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12 Jul 2010
Love / All the good Polish men for dating are taken? [111]

Perhaps the question you might want to ask is, why aren't all the good men choosing me?

Perhaps the question you might want to ask is, why aren't all the good men choosing me?

Wasn't trying to be an ass here btw, just that a lot of times both men and women ask themselves where are the good ones? why are they all taken? and sometimes the answer is within the way they perceive you as a potential partner...maybe you might have to make some changes to yourself, then the good ones will come...or maybe you just want what you can't have, ie; the taken ones.
12 Jul 2010
Work / Advice on Teaching English in Poland [709]

Thread attached on merging:
Teaching english in Poland (Several Questions)

Hi everyone, I've been lurking this forum on and off for about a year now and decided to finally sign up as I have some questions about teaching english in Poland. I apologize in advance, this is going to be pretty long, lol.

First off, I'm a Polish-Canadian, born in Poland, raised in Canada. I speak both english and polish fluently, although my reading and writing in Polish is poor. For some time now I've been considering getting a CELTA certificate here in Toronto. I have a diploma in e-commerce and I earn a pretty decent salary here but, Toronto is expensive and the pay received in Canada is often relative to the cost of living, so after taxes, after rent, food, etc, I don't save money. taking money aside, I just don't like working here, tired of living here as well. I've worked a few jobs over the past ten years (I'm in my late 20's) and nothing is satisfying.

I have read so many different examples of teaching in Poland and they seem to be all over the place, I'm sure a lot of experiences and opinions will differ depending on the individual, but it would be nice to get some more specific answers that I can't find browsing the internet.

Average starting pay?

Does the pay increase over time (if you are worth it)?

Do people ever attempt to make a career out of it?

What happens in the summer when school is out?

Can TESL eventually provide other opportunities if you speak both polish and english?

If things don't work out, how difficult is it to find employment speaking both languages, decent employment?

Is it better to take a course in Poland rather than taking it here?

I heard that some schools provide housing, I wouldn't want to share a flat with anyone so would the school pay for part of my rent if I chose to live somewhere else (assuming they did offer a place to live to begin with)?

Does the school pay for health benefits, does it come out of your pay, or do you have to go out and get it on your own?

How much are avg living expenses in the avg sized city, including food, rent, internet etc.?

Does internet have an upload and download bandwidth limit, and if so, what are the limits relative to the prices?

I know some people will try to tell me that I will earn more living here, but, it's honestly not about the money, as long as I have enough to live, have some fun then I'm good to go. I don't need a lot, I just want a simple life, but I don't want to struggle to make ends meet.

I had a job where I worked about 60 hours a week, the pay was decent, but I had no social life, no time to enjoy anything and over time I've realized that this is something that I don't want, what's the point in slaving so many hours when you never get to enjoy life. I'm not married, and honestly don't wan't to be for at least another five years so worrying about someone else is not a concern, I also have family in Poland, although they live near Rzeszow where I hear the ESL opportunities are slim to none.

any answers to my questions would be greatly appreciated.