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24 Jun 2010
Travel / Indian or Mexican food in Warsaw. [60]

I have just returned from Warsaw, and I am so disappointed that I didn't see that restaurant, if only to take a photo and have a giggle with my friends in England :)
9 Jun 2010
Travel / Pawiak Museum in Warsaw [14]

Thank you for that, I'm also going to Warsaw soon.
6 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Fish and chips - do Polish people in the UK like this? [108]

A bit off-topic, but I read that fish n chips is probably Italian in origin. It kicked off in Britain in the mid nineteenth century, roughly the same time as waves of Italian immigrants arrived. In Tuscany there is a traditional dish called 'frita pescara en bari' - or something like that, I forget the spelling. It is, of course, fried fish in batter.