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1 Aug 2012
USA, Canada / I have a Canadian and Polish passport. Travel on Polish / Canadian passport in Europe? [10]

Don't listen to the lady at the embassy, Poland does not recognize dual citizenship that's why she said what she did. Just leave the enter the US on the Canadian passport and arrive in Europe on the Polish passports. Once you're in Europe they really don't check anymore. When you leave and they ask to see when you entered just show them the Polish passport.
16 Jul 2011
Travel / Flying in Poland information [9]

Anybody know of any flight schools or clubs in Rzeszów that'd rent an a/c to a US pilot? I'm going on a mini-vaca to Europe and will be in Rzeszów for a day or two, and i'd be cool to fly.
18 Jan 2011
Law / Polish Citizenship request rejected--military service of father [18]

you would have needed to obtain Polish citizenship from your father due to the act in force

I was born in the United States, my father was American and my mother is Polish. Does this mean I cannot get Polish citizenship because my father was American, even-though my mother still has Polish citizenship?
27 Aug 2010
Law / Polish Citizenship for a foreigner whose parents was born in Poland [174]

I have a lot of experience in this filed as I have worked in the Consulate of Poland in the US.

I have a question for you...I am an American citizen, born in America, but my mother is still a Polish citizen and my father is an american citizen. This does make me a Polish citizen correct? If so, if I wanted to obtain a Polish passport, do I need to show confirmation of citizenship? My mother has her Polish passport...although it is expired. Is that enough proof?