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15 Apr 2010
Love / Why are Polish women so sexy ? [390]

basil: Pictures please ;-)

they're prettier cos they mainly have black hair,which is the best,just image search michelle rodriguez or jordana brewster - both Spaniards
20 Apr 2010
Language / Polish people: did you struggle learning English - differences between both languages [54]

and no- i couldn't agree with statement, that 'English has more words'. Word creating in Polish is really nice, you can add 'od-' 'do-' 'na-' and other suffixes, that change the meaning of word (and no, Latin suffixes aren't as 'creative')

those Polish words you create are illegal/unofficial, unlike the English words which are regulated and approved

By saying English is harder than Polish?
You might want to revise your tact.

It's a lot harder as it's got more words/a bigger alphabet, etc...

I think it is catching on very well, many people in your country speak it ;)

It's a pity