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Speaks Polish?: Only Hello, Good Morning, How are you, Im very good hear to learn

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22 Mar 2010
Language / Learning Polish, good for beginners? [29]

Polish Tutor

Hey guys, thanks for your response and help. Its much appreciated really.

I think i will buy these two books to start with

Teach Yourself Polish - sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1269290628&sr=8-1

Polish Verbs & Essentials of Grammar, Second Edition - pd_sim_b_4

I think that should get me on my way.

Funny thing is i think i might be able to understand how this complex language works....speaking it and learning it will be a completely different matter. I have already tried to copy some words and i physically cant shape my tongue in the right the way to produce the sounds

Oh and another thing..Please and Pig in Polish sound SO alike it isnt even funny! (i think it was pig)

Thanks again

21 Mar 2010
Language / Learning Polish, good for beginners? [29]

Mar 21, 10, 21:24 - Thread attached on merging:
Books for absolute beginners

Hi folks

Well this is my first thread but i have been reading here a few weeks now.

To an absolute beginner to the Polish language.

I have been seeing this amazing polish girl work for several months now and she teaches me some basic phrases from time to time that i speak back to her over the phone etc.

Sometimes..(and i know this language and its grammar is one of the hardest to learn)...she corrects me when email/txt her something.

Basically what im looking for is a good decent book that can teach me the principles of the language and some noobie stuff to go along with it.

Im not looking to learn the whole language yet, i just want to understand how it works so when i am told im making a mistake I can hopefully apply what i have read to improving myself.

Thanks in advance