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3 Nov 2010
Genealogy / Americans of Polish descent. How many of us are on Polish forums? [216]

Is Pszczyglądżuwiękłówszczew a real place? :O .. Oh my, its going to take time for me to learn the Polish language..

My great-grandparents were born in Poland I found out yesterday from looking at Ellis Island records. Also, my other great-grandparents come from Belarus, which was either part of Poland or Russia during that time period, it's hard for me to know. However, I am Jewish. I guess some would not think of me as being Polish. Although, I think it would be nice to be thought of as a Pole, since I don't really belong to any one place. It seems many of my ancestors lived in Poland or around it for 100s, if not over 1000 years.
3 Nov 2010
Love / Possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady [96]

With all the beautiful young virgins in Iran, I wonder why he wants to marry a Polish woman. EU visa is one suspicion. Well, I understand that a light complected, especially blonde and blue-eyed girl is a certain novelty in the Middle East. Perhaps, he is going after a prize. The way he writes make him sound infatuated with this amazing woman he never met, but who he just saw a picture. Hmmm... I don't get it.. I also would like to marry a beautiful, young virgin, but I live in the USA, where most girls lose it before 14. Here you are, living in a country where girls are virgins, at risk of death, yet you are wanting to know if girls in a liberal Western country like Poland are virgins. My advice is marry your first wife in Iran. Europe is not a place to go virgin hunting..

And, no don't even think about quickly acquiring 72 virgins .. :D Sorry just a joke there. I'm sure you're a nice guy.. Iran is a country with an interesting history. I do like Persian rugs.. If you really want to try to win the heart of your Polish sweetheart, send her one as a gift, to show you care. LOL
3 Nov 2010
Love / Filipina married a Polish man, need more advice [90]

Lot of Filipina ladies are desperate to marry a American or European guy for a greencard. You said you had a relationship with a married guy. That is adultery.. I know many Filipinas are Catholics.. Does that bother you at all? I think it is healthy advice to avoid marrying a man with such low morals as this. If he was having an affair with you, what makes you think he won't do the same after you marry him? And what inspires you to be with such a deceptive and dishonest person?
3 Nov 2010
Love / What do Polish girls think about Gypsies? [116]

Romanians are certainly not gypsies.. Don't ever say that to a Romanian, because you may find yourself in a fight if you do.. Romanians are more anti-gypsy than most people in Europe, actually. Yes, its obviously because they are mistakenly thought of being the Roma people.

Romanians are very tall, Slavic-like and fair complected people. They really have no resemblance at all to the Roma people. Although, I will be honest, that there is obviously some Romanians who may be mixed with gypsies. Also, some Romanians also appear to have Turkish genes. However, if you want to talk about a nation who was loyal to Europe during the Crusades, then I think Romania really does qualify. Remember Romania is the home of the vampires. That is Vlad the Impaler. Vlad was so fearsome amongst his Muslim enemies in Turkey, that many were even too scared to fight his armies. He was quite fierce and loyal to Christiandom in Europe, although his means of achieving victory and keeping order were very far from ethical.

Anyhow, some of the most interesting parts of European history lie in Romania. Romania is a very beautiful country. There is a claim that many Romanians share the same heritage with the Ancient Romans. The Romanian language they claim is one of the closest romantic/latin-based languages to the original Roman language.

Not all gypsies are bad IMO.. Yes, there is a culture of laziness and theft amongst some of them. However, they also can produce some nice music and some of gypsy women can be beautiful. I don't support how they live and thrive off the system at other people's expense. That should change. But, what can you do, its not only gypsies now who do this.. The entire liberal EU system of government support and handouts is the problem.
3 Nov 2010
Love / Such a Very Sad Loss.. fighting the battle with a Polish lady to see my daugher. [56]

A good wife is there til the end. Til death do us part, the marriage vows say, although few listen to them anymore. It doesn't sound like she was there for you in our darkest hour. The fact she punched you in the face, well lets just say, that is wrong. I don't believe in hitting women, but if a woman punches me in the face, I will punch her right back. Old saying here in USA, "You act like a man, you get treated as a man." Sorry, there is a crossing-line. You know, I think I have heard a story just like this before, almost exact same story. Have you wrote about this before somewhere else? LOL

Sorry for your horrible loss. The woman sounds cold and inconsiderate. Maybe she wanted a playmate and forgot that marriage is a commitment that goes through many challenges. That is what makes marriage special. People are suppose to be there for each other in the end. I read your story briefly; I hope I got everything correct. This is very heart-breaking. Go find yourself a woman who is caring and compassionate.

You are in my prayers.. Wholeheartedly.
3 Nov 2010
Genealogy / Jewish Roots of Poland [612]

This looks like a long an intense thread.. I will have to read the whole thing..

I will say I am an Polish/Belorussian/Ukrainian Jew who was born in USA. I am about 3rd generation American..

Even though I am Jewish I will not dismiss how much Poles suffered and how many lives they lost in the holocaust. The Poles suffered greatly at the hands of nazis and then the communists. I think Jews and Poles suffered a lot together and it should bring them closer together.

I really hope one day the Jewish community in Poland can be rebuilt and come to life. I would love to see the Jewish Festival in Kazimierz as well as the historical site. I plan on going to Poland maybe next spring to learn more about my family and the history of my people there. Much of Polish culture has become so much apart of the life of Jews.. Really, I think when Jews came to USA, they lost some of the best aspects of the culture when they left. I suppose Poland at one time was really the highlight of Jewish culture.

Yes, there was problems, but there exists problems in all places. There was no real safe-haven for Jewish people in Eastern Europe, but Poland was about as close as it could get. Many Jews mistakenly put their confidence in the German people, but that was a mistake, as when the Kaiser fell, so did the safety net. The Jewish population flourished in Poland and grew to over 3 million before WWII. Had it not been for the Nazis exterminating all of Poland's Jews, I would think Poland could have even 10 million or more Jews today. It is so heartbreaking, yet the grim reality of history.

Maybe, one day Jews will realize that New York City is not heaven. I think Poland would be a better place culturally for many Jews to reside. Poland is a land with a rich culture and the Jews seemed to thrive in their own culture there. New York is becoming a wasteland. Most of religious Jews are leaving the city and moving elsewhere. Strangely enough , places like Texas now have very fast growing Jewish communities.
3 Nov 2010
Love / What do Polish girls think about Gypsies? [116]

Wrong, Romanians do not have free movement and are in general not very welcome in most if not all European countries - didnt you hear about the Irish removing 100s of them and the French doing the same? Romanians generally support themselves with begging..

Sorry, but you're wrong there. The French and Irish removed bands of homeless Roma people, not Romanian people. Romanian people do not support themselves with begging. They are very much like Hungarians, Serbians and other peoples of Central Europe. Also, many are very religious and of the Romanian Orthodox faith. You are confused with the gypsies. They on the other hand are mostly pagan and live in squalor conditions, because they don't believe in integrating into European society. There is a lot of gypsies in Romania, but there is a lot of gypsies in Hungary and Russia too. You ever watch the film Queen of the Gypsies? The film was in Russian and filmed in Russia. I think you are wrong about Romanians. Romania is a beautiful country and Romanians are civilized and interesting people. Romanians also have a very cool Gothic culture with some of the most interesting architecture and castles in Europe.
4 Nov 2010
Love / Polish women world's second most flirtatious [75]

people's experiences differ... yes, people here stated that Poles don't smile... i somehow agree with that after seeing every day smilling Americans... but i prefer less bullshit, so i don't mind not smilling people...
does my answer satisly you? i see that you didn't find you long lost sense of humor yet...

I agree.. I live in USA.. The American smile is fake and most American friendships are fake and superficial. America is funny, because everyone puts on a special act and is suppose to tell everyone what they want to hear. It's good to know if you put a smile on someone's face, that it is a genuine smile.

I watch prn sometimes. Keeps me creative in the bedroom.

Thanks for sharing with the forum, AJ.. I love when people contribute such sensitive and private information.
6 Nov 2010
Love / Possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady [96]

Polish girls are strong and independent.

Would this apply to religious Polish girls from villages/small towns as well? I have heard that more traditional Polish girls still exist. Although that could have changed by now. I know Europe is becoming very secular and most traditions are dissolving. Very sad, because I fear Europe will end up the cultural graveyard that America has become.

A lot of guys don't really want their wife hanging out with another man. I wonder how common that is in Poland. I personally wouldn't want my wife hanging out with another man without me being present. Of course, this should go both ways. What business does a married man have hanging out alone with some girl? This is how problems start. Infidelity is a major problem here in the USA, partly for this reason.

I like girls who are traditional and that is one reason I prefer an Eastern European woman to an American woman. However, I think women in Muslim societies are treated oppressively and not many from a more liberated mindset can accept this. A great film I watched was called "Not Without My Daughter." It was taking place right after Islamic Revolution in Iran. This is a true story and shows how the relationship failed between the American woman and her religious Iranian husband.

Anyhow, the major problem with a Muslim marrying a Christian girl is her children will grow up Muslim, as well as she will be forced to live under Qur'an and Sharia Law. Oil and water don't mix, so you will have plenty of problems. I know one part of Islam is to spread the religion, not only through preaching, but also through marriage. Many Muslims believe marrying a girl from another country will help set the roots of their religion and culture into that society.

I'm sorry to say, a majority of Western women I met who married Muslim men ended up divorcing them within the first five years of marriage. I have talked to a great deal of them. I asked them if they would marry a Muslim again and they said no.

However you never know.. Heres a good question for you. Can I marry a woman from your country without her relatives beheading her? How come I don't see many Iranian women asking about Polish husbands on here.