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Speaks Polish?: kind of

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1 Apr 2011

dumb racist Polacks

oooh and on another thread DD is whining about the toleration of "racist nonsense".......
you remind me of "Student Grant" fromVIz magazine...:)
Incidentallly it is "deprecating" not "depreciating"
27 Mar 2011
Language / I want to learn Polish. Where to start? [180]

Trying to enrol on that site was like trying to crack the enigma code....
obviously only possible for Polish mathematicians..
I had to give up.....shame cos it looked interesting
23 Mar 2011
Love / Is rape so common in Poland? [95]

Is it so common out there or is it just by chance I met with girls who were victimised were mainly from Poland?

maybe that's just the kind of girls that you attract?
21 Mar 2011
Work / Any TEFL teachers in Poland out there? [28]

. The TEFL, TOEFL, and other such English as a Second Language certifications are a joke and an insult to those of us who really spent the time and tons of money getting teacher certified.

TOEFL is actually a test of English as a Foreign language favoured by U.S. universities, not a teaching certificate. I would have thought that with your wealth of knowledge and experience you would have known that.

CTEFLA/CELTA are not a "joke" they are certified entry level qualifications. Many schools like newly qualified people for their enthusiasm........(doesn't sound like you have much)

You're right there are alot of newly qualified teachers who are a bit rubbish, but there are also many old teachers who are just sour and embittered and set in their ways and are not prepared to reflect or develop..:)
21 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / Poles in Ireland by Peadar de Burca. They "turned their backs on a country that gave them" [195]

the brits not do their smaller job and let the Poles do it? You are incapable of it?

Because those kind of jobs only pay enough if you are living 10 to a room, or in a squat or a caravan, not for a normal settled life. BTW if Pole gets a capital letter can "Brit" too please.

e Poles are atleast better because we are not into making fun or demeaning anyone.

I had never heard such gob smacking rudeness and rank racism about people around, until I understood some Polish. That is fact.

Why don't you brits create stricter rules

If you think the "brits" who create rules are the same "brits" who don't want to live 10 to a room and work for less than minimum wage, you are even more deluded/stupid than you sound.


Actually this thread wasn't about "brits" at all but about Polish in Ireland, but you are probably too thick to appreciate the difference
21 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / How ENGLISH has been affected by POLISH [73]

orrible bitter cucumber slice thingy you always throw out your 1/4 pounder with cheese.......

In North London we always called them "wallies"....
Also in the same area I suppose there was a quite a storng Yiddish influence and some of the wrods we heard or used then maybe we can now connect up with Polish, one that springs to mind is "schmutter/Schmatta" (like stuff or cloth)

Schmuck? anyone?
19 Mar 2011
Polonia / My Polish girlfriend and I want to travel in Turkey [9]

it islamic country and we aren;t married yet so it's legal?

it is not Islamic, it is a secular country, but still I would advise to say that you are married and have your girlfriend wear a ring, as it is quite old fashioned. It depends where you are going to visit , it is a long time since I was there and I suppose coastal type of resorts and big cities are well used to unmarried couples. Still...a ring would be useful. IMHO.
17 Mar 2011
Life / Sexual culture in Poland [66]

My private life is private...:)
I am just against sex starved pervert trolls posting their desperate filth onto a site like this...:)
Agami sou malaka..:)
15 Mar 2011
Life / St Patrick's day in Poland [186]

well it is not the Irish in England who are filling up the jails, living 10 to a room, stabbing "niggers" and eating swans for breakfast, now is it?
15 Mar 2011
Life / St Patrick's day in Poland [186]

There is a reason the Irish are called the N*ggers of Europe ;-)

By whom exactly? Sounds like a line from a crap movie. Black people are the "n@ggers" of Europe if you insist on using such terms

Poland scored a 106

The thing is, scoring high in an IQ test means nothing, as is evident form the stupidity of this post. Alot of Polish, maybe like you, seem to equate "intelligence" with, for example, knowing the capitals of Europe or the chemical formula for sulphuric acid. Whearas real "intelligence" is more about getting on with people well. Which you obviously don't. (Incidentally the average Irish person is very well educated)

English who the Irish hate

Do they? That's funny half my friends and family are Irish and they don't appear to hate me. Perhaps I should be told? (yeh and plus about 50 per cent of the English population)

Nothing like a crap sweeping generalisation to start the day...:)
14 Mar 2011
History / How much Poles trust to France? [93]

and FYI,every school child over about 6 or 7 knows this in the UK......

blimey you must have gone to a good school...:) THE only people modern British school kids learn about are Nelson Mandela and Anne Frank...oh and that British guy who robbed Tutankhamun's tomb....

I am afraid to report that from my school education, we were under the impression that she was French and some kind of "assistant" to her husband..;(

I hasten to add my info is far better these days!
14 Mar 2011
History / How much Poles trust to France? [93]

You are superb...only the threads that you start are interesting and amusing to read!!!
I loved the one about Uther Pendragon...
You are wasted here on PF Crow.
Would you like to marry me?...:)

On topic,
nobody should trust France, or the French, they think they are descended from Jesus Christ himself. Plus they eat really dodgy food and hardly ever wash.
12 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / A Mexican-Polish citizen is moving to UK by summer 2011 [38]

The majority of those that stay contribute little to the economy and cost millions.

that's such a rubbish sweeping statement, and goes against any kind of personal knowledge I have of immigrants, old and new.

Yes there are losers and "dogs" who take advantage of our system. The biggest and laziest losers I have ever met, however, have sadly been fellow English. Three generations on benefits, and the expectation of council housing as a "right", and no intention of ever contributing anything except to the workload of social services.

People I have met from other countries, including Poland, have genearlly been hard working and determined. The only ones I really object to are Big Issue selling Romanians, and Albanian pimps. Sadly British people cannot make these observations without being labelled as "racist" by screaming Bliarites.

I merely report what I see...:)
2 Mar 2011

Greatings from landing strip one :(

greetings bro...:)) so good to meet someone who agrees with my random rantings...:)
2 Mar 2011


hardly dahling...East Finchley is superb...;) oooh happy days in Fortis Green..

Seriously though I don't think any pub nights are going to work these days, nobody can afford to go out regardless of nationality. It's all part of a government plot to close down public places...

first the pubs...
then the libraries....
next it will be the internet cafes..
I tell you, they want us indoors and online by 2012.

And the most hilarious thing is, we have all bought it as "fun"...get the I - pod, get the Broadband, "lol" "lol", get your friends on Arsebook, etc etc.

George Orwell had so many things right in 1984 (and yes I have actually read it)...but even he couldn't have dreamed this up....

Get down to the pub before they all shut, whatever your nationality..:)

Oh and "Grubas " listen fatty don't patronise us...we have all done our time pouring out voddy under the table..:)
17 Feb 2011
Work / English tutoring help - do we need the TESOL certificate to work in Poland? [33]

sometimes it's better to hire someone with no experience then an old, antique who has picked up bad habits over the years.

what total rubbish. Don't diss my years of bitter experience, classroom and people management, proper understanding of grammar, teacher development, etc etc, all of which have contributed to make me the fantastic teacher I am today, worth way more than a fresh faced "traveller" with a brand new online CELTA

Ah me, the arrogance of youth!!