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17 Jun 2010
Love / Sigh... Polish girls have such pretty eyes. [51]

Ok.. so there is this polish girl I like in school. Her eyes are a heart piercing blue..
We would take the bus together home everyday from school.. and I've always wanted to ask her out on a date.. but im such a freaking ***** >.>

I would see her across from the room or bus and everytime I see her looking at me she turns the other way.. and when i turn away i see her looking back at me. We would say Hi to each other rarely sometimes cause we barely know each other but i feel like we have a connection.. Her friends always say hi to me and smile. But the thing is I'm a korean. Are polish girls into asian guys? I'm a christian and I know shes catholic. The thing about me is, im more attracted to polish girls for some reason. I was raised differently than most koreans in my community, Their upper middle class kids that i cant relate to.. so i dont really enjoy talking to korean girls cause they truly dont understand me. I would go to church and other places and get compliments from girls saying that i was good looking but I would just blush real quick and not make eye contact, cause Im still that insecure little fat kid from 5th grade. I was obese from my elementary to Junior high year until I lost all of it. But the thing is i still have that fat kid mentality and shyness. So all I wanted to know was.. If I had a chance with her. Do polish girls like korean guys? Do you think she likes me? Do I type alot( yea ":/) Any tips? Physical traits.. hmm Im 6 feet, 17 , broad shoulders and physically fit. I like drinking, Im funny , Like watching tv , Like taking long walks <-- Damn im a loser :'D Idk What do you guys think : /