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21 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Oxford Polish bride 'heartbroken' over arrest - accusations of sham marriage [126]

Incredibly well said @ Matowy

I also wonder what kind of perfect life Amathyst has when she spends almost every hour on these forums apart from when and if she sleeps.

I salute your partner or parents. Highly likely your partner who has technique, temperament and talent to leave you busy with these forums and he certainly enjoys his life :)

what a perfect ideal life you are spending on these forums getting insulted by 50% of the members or maybe more.

you Idiot ! (said the paki) ... :D
21 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Oxford Polish bride 'heartbroken' over arrest - accusations of sham marriage [126]

LOL.... said the paki! Did you come here looking for a wife? Oh, its spelt illiterate by the way you stupid paki! You really should know, since 90% of your countrymen are!

look at your narrow mind ... You think I don't know the spellings ???
Anyway I am using my iPhone in order to post a reply to your comments but can't be bothered anymore.

YOU WON I LOST alright NOW go and have a party :D
21 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Oxford Polish bride 'heartbroken' over arrest - accusations of sham marriage [126]

They are on drugs and desparat

oh yes when it comes on you than you have an excuse and an answer to everything.
By the way I wasn't talking about the prostitutes who sell their souls for drugs and the ones on the road.
Stupid Amathyst, don't you know there are escorts, licensed adultery and or prostitutes who are not drug addicted but properly come from an educated background ??

Their percentage is far more higher than the drug addicted ones. Maybe now you will say NO there is nothing like that in England.

Well, you lazy bum there is a real world outside these forums so go and research before spreading an illeterate drivel of real ****.

I can't believe you said becoming a prostitute is better than marrying someone for money. Well in real I think you don't even know yourself than. In an earlier thread I read you saying that you can't put a price on marriage.

So it means you can put a price on your soul, body, spirit and that true feeling which is far more meaningful and expensive than a piece of paper.

I know the value of marriage and I come from a very humble educated and polite family but I also truly understand people who are poor just merely because they are poor and they want to have a better life like you have and like most of us here have and for them £2k means a lot.

I had written a lot in my previous thread but perhaps you don't have an answer to even 90% of that ?????
You are a woman but trust me you are for some god damn reason so frustrated either in bed or someone just ditched you big time so forums are the right place for you. GOOD LUCK

and one more thing just like you said prostitutes are honest
these girls are far more honest because they don't sleep with somebody and sell their souls otherwise they could earn much more than £2k but maybe all the sluts have the mindset like you have who would sleep with thirld worlders for 100 bucks.
20 Jun 2010
Law / Polish passport for a Pakistani guy in Poland? [20]

I absolutely agree with you but unfortunately it will be too late for their tiny little brain to understand the facts of this global world.

I just feel sorry for these people. May god guide them to the right path.
20 Jun 2010
Law / Polish passport for a Pakistani guy in Poland? [20]

Knowing about the percentage of ethinic groups in some town doesn't really mean you know about immigration laws.
That's why people like you are not the law makers but just a mere waste of space.

she need to buy a repellant spray anti pakis.

it puts me in a profound shock everytime I come across such pathetic comments because I wonder where these people are hiding in real world ??

Perhaps you know the consequences of saying it to some Asian paki or Indian or African on their faces ????
Well, you know you will end up with one tooth (if you are lucky)
so I guess forums are the right place for you who can't have a god damn life in real to spread hatred.
20 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Oxford Polish bride 'heartbroken' over arrest - accusations of sham marriage [126]

I hope Poland enjoys the multiculturalism thats heading there way :D

The girl married this guy for money and people do different sorts of things for money.
I totally believe and understand that it's wrong but we just don't know why these people do it and why they need money. There is something called poverty in this world and people who have health wealth and happiness must not be the ones to raise fingers or blame these poor people of wrong doings.

If we think we won't marry someone for money is because we don't need to and we have everything but you never know what financial problems they have.

I think marrying someone for money is far better than becoming a prostitute ??? I am absolutely not justifying the sham marriage but we are not in their shoes so we don't know what makes them do this ???

It's easy to just sit and write rubbish in these forums but how many of us actually know people who don't even have money for food clothes school etc etc

who doesn't want to have a better life a car a house nice clothes, who doesn't want to raise their children in a proper manner give them everything what they want ????

In short the secret behind everything is money and although all these means of earning money is illegitimate and wrong but trust me we can't have those feelings of being poor.

I don't think anyone on this earth who has everything in his/her life will do any wrong doing such as this until or unless you dong have a penny to buy food.

Anyway again I will say this is wrong but trust me amathyst said they don't marry third world immigrants for money but what about English prostitutes who have sex with Africans, Asians, Indians etc etc for money ???

They are all English in every town of Britian. Isn't that even worst than marrying someone for money.
Well truthfully again I will say wrong is wrong but who are we to judge anyone when there are systems in place to deal with such issues.

UK border agency caught it and it's good end of story. Just wish them good luck for the next operation that's all.
By the way I am from USA but I have nothing against anyone :)
20 Jun 2010
Law / Polish passport for a Pakistani guy in Poland? [20]

I also wana know what's a big deal if a Pakistani wants a polish passport.
Why these double standards !!!
How many polish, Lithuanian, Latvian etc etc go to the USA and stay there illegally and marry US citizens to acquire green cards ???
No one says anything about that ???
If a Pakistani asks a simple question, the answer is always followed by a whole lot drivel of **** specially this Amathyst who knows ZERO about immigration and still giving utterly pointless advise to people.

Either you have studied a lot or have lost it all.
If you are English than why poking your nose in the rest of the EU ???
Stay aside woman ... In every thread I see your comments seems like you have nothing better to do in your life ????
13 Apr 2010
UK, Ireland / EEA family permit from Poland to UK - time and process [60]

Hitman04 started this thread expecting some good advice from someone but I guess now he knows that it was a bad idea to ask for help in here as people here are so ignorant and unrefined.

To be honest why just we don't stick to the point, if someone doesn't know about EEA family Permit or someone can't advice in the right manner then why bother even clicking on this thread ?

I am not going to get involve in any of the arguments and I have always been evasive to such topics or conversations.

I am a Muslim and I never thought of disrespecting any religion, and furthermore I never thought that I as Muslim will take over someone's space. I believe we belong to this global earth but not just one country. We weren't given a choice to be born in some specific place, area, city or country.

Anyone of you could have been born in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, india and so on ???? No country has the monopoly of criminals.No religion tells us to lie, do bad things, or blow places up, if we are good humans that means we fit into every religion, Islam, Christianity, Hindus, Jews etc.

I lived in USA since I was 2 and I lived in U.K when I was 16 and at present I am in Poland but believe me wherever I lived I respected each and every individual and I have never tried to impose myself or my ideas on anyone. I have huge number of white friends who visited Pakistan, Iran etc with me and they are just as good. So I don't know where the hell we get these ignorant, inhuman people from ?

Then why this hatred, IGNORE the bad people in Muslims, christians, hindus, jews and get along with the good people no matter what religion they are from. treat them as humans. Is it really hard ?
13 Apr 2010
UK, Ireland / EEA family permit from Poland to UK - time and process [60]

The day they start working and start paying taxes and contributing towards National Insurance (NI) they are working legally.

I totally agree Sunil.

Want to flee your wife once you get into the UK? Think again, sunshine.

And I do agree with you too mate :)

So you see hitman, its not as simple as these two asian gentlemen think it is - things have changed.

But I totally DISAGREE with Amathyst because your points don't really make sense, you are not talking within the law but these are your own assumptions which don't count at all.
13 Apr 2010
UK, Ireland / EEA family permit from Poland to UK - time and process [60]

Sorry mate I am not a legal advisor or anything, nor I claim that I have more information than you have but I just gave out advice on the basis of what I know .....

I am totally aware of the overhaul currently UK is facing at the moment but as far as the EEA regulations are concerned than EEA members have the right to free movement regardless of what they bring to the table.

For the first three months, ECO is not even entitle to ask for any evidence from the EEA national or their family members apart from their marriage certificate and documents to prove the relationship.

If the relationship exist between the two parties than the visa MUST be issued, and the exercising of the treaty rights only come in after three months so that is out of question.

Once you have been working in the United Kingdom legally for 12 months without a break in employment, you will no longer have to register on the Worker Registration Scheme. You can then obtain a residence permit confirming your right to live and work in the United Kingdom.

And there is no requirement to have a permanent UK address or registered in WRS when you haven't even visited UK before and also it doesn't matter what kind of employment your EEA national undertakes in the UK. They can not restrict you from doing any kind of job even if it is as a "cleaner". So again it is immaterial what an EEA national brings to the table. (Few more restrictions apply to Bulgarians and Romanians).

But again as I said I am not a Solicitor but I have come across several such cases where a person was even Illegal in the United Kingdom, get caught by the immigration working illegally, deported from the UK and returned on an EEA family permit. So I hope this guy's case is much clearer and without complications as compare to that guy.
12 Apr 2010
UK, Ireland / EEA family permit from Poland to UK - time and process [60]

You are certainly eligible to apply for an EEA Family permit, however you MUST satisfy that your spouse is a qualified person for you to travel with her to the United Kingdom.

By Qualified I mean, she needs to satisfy any one of the conditions set below:-

a jobseeker
a worker
a self-employed person
a self-sufficient person (someone who can support themselves financially) or
a student.

To be honest, for you it will be a straight forward case as long as you can show sufficient evidence that you are married as claimed and you have the evidence to support your claim.

Moreover, if your spouse can not satisfy any of the conditions above, then I believe the most convenient condition is a "job seeker". Apply to different companies on-line such as Tesco, Asda, Orange, T-Mobile, O2 etc and print out the confirmations. This will act as an evidence that your spouse is actively looking for a job in the United Kingdom.

Or the other condition is "Self Sufficient" which means you have show them your Bank statement with the amount covering your planned stay in the UK if more than 3 months, and along with that a comprehensive sickness insurance which will cover you and your spouse in the UK.

It might sound a bit of a hassle but it's really not, its a pretty simple procedure with no complications "if the marriage is genuine".

Hope the above clarifies the situation.

21 Mar 2010
Love / Is Indian/Polish relationship possible? [370]

I wasn't expecting so much disrespect towards me but anyway I will not try and prolong this argument ..... accept my sincerest apologies if I have hurt anyone but I am not going to attack anyone's race or religion. Because I believe if you are a good human you fit into every religion. No religion tells you to lie, rape, fraud and so on ...........

Apologies again for taking part in this debate, my mistake :(
21 Mar 2010
Love / Is Indian/Polish relationship possible? [370]

They are divorced! So your point is invalid!

I know they are and that is what I was emphasizing on, Their specific case is unique, the person called Imran KHAN made a fair decision because of his political commitments.

They have two children and Imran KHAN said it is unfair for Mrs Jemima to cope and try and settle down in Pakistan only because of his Politics, they separated on a very good note and although they are divorced, but they are somehow still together..... anyway I won't go in detail but what I was trying to say is YES when you marry a person from other country and other religion then yes there is more pressure but it absolutely doesn't mean that we should not encourage such marriages.

Just like Nika mentioned that Good for good and bad for bad regardless of what religion you are and what country you belong to, if you really love someone then you have to put all of your efforts to make the relationship work and make yourself aware of the consequences before getting married so that later you won't have any regrets.

But yes I totally agree that there must not be any sham or bogus marriages truly based on ones wealth and not love, but then again it is extremely unjust to to blame only a no EU person. Government should take appropriate steps in prevention of such marriages but for us as normal community we should blame both parties who take part in sham marriages not just non EU.

Anyway, just like any other society, people do get divorced, they break up, they get separated, so it is not something which happens because you marry a person from outside your country of origin.
21 Mar 2010
Love / Is Indian/Polish relationship possible? [370]

Anyway, welcome to the PolishForums faizeeekhan, hope you will stay with us and join the bright side of the force :)

Well Nika, sincerely Thanks to your reply, and thanks for welcoming me too, I will certainly stick to these forums because although you find useless posts from useless people out here but simultaneously you also find useful threads which are really helpful to those who are in need of those. These people are not pragmatic and their approach is only limited to these forums where they can argue for the sake of an argument.

Anyway I am here but as I said the best remedy is to leave them all alone in their tiny little world of unhappiness, frustration, and full of regrets.

he was BANNED already in the past and was told to behave. It does not look that he got the message from the mods yet. Slow thinking might do that to some.

Although he was banned and I believe he will be banned again in the future but such people never learn do they, I guess they need attention and they have it from us so as long as they are happy, we are glad too.
21 Mar 2010
Love / Is Indian/Polish relationship possible? [370]

I couldn't resist replying to this:-

Which girl on earth would like to have a fillet steak like you at home ????? They would rather starve than having you as a fillet steak .... stupid

Good luck
21 Mar 2010
Love / Is Indian/Polish relationship possible? [370]



To be very honest I am very new to these forums but as far as I have seen, people turn up to these forums for genuine advice and a fair discussion and it is just shocking how people respond to those helpless people.

Take an example of this forum, a guy or a girl I don't know started a thread and asked "whether the relationship between indian and polish is possible"

And consider the responses I would imagine he or she would never go to any forum .... I am not really concerned about those people anyway because If we try and argue with them then I would think there is no difference in me and them so the best remedy is "LEAVE THEM ALONE"

All the best to you as well mate.
21 Mar 2010
Love / Is Indian/Polish relationship possible? [370]


Well mate I am not that free to get into a racism argument with you, and yeah I do stay in Pakistan as well as USA and at present I am in Poland, and I don't usually come across any racism anywhere ...... you know why ? I tell you why because my company consists of decent and literate people who belong to the earth but not just one country. So fortunately my parents got me well educated and I respect every human being who have the decency to respect others. But people who don't respect themselves, how can they respect anyone else :)

Good Luck to you and I am glad I do not come across such people in the reality/ daily life who are not hospitable but their approach is limited to these forums :D

@ aphrodisiac:-

Thanks mate for replying to my post, as I said there are good and bad people but I hope there are more people like you.
21 Mar 2010
Love / Is Indian/Polish relationship possible? [370]

Why people are so racist here ??????

Instead of spreading Love and respect, people are asking for proofs, what a pity ..... shame on you people who underestimate your fellow humans .....

I have so many good decent respectful white friends and I being a Pakistani married a white girl too and we do not encounter any problems whatsoever .....

We are an excellent couple having a superb vision for future and We know other couples for instance Polish girl with a Pakistani or Indian or any other race .... what is a big deal ?

Why do people get jealous ?????????

I guess it is all to do with education and literacy ..... people here who are educated, literate and who belong to a good decent family will never argue about such things, particularly when it is do with relationships .......... I respect everyone but not those who are racists and who do not have an active and thinking brain ..... and those who are emotional but not rational ......

Good Luck to everyone and I do not thing anyone should put a picture here as a proof for those who are truly "LOOSERS"

and by the way for those who have low mentality and who would think I married someone for nationality then for your kind information I am Dual National American and Pakistani
20 Mar 2010
USA, Canada / My boyfriend is being deported to Poland because his US visa expired, help needed [53]

I think it is too late for you to do anything because once they have detain someone then everything happens under the "fast-track" system.

I believe he is in detention centre not jail, the difference is detention is better than jail.

I have dealt with so many cases like yours and I will say the same thing what other people have posted here that

1- Let him get deported to Poland and if you really love him then travel to Poland and marry him and bring him back to the United States.

2- File an application for "Judicial Review" within the US and that will certainly hold his deportation and normally Judical Review takes months so you can definitely get him out on bail and then the procedure takes ages and in the meantime, you can marry him and adjust his status.

I think the above are only two available possibilities at the moment which can be exercised only on the based of true and honest love which I believe you both have for each other.

If you love him and he loves you (truly) then sooner or later you will be together again because they can't separate you for long. (Human Rights)

Hope the above clarifies the situation.