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8 Jan 2010
UK, Ireland / Polish English marriage in England- advice please [21]

Thanks for the reply, very much appreciated.

I dont know why the church makes it so difficult but it even makes my girlfriend think about a different ceremony, we might just go to the caribean and get married.

I have no idea where my baptism and confirmation documents would be and i dont have contact with my parents to ask them. They're dead, so pretty hard to find out ;-)

There is a Polish church in manchester that i used to attend when i was a child, i will ask the questions there and if the catholic church wont marry us, then it's their loss as far as i'm concerned.

As much as dislike the church, i have to much respect for the ideals to lie to the priest
6 Jan 2010
UK, Ireland / Polish English marriage in England- advice please [21]

Thanks for the reply, No my previous marriage was not a Catholic ceremony and i was a catholic only in so much as i was christened a catholic and brought up a catholic as a child, went to church schools etc etc. I was kinda hoping that catholic attitudes had relaxed over the years to be honest because it's important to my fiancee. I guess my next move must be to talk to a priest.

6 Jan 2010
UK, Ireland / Polish English marriage in England- advice please [21]

Hi folks, i've had a quick look around the site but couldn't find what i was looking for so here goes stupid question time ;-)

Bit of background, my girlfriend and i have been together for 3 years. I am divorced and have a 13 year old son. Son and girlfriend get on great so no problems there. We've been over to see her folks a few times, met the family, been to weddings etc and after the initial misgivings everything's ok on that front as well. So far so good :-)

So i decided to make an honest woman of her and popped the question on holiday (egypt) last month, she said Tak so all is well in the world of sean :-)

This is the bit where we need help from the forum friendlies please.
My girlfriend would dearly like to get married in a catholic church, obviously she is catholic, and i am also technically but i would best describe myself as spiritual but not religious (if that makes sense). Also i am divorced and am not sure how the catholic church views this in the 21st century, certainley when i last regularly attended church (25 years ago) it was not possible to re-marry in a catholic church.

Then there's the legal side of it, what special docments or polish laws need to be respected in england? we've heard of documents needing translating etc etc but can't seem to find a definative answer

So, we would both really appreciate any help either from personal experience or maybe you could point us in the direction of websites or books with definative information on english polish marriage in the UK.

Thanks for reading and thanks for any help

Cheers, Sean