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9 Nov 2011
History / Pole, Hungarian, two good friends [58]

how does it go again?

polak, węgier, dwa bratanki... i do szabli, i do szklanki??

something like that.. :DD
31 Oct 2011
Language / Pronunciation difficulties for Poles speaking English [40]

I've lived in Canada since I was 5 - that's over 20 years now - yet i've managed to develop an interesting slight accent in my everyday speech, which does create some problems for me, seeing as I generally speak very fast... almost makes it seem like i have a speech impediment at times.

I virtually cannot pronounce the english 'r' comes out, more or less, sounding like a 'w'. Words like: right, wright, and the worst, 'reward'.. i always end up saying something like 'wee-werd' lol... I do tend to roll my R's slightly in many, if not all, english words, simply because I find it easier.

Also, words like 'tragedy' or 'strategy' - don't know why really.. it's like saying 'czra-dże-di' lol... i find it a whole lot easier to say in polish 'tragedia' :P

and the 'th' sound for me, like most Poles, is a no-no. 'The' becomes 'da', three becomes 'free', and so on..
13 Oct 2011
News / What's the stupidest question asked about Poland? [414]

oh god, the worst: "what's the difference between (shoe, nail, etc.) polish and Polish"

WTF?! -__-

well, dunno bout the british pronunciation, but we north americans pronounce the artsy 'polish' with an 'a' sound, like 'Palish'.
13 Oct 2011
Language / Fejsbuk, Jutub, Majspejs (Facebook, Youtube, MySpace) - different spelling in Polish? [7]

so I've seen these -alternative- spellings in some polish magazines I bought, and was wondering how many Poles using these sites do actually spell them phonetically in polish, or if that's how they're actually written in Poland.

I showed my magazines to my some of my co-workers and confused the hell out of them. I loved watching them attempt to read those terms. lol

PoliszForums - not much of a difference there. :D
13 Oct 2011
Food / Polish spice chocolates [11]

if ur living in ontario, canada, go to Starsky. They have EVERYTHINGGGGG polish. mmmmm!!
13 Oct 2011
History / Why have Poles contributed so little to Academics? (Particularly Science) [180]

what a stupid question... the Poles have contributed GREATLY to/in almost every field of life

Music - chopin, science = marie curie, etc., religion = john paul II

America: hollywood/CNN/talkshows/arts = all polish jews :)

Hell, even Christopher Columbus was ethnically Polish, too. :D

Without them, what would our lives have been like today?
22 Sep 2011
Food / Bary mleczne/milk bars in Poland [30]

Every time I hear the term milk bar, the following item comes to mind:

argh, I hate that bar
22 Sep 2011
Genealogy / Polish person's average height? [210]

The scale above includes myself. Even taller with high-heels. No midgets in my Polish family :)

I've met one polish girl in my old job, who stood at 5'1"

her name was Basia :D
22 Sep 2011
News / Multi-culti (in Poland) -- roadmap to disaster? [344]

Merged: This is Warsaw in 50 years time....

You should try multiculturalism...its fun :)

lmao... WOW... I live in the world's most multicultural city (Toronto) and I have never once witnessed such events here as those taking place in the vids.

We have soo many more blacks, indians, muslims, chinese etc. here than the UK... I mean, I work alongside and interact with these people in a civilized manner daily. I don't understand how or why the hell these kind of events begin to unfold throughout the UK, especially in London.

PS. THIS crap in warsaw? NOT IN OUR LIFETIME. :)
21 Sep 2011
News / Poland hosts lowest proportion of foreigners in the EU [115]

Why is it ok for a Pole to be rightfully proud of their ancient Polish Slavic culture, yet here in England I am force fed this PC New labour created notion of Multiculturalism that decries me as a racist for being proud of English culture. And yes it is English culture not British for in Scotland or Wales, it is perfectly acceptable to be patriotic and nationalistic there(SNP Plaid cymru).

Poles were always more high and mighty. :D lol

no but really... worry not, history repeats itself.

another WWII is among us.

it's time to take out a big fat 'wite out' brush and rid of the mistakes.
21 Sep 2011
Life / Ghost Bikes in Poland [11]

damnit... and here I was expecting a story about bikes riding themselves in Poland. :(
20 Sep 2011
News / Poland hosts lowest proportion of foreigners in the EU [115]

just 0.1 of those living in Poland (35,000) are not Polish citizens, shows Eurostat, the EU’s statistical office.


and keep it that way!

Especially if they're MUSLIMS!!!!!

and while the polish population in the UK is surging, poland's is shrinking. Saddening. :(

Say what u ignorant opposing fools want.

Polska = BIA£A-czerwona, a nie brązowa-czerwona!!!

Poland is not US, Canada, or UK.

20 Sep 2011
Genealogy / Polish person's average height? [210]

almost every polish male i see in toronto measures 5'10"-6'

most females 5'6"-5'8"