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17 Oct 2014
UK, Ireland / Do people in Poland live "better" than here in the UK? [150]

10iwonka10 ♀ Apr 28, 2014, 11:02pm ☓ #102

Interesting that you talk about The English and their attitude towards the cold... Here in Warsaw... once the temperature gets anywhere near 10c people have their scarfs, hats out... even today it is not so cold and people are acting like it is December/January outside!

It really annoys me as... the public transport act this way also... sticking on the heating when it is really not required... not to mention the strain it puts on the environment!
21 Aug 2014
Travel / Which side of the plane to sit on to see Warsaw, coming from The UK? [3]

Dzien Dobry.

I have a question...

I cannot remember as I mostly use Modlin now.

Can anyone remember which side of the plane is best to sit on to see the best view of Warsaw, when approaching Warsaw?

The plane would be coming from The UK.

Thanks in advance.
21 Jul 2014
Life / Any ideas on where to buy a 'Smoking Suit' for a wedding? I am slimmer than most Poles. [5]

Thanks for the replies people.

I ended up going back to M&S and buying the jacket from Złoty Tarasy and the Trousers from Marszałkowska.

As they have different variaitions on the 'General Size' listed on the Coathanger itself - it is best to try all their stores to get the perfect suit.

Worked out well... as for the price... the suits are pretty fairly priced there now... normal formal suits (for work, etc) are around 5-600pln for a fair quality - although they are best for wearing once/twice a week in a 5 day working week... as for casual suits... very nice selection and prices are the same again.

Highly recommended!

Once again, thanks for all the replies. Milego.
15 Jul 2014
Life / Any ideas on where to buy a 'Smoking Suit' for a wedding? I am slimmer than most Poles. [5]

Hi people.

The headline is not me being rude... I genuinely am slim and judging by most of the 'off the rails' Smoking Jackets I have tried on recently in shops... I am a lot slimmer than most Poles.

Does anyone have any experience of struggling to find a Smoking Suit for a wedding? We have looked in Zloty Tarasy, Maximus, Factory Annopol, Fashionhouse outlet in Piaseczno, M&S in Zloty Tarasy.

The problem I have is... if the jacket does actually fit then the trousers are way too tight - even for a very slim guy like me.

Does anyone know of a hidden jem in this area that we perhaps have not heard of? Also... does anyone know where there is a BIG Vistual sklep?

Thanks in advance :)

27 Jul 2010
News / Is Jarosław Kaczyński the new Lech Wałęsa? [74]

A person would have to be an idiot or in deep denial to believe the official 9/11 story

And to think... I had had such a bright start to my WWA day... but now I am being told I am an idiot. Thank you very much Mafketis for taking the wind out of my sails...