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19 Jul 2010
Love / Why do Polish women prefer foreigners for boyfriends and husbands? [418]

For example between a foreigner with no peniadze and a Pole with peniadze who would a Polka prefer?

Definitely a foreigner. And it doesn't matter that he has no money.

You can't know what Polish women prefer unless you are one of us.
15 Jul 2010
UK, Ireland / Hotels / accomodation in London for short-term stay? [6]

Merged: Hotels / accommodation in the UK (London city centre)?

Hi everybody,

I'm coming to London next month and have no idea about accommodation there. Would you please recommend me any good hotel in the city centre and for a reasonable price? I would be very thankful for information.

9 Jul 2010
Language / spotykac/poznawac [6]

Spotykać - to see someone, eg. I'm seeing my friend in an hour.

Poznawać - when people are introduced to each other and get to know each other

spotykać, poznawać - it is an iterative, repeated occurence of the same action

spotkać, poznać - one-occurence of the action, the action is completed
9 Jul 2010
Language / When to use: Znać/Wiedzieć & lub/albo [23]


Surely Polish ''lub'' and ''albo'' are interchangeable, but ''albo'' is a kind of more 'excluding' one of the two options. When you use ''lub'' you are more hesitant, or less determined about your choice, and some kind of willing to choose both options, for example: Napiję się kawy lub herbaty. - I'll have coffee or tea. (It is very likely that I'll sip both some coffee and tea.) A sentence: Napiję się kawy albo herbaty. (No difference in translation into English) - It means that I will choose only one of them, and you might say, with stronger determination. It is a slight semantic difference.

Wiedzieć vs. znać

znać - to know (sb/sth)

wiedzieć o ... - to know ABOUT something/somebody

wiedzieć, że ... - to know THAT ...

wiedzieć czy ... - to know WHETHER/IF ...

wiedzieć dlaczego - to know WHY ...

wiedzieć jak - to know HOW...
eg. Wiem jak to zrobić - I know how to do it

And some other like: widzieć gdzie/kto/kiedy itd. = to know where/who/when etc.

Znać - there is an object, a noun phrase following the verb; no preposition after the verb 'znać' is possible

Wiedzieć - a preposition or a subordinator has to follow the verb; an object cannot stand immediately after the verb itself

Znać się

znać się na ...
1. to be familiar/experienced with, to know (one's stuff)
2. to know how (to do)
eg. Znać się na gotowaniu - to know how to cook, znać się na żartach - to know how to tell jokes

znać się - to be acquainted with; to know oneself
e.g. Znamy się od dwóch lat = We've know each other for two years.

Dowiadywać się - to learn; to get to know; to find out

Hope I could be of some help to you. Wish you goodluck ;)