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6 Sep 2010
USA, Canada / PolAms -- do you regard yourselves only as 'white Americans'? [187]

By the way - my family in Poland vote Kaczynski' party, are you calling them idiots?

Oh, people have the right to vote whomever they choose, but Polonia could really think better about it and stop interfering in our politics. You choose Kaczyński and feel good about your patriotic self, we have to live with this paranoid idiot.

You mean to tell me that somebody like you makes a stupid anti-Polish statement and says that when Poland was partioned and dominated by Germany and Russia for over a hundred years that that made all the dominated Poles "non-Polish" because Poland didn't exist as a nation???

He didn't say that. He said that people did not emigrate from Poland, because Poland didn't exist. They might be Polish - but I would argue the 100% part. In todays world, only really isolated nations might claim to be 100% something. for example, what is 100% British nowadays?

And anyway, if you feel so Polish, you should learn the language. I would be ashamed if I had kids abroad and they wouldn't speak perfect Polish.

Yes Poland hates Polonia and Polonia hates Poland.......according to a stupid jack a** like yourself.

After reading comments how Polonia feels patriotic and how they know best what's good for Poland - well, I'm not very inclined to like them at the moment. I'm not trying to tell you what's best for America, am I??

I wish I had some Russian ancestry, it would be nice to be something other than a plain cabbage Scot :(

Well, you could finally decide who you are, you were called Asian on these forums, now Russian, what's next?? So who was the Scottish guy coming over for PolishForums meetings in Poznań? :D
6 Sep 2010
History / When will you Poles give back German land and the cities which you robbed? [557]

why dont you give back the eastern German lands which you stole

We will, once Germany gives Poland back every single item they stole during the war and occupation, and when they give back the lives of those killed during the war and in the concentration camps. Oh, and when we get our stolen eastern cities back.

Not possible? Oh well, I guess we will just keep them than.
11 Sep 2010
UK, Ireland / driving in england on a Polish license [10]

No no - points can still be awarded if you have a valid PESEL. As he's on a Singeporean licence, he'll have the obligation to exchange after 12 months anyway - or (if he can get away with it) have to possess a valid IDP.

One reason to change your licence is that it does make life much easier - no-one is going to question a Polish (or indeed, EU) licence, but a non-EU licence might very well be a cause for trouble.
11 Sep 2010
News / Santander buys the third largest bank in Poland (Bank Zachodni) [11]

It's not a real picture, because they have quite a widespread network of "agents" - who offer many BZWBK products. Disaster for Wroclaw/Poznan though - Santander will almost certainly cull many of the back office jobs.
17 Oct 2010
Life / The Polish people have a strange attitude to cats and dogs? [84]

From what i have observed, Polish People in the country anyway, seem to chain or lock up their dogs. I find this strange.

It is, unfortunately, true. Polish farmers have terrible attitude towards animals. The dogs are often chained, starved, kicked, left without water during Summer heat.

People in the cities tend to be a bit better, but still often they get rid of their dogs when they want to go on holidays. A friend of mine found a dog in a forest, tied to the tree, with a bin bag on its head.

Of course, there is also plenty of well loved animals in Poland.
18 Oct 2010

Sorry delph, I misread you and thought we were talking about 1300zl net. I agree with you here wholeheartedly, 1500 on life life after bills and stuff gets tucked away is actually not that terrible :)

I can imagine that 1300zl net would be very tough for a foreigner!

If people have to depend on the Black Economy they aren't getting paid enough.

They don't depend on it, but it's the done way of doing things. For instance, all the guarded parking lots - the people working there are either on early retirement or on disability pensions.
27 Oct 2010
Work / Advice on Teaching English in Poland [709]

It is really difficult to decide if you two are more like Cliff Clavin or a Polish schoolgirl who exclaims: "British accent is better."

Well, I'm Polish, though not a schoolgirl, and I prefer British accent to American one. I find American English particularly ugly!
Of course Cambridge exams are standard in Poland, I wasn't even thinking about American qualifications, went straight for CAE.
27 Oct 2010
USA, Canada / Polish Food - 40 flavors of pierogies in the US [113]


Oh dear, now haven't you made fool of yourself, have you?

You owe me pierogi for dinner! :P
28 Oct 2010
USA, Canada / Polack/American Polonia/Plastic Pole "culture" [568]

No, it was the emigration that never gave up, maintained an émigré government that constantly worked to overthrow the regime, and its Skarb Narodowy was an international fund-raising effort supporoted by Polonians world-wide for precisely that purpose.

Far easier when you couldn't be put into prison for this, wasn't it? Whereas at home it was rather brave even not to sign in to the party.

Anyway, my parents kept illegal papers in their home during the marital state. Kind of risky with my mum pregnant - once two men in long, black jackets knocked at the door and terrified her nearly to death. But fortunately these were just Jehowa witnesses, and I wasn't born in prison. I was also told that "Czterej Pancerni" is a bunch of rubbish, I was taught not-so-appropriate songs ("ja myślałam, że to śmieci, że to gówno drogą leeeeci, a to Sowieci, Sowieci..."). I was far too young to listen to Wolna Europa, but my parents and grandparents did. And they went to Kabaret Tej shows, if you have any idea what this was. I still remember "Mury" being played on TV early after regaining independence and I will never forget, though I was only 7, my parents joy when Wałęsa won the election.

The changes came from within the country, the Solidarity started here, not abroad. What exactly did our government-in-exile do to overthrow the regime?
28 Oct 2010
USA, Canada / Polack/American Polonia/Plastic Pole "culture" [568]

Why are you limiting the help from abroad to the government-in-exile? How about Polonia, every day people, Polish and foreign? Haven't you heard about million$$$ in currency and goods that Polish underground received from the US, FRG, France etc?

Yes, I know the money and goods were being sent to Poland, but I'm asking - how was it brave? People abroad did not risk ANYTHING. If they were so brave, why didn't they come back and do something real in the country?

Not belonging to the party could def. cost you your career. Protesting in the streets could cost you your life (Poznan 1956, anyone?).

Jeez, I start to believe that delphi is right about Polonia...
28 Oct 2010
USA, Canada / Polack/American Polonia/Plastic Pole "culture" [568]

Reagan's threats to the Soviets certainly was a factor in them not going for a full scale red army invasion.

Reagan was hardly Polonia! You can't use him as an example of "Polonia fighting for Poland", USA was fighting their own war, they couldn't care less about Poland then.

since entry visas were difficult at the time what else could they do ?

Maybe they shouldn't have left in the first place?

I know they helped, but please don't try and convince me that Polonia freed Poland, cause that's just a blatant lie.

Anyway, I don't mind 3rd generation Poles feeling "Polish" and eating pierogi, as long as they are not trying to tell us what to do with our own country. For example they shouldn't vote in our elections, as they do not bear the consequences.
28 Oct 2010
UK, Ireland / How long would it take for an English style restaurant in Poland to go bust? [80]

Definitely check out Marche when you're in town. They do the same type deal but just bill you at the end based on weight.

Yep, it sounds exactly like what he's thinking about. T

Selling all the excess food for a 50% discount at the end of the night is a killer idea as well.
6 Nov 2010
Law / Ease of doing business in Poland [32]

and to get a bank account, you normally need an NI number and proof of your residency through bills. It's about the same amount of hassle, all things considered.

Well, try to get a bank account without having a NI number or any bills (eg. being an exchange student living in halls). Nearly impossible!

It took me 3 visits to the bank in the UK and two letters from the college to convince them that yes, I live here and no, I don't have any bills, BECAUSE I LIVE IN HALLS!! The proof of payment for my room in the halls for the whole semester was not enough, my Polish ID was treated with greatest suspicion (where is your DL? - I don't have one! - :O).

Speaking of Polish ID - one shop refused to sell cigarettes to my friend on the basis of her ID. It's good enough to cross borders with, but not good enough to by booze or fags in the UK!
6 Nov 2010
Law / Ease of doing business in Poland [32]

I think the thread is about business, not students problems opening bank accounts.

And I think the thread is about foreign people struggling with the system in different countries.

Anyway, my foreign fiancé didn't have any problems opening a bank account and starting a business in Poland. He also has a PESEL by now. Not a problem.

NIP, Regon, registry etc. it,s tedious and not as simple as you make out. especially with the constant bureaucratic changes.

REGON is sent to you, NIP is given or upgraded automatically after you register your business. The starting up of a business requires 2 visits in the office: to register and then, a week later, to pick up the papers. Yes, so tedious and difficult.
7 Nov 2010
News / PIS Polish Party is desintegrating? [49]

You say Jaro wasn't arrested because of the father's protection... so why didn't he protect Lech too ? I think even majority of these "intelectually superior" PO voters would notice a lack of logic (to put it mildly) in this reasoning.

Too tired to reply to the rest, but -

Lech was involved, but Jarek almost certainly wasn't. He's already been told that he wasn't there, and he seems hell bent on trying to convince people that he was.

I don't actually think daddy protected him, because there was nothing for him to protect - Jarek was a coward that only entered politics after the Russians had gone.
9 Nov 2010
USA, Canada / Polack/American Polonia/Plastic Pole "culture" [568]

Why should Polonians living abroad even want to vote in Polish elections?

Why are you convinced that Poles living (and paying taxes) in Poland are not capable of higher feelings? That is none of your business who we choose in our elections, you are not Polish, you don'rt have to live with the consequences. Carry Poland in your heart as much as you want (what a romantic crap, by the way), this doesn't mean anything, dance "Polka dances" and eat kiełbasa or pierogi made by "busha", but leave any important decisions to real Poles living in the country! We have to get on with our lives here. Some people have a cheek...
9 Nov 2010
News / Smoking ban in Polish bars and restaurants (AT LAST!) [400]

They can go to a non-smoking bar.

There are virtually none in Poland.

I'm so looking forward to the ban, finally I'll be able to come back home after a visit in a pub and not smell of cigarette smoke! I will definitely go out more often now :)
9 Nov 2010
Classifieds / English cuisine week in Lidl shops in Poland [203]

But when are Poles going to produce some nice sausages to cook at home?

Polish sausages are far better then English, sorry :P

I love foreign food, especially Asian, also Spanish and Mexican. Just British food doesn't really appeal.
I was never as thin as when I lived in the UK, just because I barely ate anything.
9 Nov 2010
Travel / Very dangerous defrauding trend started in some hotels in Krakow [49]

Say your PP photcopy falls into the hands of those organised gangs, somewhere in russia or ukraine or anywhere in the world as a matter of fact!
All they do is get a brand new fake passport with your details in it but with some one else's picture. Now, that is Identity thefty by definition. What they decide to use the fake passport for is any one's guess.

Where do they get a brand new fake passport from?

Have you just fallen into the media hype in the UK about "identity fraud"? It's funny - ID fraud is pretty much unknown in many parts of the world, yet it's all over the UK. Funnily enough, it was the Labour government which used this myth to attempt to introduce ID cards.

Here in the UK, i've known people who have accumulated huge debt bills and they haven't got a clue why they owe on credit cards and store cards.

That's what they've told you. I know someone who works for a bank in security, and many of these people have actually run up huge bills quite intentionally - often without the knowledge of the partner, who would understandably murder them.

Bear in mind that UK legislation requires employers to take photocopies of passports or other documents - and these must be kept on file.
9 Nov 2010
News / Smoking ban in Polish bars and restaurants (AT LAST!) [400]

There are enough. Apparently the concept isn't that popular though. People don't like going to non smoking bars for some reason.

I don't know of any non-smoking pubs in Poznań. I would go to one in a second. What is the problem anyway, so hard to go outside for a smoke instead of breathing it out at everyone inside?
15 Nov 2010
USA, Canada / Polack/American Polonia/Plastic Pole "culture" [568]

I'm not bitter at all. It just annoys me that people that don't live in my country, that don't even speak Polish dare to claim they know better what's bets for Poland. Let me say this: It's none of your business!

The Polonia (and many Poles) still have the romantic view of the emmigration, of people living abroad, writing romantic poetry and missing their country that is struggling under the foreign rule. Let me tell you this: it's detrimental for our country! Poland is a free country now, you can come and work here if you want and if you care. There's no need to stay abroad, there's no danger in coming to Poland, noone will arrest you, noone will punish you. If you're so patriotic, come and pay taxes here, let's get the example from hard working Western countries, not from our spoppy romantic history and books (as beautiful as they are). The times have changed, we have our chance now.

Why do you think I should be a lawyer to change anything in my country? The lawyers don't make law - you don't have to be a lawyer to be a politician. You don't have to be a politician to make a difference. I make my country more beautiful with my everyday work plus I pay taxes - so yes, I do make a difference. More then you do, for sure.

What are your standards, prey tell me?

I know Ruski, I wasn't suggesting rewriting Polish constitution, lawyers help people fight for their rights.

Hahhaaaaaaaaaahhaaaa! You're so naive :D

Anyway, go to some high school with your advice, it's waaaaaaaaay too late for me to study law now (even if I ever wanted to, which I haven't).
16 Nov 2010
USA, Canada / Polack/American Polonia/Plastic Pole "culture" [568]

again, I found your response very bitter and condescending. I'm not sure what triggers that.

Where is my response bitter or condescending?? Isn't writing "we carry Poland in our hearts, unlike the Poles in the country" not condescending? I wonder...

So asking someone to study to become a lawyer is considered to be naive in Poland? Hmm, ok

No, saying that one has to be a lawyer to make a change and defining lawyers as "helping the poor and unhappy" is naive.

What do you do in your everyday work than?

I'm a garden designer :) But that's completely irrelevant, even a cleaner can make a difference, as long and she's working to the best of her abilities.

Question, why it's too late for you to study? are you about to die?

I hope not. But I'd be well over 30 by the time I'd finish, and closer to 40 by the time I was allowed to work on my own. I've already received my education - don't need or want to study any more. I also find law studies incredibly boring.

You’re vicious, unreasonable, rude, and very close-minded and my standards are - basically the opposite

Funny. Give me examples of me being rude or vicious. And that's not me who's close-minded here :D
22 Nov 2010
Travel / Experiences in Restaurants in Poland [10]

I'd feel quite ripped off if someone gave me meat made of aluminum too.

Yes, I suppose you are right this does only happen in bottom tier restaurants

Exactly. You wouldn't expect a free "side" in a greasy spoon, so why expect it in Poland?

Personally, if the menu says "kotlet schabowy" and I get it, it's hardly a ripoff.
29 Nov 2010
USA, Canada / Polack/American Polonia/Plastic Pole "culture" [568]

I dunno. Maybe they only want to comment on Russkies? ;)

My goodness, you are obsessed!

Why don't you get your dumb a** out of Poland if you don't like us, who invited you anyway? leave

Can you people read? We are talking about Polonia, not about Poles in Poland.

Although I'm quite happy with the Polonia at the moment, after they refused to interfere in the Smolensk crash inquiry when PiS asked them to.

I still think they should not be allowed to vote in our elections though.
3 Dec 2010
Life / What do you like about Poland? [100]

The tea I mentioned and recommend as best budget buy in Poland by far for taste:

You really like Saga??? I mean, I know it's cheap, but... :(
I often buy Tetley and it's exactly the same as Tetley I used to buy in the UK. Tesco's own brand (but not the cheapest one in the blue-white box) is ok as well. Plus, you can get Dilamh, Twinnings and other more expensive brands in the shops. Then there are special tea shops which sell rather good quality (though pricey) tea.

As for the milk, why do Brits insist on having "fresh" milk? I convinced my fiance to use UHT and he doesn't complain ;)

Lewis, which city are you planning to live in?
4 Dec 2010
Life / What do you like about Poland? [100]

It is usually only fresh milk that does not impare the flavour of tea taken white.

Possibly :)
I'm not breatsfeeding => I don't drink tea with milk ("bawarka") - bleeee =>I wouldn't know :P

But you do realise that this milk is pasteurised, so not exactly "fresh" either?
4 Dec 2010
Life / What do you like about Poland? [100]

There are doubts whether soya is that healthy at all -]

So you are never safe :P

But you can get fresh filtered milk in Poland - like this:

I don't know where you live, but in some areas you can get milk "straight from a cow" if you find a farmer willing to sell it.
4 Dec 2010
Love / Polish girls and contraceptives [68]

Who needs a Doctor for contraception pills EVERY MONTH for fluffys sake.

No one. Last time I went I got a prescription for 6 months.
But I disagree with the concept of free contraception. You want to have sex - you should pay for the pill or condoms. You, and not the tax payers.