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17 Apr 2011
News / Poland's Lost Generation [172]

Good points and i agree that polish youth are quite materialistic and conservative but what can one expect after the fall of communisim? There is a difference between the poles who leave and those that choose to say. I think the ones who emigrate and then come back have more desire to transform poland as they have seen what is possible overseas.

While less than in western countries, there are people who want to change poland socially and politically.

I like these guys.

17 Apr 2011
Travel / Why most taxis in Warsaw cheat foreigners to get more money? [35]

In Poland the taxi market is what we call the 'amerykanski rynek' meaning american laisre faire capitalism, that is anyone can put a taxi sign on their car and call themselves a taxi and there is no enforcement to stop it. 70 percent of the taxis you see in warsaw are fake and not regulated.

There are only three real taxi companies in warsaw, i suggest you use one of them and you will always get a fare ride. i recomend MPT. The taxi drivers who pay go to the trouble and are legit regularly have big fist fights with the fake taxi drivers..

its crazy
9 Apr 2011
News / Poland gets a little bigger:) [82]

Luckily this is all ancient history..

Relations between Poland and our Czech brothers are the best they have ever been. The goverments are coperating on many issues, from EU policies to cracking down on dopalacze. I lived in prague for a year and smolensk has a big attitude towards their friendship with poles.,polska_i_czechy_przygotowuja_sie_do_polaczenia_rynkow_energii.html

We are even integrating energy structures.

The future is bright, there are many polish people living in prague and they are welcomed.
31 Mar 2011
Po polsku / Polskie Gazety polityczne oparcie [28]

wredotka, przeczytałem pani link, to znaczy ze Nie i Przegląd to są na większe lewicowe gazeta?
31 Mar 2011
News / Polish journalist charged with insulting Belarusian President [16]

Anyone who's grandparents or parents were born in Poland is eligible for a polish passport.

Don't you think the same right can be afforded whose parents were born in territory that was formerly poland, and who identify as polish?

How is this ethnic cleansing. Poland allows dual-citizenship, the poles in belarus should have a choice, at the very least it would allow polish individuals in belarus to work in the EU and send the earnings back home..
31 Mar 2011
Po polsku / Polskie Gazety polityczne oparcie [28]

Dzienki Ziemowit! Czy to oznacza ze Rzeczospolita ma zrównoważony opinie np. o zmiany ustawy o przeciwdziałaniu narkomanii co PIS nie popiera?
Monia, Ja się nie znam o polskie polityce ale jak ktos mowi o 'poglądów zgodnych z ideą narodu polskiego' to czasamy się boje. Pojęcie to jest wykorzystywane do wspierania konserwatywne i przestarzałe ideałów.

Przepraszam za mój kepski polski.

31 Mar 2011
News / Polish journalist charged with insulting Belarusian President [16]

There are currently big tensions between Poland and Belarus. Plus Lukashenko is a nice little dictator. Last time he was talking about moje polaki referring to the large polish diasopra in Belarus who are being discriminated against. The Polish Goverment should really give citizentship to these people.
31 Mar 2011
Po polsku / Polskie Gazety polityczne oparcie [28]


Zaczynam czytać gazety i wiadomosći polskie. Jest trudno kojarzyć polityczne oparcie i colour bo nie mieskam w kraju. Czy ktos muże mi wyjaśnić sprawe o takich gazet jak wyborcza , rzeczopospolita i inne? Jakie są na lewo i prawo? Czy jest gazeta co jest mocna w dziennikarstwo śledcze?

Osobiście Jestem za dziennikarstwo w stylu guardian, nytimes nad the times fox news :)

25 Mar 2011
Life / How Safe Are the Polish Cities? [179]

If you are concerned. Don't wear a suit. Don't act like a rich arrogant foreigner. You will be fine.
23 Mar 2011
News / Poland needs a left wing govt. [111]

Well according to the latest polls Grzegorz Napieralski, the leader of the Democratic Left Alliance is the most trusted politician in Poland so hopefully a left wing goverment with sensible social policies is not far off. :)
23 Mar 2011
News / Poland - Third World Country?? [300]


There is no benefit to society as a whole to have third generation of healthy people receiving it.

Sure but there is no benefit to society to have such harsh benefits that people turn to crime , or have so low disability benefits that people starve. Yes it is happening in Poland, Some people have disability benefits and have to live on 4 zl a day. Czech republic does not have these problems because they adobted the western social democratic model while poland being first to reform their economy, stupidly listened to the americans at the chicago school of economics.
23 Mar 2011
News / "Shale Gas Revolution" will make Poland a Leading Country in Europe! [202]


Witaj w Polsce! Good luck with your work and i hope you enjoy Poland.

If you can, can you help answer a query.

producers pay only a 1 percent tax on the volume of hydrocarbons produced, (in Poland)

This does not give much information, Does this mean a 1% levy on the market value of the gas? Is there any tax per cubic feet/metre in Poland? How would you asses the regulatory and taxation framework to the USA?

Also the chemicals used in Fracking have been in the news in Australia 20110202-1adt8.html


The chemicals benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene - collectively referred to as BTEX - are sometimes used in the fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, process for extracting coal seam gas.

Mr Kelly said the government was ''inclined'' to ban the mining practice of BTEX fracking, which the Queensland government banned last year,

Will your company be following industry best practise and also not use these chemicals in poland?


i dont know about others but there are lines i wouldnt cross in order to make a living, what ever i do it has to provide something beneficial for society,

Thats a bit harsh wroclaw. People are trying to do the best they can and who knows the benefits might outweigh the costs if handled properly. If the goverment had as much tax revenue coming in as Norway then things might really change, of course since polish politicians are mostly thieving świńie co sprzedali nasz kraj this is unlikely but hopefully Poland gets a figure like Lula who can help the poor and also maintain economic credentials.

22 Jan 2011
Life / Russian rap vs Polish rap [87]


you are funny!

While people listen to that fake ****, for example 50cent, Eminem, and all those american, us Polaks rap about real ****, life without money, girls gone bad, our country, the reality, the problems, the situations that matter in this world. We dont rap about *****, clubbin, being rich cause thats not what rap is about. Rap is personal that people should connect to. Our slavic rap destroys any other rap in this world. Slavic's United
21 Jan 2011
Life / Streaming online Polish TV [85]

first post hi hope this helps. here are the main polish channels online. for free!


polsat htt://

tvn + more??

tvn24 (news)\

sorry had to remove w to b able to post this, just add a w :)