.
It is often supported by politicians (do I need to name the party) and the Catholic church, for example:

- friends have seen anti-semitic, anti-gay and xenophobic posters on churches in Krakow.
- the All Polish Youth is in part financed and supported by senior members of PiS, that is not opinion, it has been documented by Polish journalists among others.

Despite this, there is a world of difference between racist chanting at a handful of matches and actual violence.
I've been to over 100 matches in Poland and I've only seen disorder at a game here 2-3 times.
The only racism at a match I have seen was Legia fans displaying their swastikas.

Poland is safe, far more safe than London in my opinion.
5 Jun 2012
UK, Ireland / Are the Irish welcome in Poland? [24]

There is no need to worry lol

There are a few Irish guys in Slask, who love it there.
Have Polish friends myself in Slask and always have great craic with them.

You'll be grand.