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3 May 2010
Language / Spelling "aunt" in Polish [133]

Language changes and evolves with time. It also is different from region to region in any country.

This is why I feel we have a differing opinion of busia, Dziadek, etc. What may have been popular a term at a certain time in a certain region could either die off or survive and morph into a different form.

For instance ( po Angielsku )

Soft drinks ( coke, pepsi, etc ) = tonic, soda, pop
Flashlight ( US ), Torch ( UK, Europe )
All of you ( northern US ) Y, all ( southern / western US )
Wrench ( US ) Spanner ( UK / Europe )

Im sure Polish is no exception to this.
7 May 2010

I have also heard ( although without proof so if someone knows better.....) that Polish jokes started after the Nazi's invaded and occupied Poland in WWII.

The Nazi's thought the Poles so stupid because they could not carry out orders and work for them. However, that was the Poles plan. You have invaded us went the thinking but, we are not working for you. A lot of the food farmed and things manufactured in Poland were used for the third reich's war effort. For example, the area around Oświęcim was very rich in coal and other minerals and deposits and the Nazi's exploited this heavily.
8 May 2010
News / What is strategic meaning of Poland in Europe and in the world? [51]

Poland has throughout its history been all about its position ( strategic ) in Europe.

966 when Mieszko I accepted Christianity really set Poland on its path of ' eastern bridge of Europe to Russia / Asia '

The middle ages saw Poland sandwiched between orthodoxy to the east ( Russia ) and Lutheranism / Protestantism to its west ( Prussia / Germany ). This set the stage for many conflicts in Polish history.

Cossacks, Teutonic knights, Turkish armies and Hetman from Ukraine all shaped Polish history and the people as well. If Poland had been located elsewhere as a country its strategic position would not be as important. The Polish lands were a nexus of many peoples crossing paths.

WWII also saw Nazi Germany invade for ( one of many reasons ) the rich mineral and chemical deposits that Poland has. The Russians saw the same advantage as well.

Geographically, I agree with both Crow and ryclik. Good land was one of the reasons Poland prospered. There was a good balance between population, land and farm. I also agree that Poland in the future will be used as a pawn to taunt, antagonize and otherwise hassle Russia at the USA's pleasure. Hopefully, Polish leadership will see what the benefit is to Poland before saying ' yes ' to whatever the US wants.
28 Jun 2010
Law / "FART" shop in Poland - WHAT DOES THIS SHOP SELL? [55]

There is a brand of ice cream in Iceland called ' Emesis '

Emesis ( po angielsku / in English ) means vomit.

There is nothing like a hot day with a vanilla emesis ice cream cone!
15 May 2011
History / What are the key features of the Polish Eagle? [56]

The one with the black border and the two headed eagle looks Russian to me.

Perhaps that one was during the time of ' Congress Poland ' when Poland was technically Russia but had its own autonomy.......until the mid 1860's when uprisings against the Russians began.