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20 Aug 2012
Law / Does anyone know how to find an English-speaking accountant in Poland? [14]

I think it'll be quite difficult to find one. I run my own company here and have found great difficulty tracking down an english speaking accoutant.

The ones I i have dealt with however, are patient and understanding. You could always bring a friend or someone to translate.
If you find one let me know, I could use the help.

Best of luck.
10 Aug 2010
Life / Cost of Living in Lodz [50]

Getting lean meat will be a problem. I don't think it exists here. You'll have to buy whatever you can get and trim it. Of course chicken is available and quite cheap too. A fillet is about 5zl in lodz. The markets are excellent for fruit and veg, price wise and taste wise. will get you your train timetables & costs to go see your friends.