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20 Sep 2011
Love / Why Poland and Indian Sub-Continent? [30]

it must be that close-knit aryan bond... afterall, don't poles and north indians share almost 60% of the R1a gene? ;))


or perhaps only the males do.

I dunno. -_-'
20 Sep 2011
UK, Ireland / 50 babies a day born to Polish mothers in UK [81]

The point is who is the father of these children by polish women.If he is another Slav then the news are good.

My thoughts exactly.

half of them probably have paki or black partners :\

although i sincerely hope not..

Well, on a side note,

any polka here willing to provide me with 10+ polish babies? ;))
18 Sep 2011
Love / Good looking Polish women with ugly men [416]

see, polish girls wish to seek 'Americanized' polish hollywood hunks like these...

dunno if there are any like them in Poland, though. lol

18 Sep 2011
Language / Polish regional accents? [141]

you know, I'm actually curious as to which point of time following the war, did the accent actually change, or start changing, and how it became nation-spread.

I mean, with the pronunciation of hard/soft ł, and letter 'y' from yj/i in words. Also, they used to pronounce 'cz' as 'sz' in many words, primarily in cases where cz was proceeded by 'ł'.
18 Sep 2011
Language / Polish regional accents? [141]

lol funny... NOT.

and why change the title, mods?

this was strictly out of sheer curiosity =P
18 Sep 2011
Love / Good looking Polish women with ugly men [416]

Men with shaved heads, scars on their faces, no necks, and with about as much conversational skills as a potato.

lmao... sound like typical 'skinheads' to me :/

I think I would stand out far too much walking around back home. I'm such a typical urban city-dwelling westernised Polak, with facial piercings, dyed hair/eyebrows, wearing not-so-typical clothes and jewellery =PP
18 Sep 2011
Language / Polish regional accents? [141]

Merged: Are there any regions in Polska today, which still speak with the pre-war accent?

Are there any regions in Polska today, which still speak with the pre-war accent?

I simply adore it.. especially in songs sung by Eugeniusz Bodo and Mieczysław Fogg, for instance. It was obviously influenced strongly by Russian, but sounded soo much more pleasant than today's Polish. :P

My mother was taught to speak it that way by her Belorussian mother back when was younger and living in Zabłudów, but she unfortunately adapted the modern accent upon moving to Gdańsk in the 80's, before she had us. :(
18 Sep 2011
Life / Top 10 Poland fashion brands [25]

I dunno bout the Poles back home, but the polki here in Canada are quite trendy.

TNA pants ftw!
18 Sep 2011
Language / Chcę and chce [21]

why do many Poles often neglect the final 'ę' in words??

my mother taught me to ALWAYS pronounce it clearly... like in the phrase 'Lubię Cię'.

Of course, since polish is generally spoken really quickly, that sound obviously would be omitted for the most part.

But still, just like when she pronounces the word 'język'... she doesn't say 'JEN-zyk', like soo many videos on youtube teach, for example... she says 'ję' nasalized! ~ THE PROPER WAY!.. like in french

I don't think it's even possible to spell it phonetically, when properly spoken, with a nasal.
18 Sep 2011
News / What you think about parliament monarchy in Poland? Imperial Poland? [13]

Monarchies are soo medieval, and simply don't fit into our modern day societies. I don't know how or why the UK, for example, still has one. Japan, on the other hand, has an Emperor - one who basically has no political power whatsoever, yet is incredibly adored by almost every Japanese resident.
12 Sep 2011
History / How do Poles feel about 10th anniversary of 9/11 [40]

I was 15 and staying with my aunt in Williamsburg during that time... I remember everything that day. I was standing on the williamsburg bridge watching the towers collapse..

Also, my cousin, Edyta, worked in the south tower on the 37th floor, but her shift started at 9:30 am... she was riding on the subway as the north tower got struck by the plane..
2 Sep 2011
Travel / Mosques in Krakow? [131] random.

and speaking of... ****, it's almost sept 11th! =OO
2 Sep 2011
Travel / Mosques in Krakow? [131]

History will surely repeat itself. You muslim invaders will vanish.
23 Jul 2011
Language / Weekend vs Łikend [15]

I see łikend used a lot more than the English variant, but if we have Polish names for each day of the week, and words like tygodnia/tydzień to describe the whole week, why not a word for weekends? :O

Another example I like is łał! instead of wow!.. lol
23 Jul 2011
History / What are Poland's pagan roots? [62]


bring back our beloved Slavic Deities!!!!! <3

Bailobog - The white God of the waxing year; Guardian of the summer. Bailobog would defeat his brother in battle every Koliada to take his rightful place as the ruler of the waxing year. At Kupalo, Czarnobog would defeat Bailobog in battle to assume his position of ruler of the waning half of the year. Bailobog is said only to appear by day to assist travelers to find their way out of dark forests or reapers in the fields.

Please read rules #11 and 12
23 Jul 2011
News / POLAND HAS LOST 1 MILLION PEOPLE (for other EU countries) [30]

in the late 1800's to early 1900's, the average fertility rate for polish women both in poland and america was around 7.1 (my prababcia had 11 kids living on a farm in Zabludow - 4 males died in WWII) maternal babcia had 8 of her own (all survived).. and my mom had 4 (+ 2 miscarriages)..

The Polki of today should once again follow this trend, and our population *decline* will quickly be reversed. :D

I don't understand why people are so overly concerned about being financially stable to support their offspring..

I mean, ****.. you have pakistani couples having an average of 8+ kids while living on welfare in Canada, yet they all seam to live happy, prosperous lives, and send their children all off to universities later on.

I'm 24, make just over minimum wage, and live happily on my own... yet i'm incredibly desperate to have kids... I wanna start off with 1, then 2, then 4, then 6...hell, i'd go for 10 or more.. money or no money.. there are ALWAYS ways to support your kids in a developed country, So so so so soo many ways. :)
14 Jul 2011
Life / How many Jewish people live in Poland? [145]

According to Wikipedia:

There are 50,000 Jew in Poland.

those numbers could be wayyyyyyyyyyy off. Many sources state that there could be 10-20 times that amount, or even more. So many Poles (like my father) either don't know about their jewish past or learn about it at a much later age.

regardless, the numbers are growing daily. :D
14 Jul 2011
UK, Ireland / How many Poles in London in 2011? [6]

dunno, but i found these figures quite interesting:

The recorded figures for Polish speaking children in London schools April 2011

Barking & Dagenham .. 260
Barnet .. 1058
Bexley .. 111
Brent .. 866
Bromley .. 69
Camden .. 188
City of London .. NR
Croydon .. 468
Ealing .. 2536
Enfield .. 713
Greenwich .. 301
Hackney .. 711
Hammersmith & Fulham .. 370
Haringey .. 1047
Harrow .. 528
Havering .. 148
Hillingdon .. 503
Hounslow .. 1178
Islington .. 210
Kensington & Chelsea .. 167
Kingston .. 237
Lambeth .. 509
Lewisham .. 332
Merton .. 833
Newham .. 674
Redbridge .. 304
Richmond .. 237
Southwark .. 210
Sutton .. 205
Tower Hamlets .. NR
Waltham Forest .. 578
Wandsworth .. 637
Westminster .. 117

Total for all Boroughs 16,305

14 Jul 2011
News / Multi-culti (in Poland) -- roadmap to disaster? [344]

I am not 100 per cent sure of that info but I once read 80 per cent of American lawyers are Jewish

fyi, about 80% of ALL jews living in america are of polish descent, including nyc mayor bloomberg :)
14 Jul 2011
Life / Will Polish people be accepting that im only half polish? [63]

Gary Grzelak, my parents went to poland last year and they told me that not only 'skin heads' attack random people. My mom is very honest and she told me that 'they' love to harass colored people, english-speaking people, tourists in general. Hell, they were approached by them (in their cabin) 4 times while on a 2-hour train trip in north-east (podlasie) poland. One threatened to take my mom's purse unless she handed over a bottle of vodka she brought for her cousin in bialystok. lol

****, i'm fully polish and i'm scared shitless to go there, especially to ride on a bus or train by myself.

Poles are very interested in the Polish expat community and even half-Poles. You'll be quite popular, especially among the ladies.

true... when i was last in poland for vocation in 1999, i was in a playground behind our building and the moment i told these kids swinging next to us that i was from Canada, all of a sudden 20 more kids ran over and huddled around us. lol .. they tried speaking english to me, i guess in attempt to practice theirs.
30 Jun 2011
Love / The age of consent in Poland is only 15 [147]

The age of consent in Poland is 15

and in UK it's 16.. wtf's the difference?!!???!

in many Mexican states and south American countries, it's 12 and 13.

Germany too, i think.