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5 Apr 2010
History / Jagiełło's blunder or design? [6]

It was a mistake from Jagiello not capturing Malbork in 1410. The alliance between Poland and Lithuania was established for good in 1569, and in 1410 Jagiello was already a widower since Jadwiga died in 1399. There was not any connection between both countries anyway, and it was the only time when the Teuton issue might have been resolved for good saving Poland many problems in the future.
5 Apr 2010
Life / Polish Tattoo (considered the eagle) [29]

Eagle is all right, but a bit too common as for me. I've never seen "PW" tattoo on any ones, and that's why I am considering getting one myself. It sends a strong patriotic msg plus carries a huge historical meaning. PW, hołd i chwała poległym!. It's sure way too go, but remember, don't do it just for sake's of doing it, it means a lot to some of us.