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11 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Living with Poles in London [16]

hence why your inbred white trash skinhead porkmarked arse was rejected!
2 Jan 2013
Life / The unacceptable side of Polish culture [48]

interesting thread, good on you jd for stopping a potential maiming. And of cours the circumstances and andrenaline excuse you calling polish people cowards etc.

I'm curious as to what the mechanics where to th fight being stopped, what happened after the guy punched you? did his friends try and have a go as well? are you trained in martial arts that you had the confidence to step in? Give us the gory details.
25 Nov 2012
Travel / Why does everyone seem to hate LOT Polish Airlines? [380]

pgtx : usually it is only donw with low cost carriers or if the air bridges are used, in warsaw we have ridiculous ; air bridges not being used and all the lot planes on remote stands.
25 Nov 2012
Travel / Why does everyone seem to hate LOT Polish Airlines? [380]

What i don't like is they don't use the air bridges at okęncie but instead pack you onto a bus. For business travelers this would be annoying when prob the competing carrier shells out to use the air bridge.
24 Nov 2012
USA, Canada / Homeless Poles in NYC [25]

thanks sean, thats a beutifull sad song, i really like the sound of irish folk music for some reason, any other recomendations?
7 Nov 2012
News / Platforma is stuffing public bodies with its cronies! PRL mentality clings on ... [10]

this article is a good primer for new poles and expats

"This is the widely-suspected set of links between former Communists, Soviet-era intelligence networks, business oligarchs who benefited from corrupt privatisations, and the old KGB now reviving in Putin's Russia under the acronym of FSB," O'Sullivan says.

"This shadowy 'network' is widely believed to be influential on a range of political matters, especially the all-important question of energy security, and largely outside democratic control.
2 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / Poles leave Britain to return to Poland [89]


Too right, theres nothing like having a scotch after giving a lippy pom a smack in the mouth, esp in their own country.
2 Oct 2012
History / Welcome to Lemmingrad! [59]

hey polonious, do you have any links to well researched 'conspiracy sites about these murders/accidents? I am interested in investigative journalism and proffesional hypothesies, for instance the leper thing was about massive real estate fraud.

While i do not subscribe to an overarching russian conspiracy, i do think different factions of organised crime and inteligence services are involved with issues that do date back the shock therapy/privatisations of the early nineties. We all now how na ostro polish politics and big business play. In fact the last outgoing brittish ambasador said that the worst thing in poland is that the rich are above the law in his farewell speech.
25 Aug 2012
Life / Thinking of a move to Wroclaw, Poland [13]

haha yes its true once u get out of the inner city things start to look a bit grim, i had a bunch of 12 year old skins want to fight me cause i said i had no problem with muzini. and this was in Podgórze just south of kazimierz. delphiandomine\ will have no chance in this poznan slum neighbourhood, he will be lucky to get out there with a few bruises, sans his wallet.

Of course if he goes with his burly polish mates it might be a different story.
11 Jul 2012
UK, Ireland / UK passports if resident in Poland [19]

This means you are unable to prove your identity to Polish police when requested to do so and failing to be able to do that means you can be locked up until your identity (and immigration status) can be established

We can live in hope.. :)
9 Jun 2012
Life / Best Polish production TV show [12]

check out ekstradycja , a great series about police officer trying to take out a drug kingpin and related corruption from his own ranks. Produced in the nineties, it was a nice commentry on the social ills that came with the shock therapy of capitalism. On torrent most episodes have english subtitles. Was a seminal series.
5 Feb 2012
News / Warsaw Modlin Airport is finally moving [29]

Yep.. out of the european lcc's easyjet is my favorite, I would think okencie will now get honest and start to lower their charges to attract easyjet. Would be great to fly to charles de gaule airport on easyjet instead of that dreadfull Beauvais.
3 Feb 2012
History / Do any Poles miss the Communist era? [35]

On real life tests czech still comes out on top, transport infrastructure, less crime, better social services etc. All of these are the result of the country being richer.

Related: Trybuna (Ludu) Newspaper no longer available

The once-powerful mouthpiece of Poland's communist party fell silent on Monday, bowing to the demands of the free market 20 years after the advent of democracy in eastern Europe.

"Dear readers, from the weekend Trybuna is no longer available at newsstands. The publisher of our newspaper took the decision to suspend publication due to the difficult material situation," Trybuna said in a short note on its website.

Trybuna no longer available at Newsagents.

What will I do for unbiased reporting now?

Good! I can buy much better toilet paper in a supermarket. Delicate and scented. Don't despair. A similar paper is stll available. It is called GWno. No problems finding it.
3 Feb 2012
Law / Got Polish citizenship, now I need a Pesel and passport [26]

Yes you must have a registered address 'meldunek' if you want to apply in poland. Better to do it overseas in the country of your birth. However if you rent you can get meldunek.

I am pretty sure that you need a dowod osobiesty first before you can apply for polish passport if you apply inside poland.
2 Feb 2012
News / Warsaw Modlin Airport is finally moving [29]

a) Does Warsaw even need a second airport?
b) In what way is it a leg up?

Yes it does because the charges at okencie are to high for low cost airlines. It is a proven model in many cities to have a 'main' airport for traditional carriers and a 2nd 'basic' and further out airport for low cost airlines.

There will be more lcc flights to warsaw which in turn will stimulate demand.
Also 2 airports will lead to more competiton. The fact that wizz is moving to modlin means there is a chance easyjet will be lured back to okencie
2 Feb 2012
Life / What is wrong with Poznan? [197]

I like Poznan, its the most westernised city in poland, the average income is higher than most polish cities, Its not overun by drunk pommy tourists. i feel safe walking around, the kids are allright and its fun! plus its beutifull, poznan ftw