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3 May 2011
Law / Foreigners Getting Married in Poland - a Guide to Formal Preparation [54]

I am an American citizen and my finacee is Polish. My finacee and I have a court date and are going to give such an oath. My boss is a sworn translator and should be able to assist me in this case. However, I have a decent understanding of Polish and I wonder if any one knows the exact questions they will ask us. My fear is I won't understand something and mess the whole thing up.
12 Jan 2011
Law / Lived in Poland on temporary residency, now getting married. My status in Poland? [6]

Hey everyone,

My girlfriend and I are getting married in July and so far everything is going well, planning and such. My question is, what will change about my status in Poland?

The past 3 years I have been living in Poland with a temporary residency. I have to re-apply for this every year and it's a huge pain. I heard it'll be a lot easier when I'm married and I won't have to deal with as much paperwork.

My other question comes through planning our honeymoon. In a place like Bolivia for example, you can travel there without a visa as Polish citizen but not as a US citizen. So in order for me to meet the standards of a Polish citizen would that mean I need to have a Polish passport?

I think I have already answered my question, if anyone could help let me know.

17 Jun 2010
Law / Problems with Polish Bureaucracy, residency [17]


Thanks for the advice!

I have decided to try and tackle the interview myself in Polish, it's not fantastic but I think I will be able to manage. I was wondering if you had any idea what kinds of questions they will ask me? To my understanding this is a standard interview that has been delayed for quite some time (3 years to be exact). I would like to prepare a little so that I can answer a little more clearly.

I'll be working for Bell in Poznan. It's only for the month of July at an English camp. Should be quite interesting.
14 Jun 2010
Law / Problems with Polish Bureaucracy, residency [17]

So I have been living in Poland for three odd years and haven't had TOO many problems with Polish law. However, this year I filed my papers early and now they are taking forever to give me my decision for my karty pobytu. In fact, they gave me permission to work but haven't given me permission to stay here. I received a letter that I have to appear at the Urząd Wojewódzkie at 10 o'clock on Tuesday June 22nd. My temporary residency ends June 30th. They have said they want to ask me some questions. What exactly could they possibly want to know after submitting all my documents where not much has really changed?

I asked some of the other workers at the Urząd Wojewódzkie and none of them are saying they know what it is about and that I have to speak to this one lady, but she is impossible to get a hold of.

The only thing I could think is maybe they want to ask me about working in Poznan, which I will be working at an English camp in July. However, why would they schedule a meeting to see them and not even tell me what it is about, it seems a bit unfair doesn't it? I'm completely stressed out, my whole life is here in Poland and every year I feel completely ill-at-ease during this time.

If anyone has any thoughts, let me know.