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From: Dublin but soon to be Krakow.
Speaks Polish?: Not yet.

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6 Feb 2010
Work / International House - Kracow school - any chances of being offered a job there [59]

For anyone who is thinking about it, I recommend against doing a CELTA at IH Krakow unless the location is very convenient for you.

I was thinking of doing the CELTA there and wouldn't have needed accommodation,
despite all the problems do you think it has prepared you well to teach English?
That's all I'd be concerned about as I've no teaching experience.
6 Feb 2010
Work / Moving to Krakow from London, worrying about finding a job [16]

was in krakow there last weekend. had plans to move over and live with the girlfriend but finally got a job in dublin (after nearly a year) and as it's a nine month contract will stay and look at moving later on in the year.

my plan was to teach english if i couldnt get an english speaking accounting job with one of the multi-nationals.
say you'll need polish to work if you don't plan on teaching english. most of the younger generation seem to speak english and heard plenty of irish, british and american accents but defo should learn the language if you plan to live there.

i thought it was dirt cheap there €2 for strong local beer and 40c for 1.5l of water.
didnt come across any problems while there (albeit only for five days) but culturally somethings will take alot of getting used to.
poles have serious staring problems, the old adage of it being rude to stare obviously doesnt hold true there, and don't expect much interaction let alone a smile when it comes to customer service. don't think they mean to be rude though it's just the way they are.

north of Ireland?

nice one!
29 Jan 2010
Love / Do you think that Polish should stick to Polish? [128]

Short answer yes, then I'd never have to experience flying to Krakow tomor in the height of winter.
In truth I'm a guy and my girlfriend isn't and me being Irish or her Polish has nothing to do with us being together.
26 Jan 2010
Language / Polish Lessons Units [189]

This thread is superb and a Godsend for us folk trying to learn Polish.
Thanks a mill janusz for taking the time and effort to put all this together, I have added it to my favourites but it should really be a sticky at the top of each page here.
20 Jan 2010
Work / Poland is headhunting seriously in IT, Finance and HR. [41]

? Wouldnt that be what my GP does when I need to see a specialist?

na a referral bonus, lump sum given to an employee when their company hires someone that the employee recommended.

probably not an oxford definition but hopefully you get the drift.
20 Jan 2010
Work / Poland is headhunting seriously in IT, Finance and HR. [41]

I'm looking for a finance role in krakow though it'd have to be an english speaking one till i learn polish. I've three and a half years experience in accounts prep and financial reporting and am part qualified ACCA.

Can anyone recommend other websites like that I can use?
19 Jan 2010
Life / Reasons for moving to Poland [291]

shelly16 Today, 01:15 #233
teaching english have you ever been there? if yes whats it like for work?

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shelly16 Today, 01:19 #234
do you know any websit i can look on for work in gdansk or starogard gdanski or gdynia:)

na never been though am going for a weekend to krakow end of this month as a taster. think there's plenty of expats on this forum that have thought english in various places that have shared their experiences, just a matter of searching the threads.

my girlfriend has looked at the likes of and gumtree, unfortunately they're in polish so it's not really practical to look yourself.
19 Jan 2010
Life / Reasons for moving to Poland [291]

Hi Shelly16,

I can definitely sympathise with you. Came back to Dublin from Australia and have struggled to find work for the guts of a year so am finally going to take the plunge and move to Krakow, where I'm fortunate enough to have my girlfriend, and teach English.

What TEFL course are you doing? Was going to do the CELTA here but found the same in Krakow for a good deal cheaper. Hopefully will be over there come March, excited but nervous, especially when it comes to learning Polish.
16 Jan 2010
UK, Ireland / The Irish, the biggest tax evaders ever [21]

Since i moved to Ireland from Poland, it seems to me that everybody here has a job, but at the same time they claim benefits ie lie about having jobs in order to feck the system up. Is it unheard of that if most people claim benefits but still work without paying tax, no wonder Ireland is in the position it is in now.

The economic growth is just not there for people to be hired cash in hand.
Although I'm aware of a few, mainly people in trades not subject to PAYE, working nixers this would be the case in all countries and to claim everyone is at it is beyond rediculous.

While having nearly half a million on the live register has crippled public finances Ireland's woes go far beyond this.