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14 Sep 2015
News / Should Poland exit the EU immediately? [375]

No, Ironside, the fact that someone votes for PO doesn't mean they are "post-commies" or "post-Poles" (what does it even mean??).

You might not have noticed, but PiS has much more socialist economic views than PO. PiS is a right wing party only by name, and maybe by their social views (abortion etc.). In any other countries parties that want to give people handouts are left parties!

So anyway, no, we wouldn't be better off outside of EU. We'd be outcasts. And yes, we do need EU money. And I don't know how about you, but I enjoy being able to travel and work wherever I want within EU. As do many other Poles. Leaving EU would be the most idiotic move ever.
10 Oct 2015
Life / Surgery for a cat in hospital in Poland? [12]

I hope no vet agrees to such an "operation". Cats scratch, that's normal - either learn t olive with this, or give your cat to someone who actually likes animals. As far as I can see, it's illegal in Poland.
14 Oct 2015
Food / Supermarket or small corner shop for grocery shopping in Poland? [23]

Why would you say that UHT milk is unhealthy? It has slightly less nutrients, that's true (slightly less vitamins B, C and folic acid), and no bacteria, but it's not unhealthy.

In Poznań and in Wrocław there is plenty of "mlekomaty" to be found and they don't disappear.

They seem to be more popular in Czech Republic.
14 Oct 2015
Travel / I'm so bored in Poland! [129]

Dougpol, it's not like British (or American) small towns have so many attractions and places to go. Compare like for like...
4 Nov 2015
History / POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country? [1072]

nope, check where the centre of Europe is on the map. I will help you: according to current measurements, it's "located in Lithuania, specifically 26 kilometres (16 mi) north of its capital city, Vilnius, near the village of Purnuškės." And Poland is West of Lithuania...
7 Nov 2015
Language / "Pan" or "Ty" - how people address each other in Poland? [55]

Poles are very formal and love to use titles "Pani Magister" to the pharmacist, for instance, which cracks me up

In all my 33 years of life in Poland I've never heard anyone doing this. I think it's a very outdated habit, maybe still present in some villages, but definitely not in the cities. After all, who doesn't have "magister" title right now?
27 Nov 2015
Life / Moving to Poland and not drinking vodka [26]

I must say that I witnessed much more heavy drinking among the Brits in the UK, then in Poland.
Many of my friends rarely drink, or only drink beer.
So really, stop panicking.
19 Jan 2016
Polonia / Polonia outraged by EU interference [196]

I sincerely urge Polonia to bugger off from the affairs that don't concern them.
Dear Polonia! If you feel our new government is so great, you're welcome to come back and pay taxes in Poland, and THAN you can vote/protest/have an opinion. Before that, please kindly shut up.
19 Jan 2016
Polonia / Polonia outraged by EU interference [196]

In many countries you lose your right to vote if you don't live in the said country. These are democratic countries as well. It's absolutely immoral to live abroad and vote without bearing any consequences. This especially applies to American Polonia - those people very often have never been in Poland, don't even speak the language and yet, they seem to think they are "patriots". Makes me so mad.