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21 Feb 2010
Real Estate / Mortgage in Poland (rules, rates, types, websites)? [26]


I would like also write a few words about mortgages. please see current offers available for non-residential customers:

1. full time employed

Bank A:
interest rate 3,71% in euro, max LTV 90%, bank fee 0%, up to 40 years
condition: very good salary!!

Bank B:
interest rate: 3,47% in Euro, Max LTV 70%, up to 30 years, bank fee 2,5%-3%
condition: good income, a lot of paperwork

Bank C:
interest rate: 3,57% in CHF, max LTV 80%, up to 30 years, bank fee 3,5%
only bank account statements for the last 6 months to get a bank decisinon!!!!

new offers will be availalbe in a weeks, the banks are offering new deals from which I am very happy and this is a first sign that property market is going to recover soon!!!