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28 Aug 2017
Travel / Planning a trip to Poland - Krakow, Auschwitz, Zakopane and other places - winter, Christmas [56]


Going to Krakow for Christmas!

This will be my third time in Poland!, last time I was in Krakow as well but only for one day, now I'm going to stay from the 24th morning, till the 28th evening, so almost 5 full days.

I will go with my wife, any suggestions for Christmas dinner?

I plan to do a couple of walking tours in Krakow, go to the Salt Mines of Wieliczka, Go a full day to Zakopane and Tatry, and also planning to visit Auschwitz.

Anything else that I might do while in Krakow?
20 Nov 2013
Language / Recommended for learners: Michel Thomas Method Polish Audiobook [60]

do you know if the "start version" is included on the "total version" ?

meaning that if i want to buy the complete set do I need to buy only the Total + Perfect? (Foundation + Advanced) or i should also buy the Starter one?


11 Dec 2009

to learn some stuff fast i recommend for you somthing called Michel thomas method

Oh my God that is good!, thanks for the information, I have listened to the examples, very impressive, easy to understand and actually gets you thinking on it, good way of learning, easy way, lets hope keeps been easy when on the advance stuff :)