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11 Jan 2010
Law / How to register for doctor in Poland (by area) [16]

delphiandomine / jwojcie, Thank you so much for both of your kindly post.

The ZUS payment is listed in my salary letter. I hope it will be enough to register, I suppose all the information should be listed there, but if it is not enough I will ask HR to give me the specific form you mentioned~~~~

Soon I will see how Polish hospital looks like and how it works. :D Just their physical check for work was too simply to me...... Just some simply items were checked, such as sight and blood pressure. And it is so-called physical check for work.......
10 Jan 2010
Law / How to register for doctor in Poland (by area) [16]

Thank you, pawian.
Thank you delphiandomine.

It seems that I better ask my employer if they will offer me annual physical check...
My friend told me I need to take my salary list to do with the register. I'm not sure if it is the "FORMS FROM YOUR EMPLOYER TO PROVE YOUR ELIGIBILITY"?

I don't have any comments on the Polish system, as it is really far beyond my understanding :D
If I tell the doctor I don't feel well, will they have me checked right away, or I still need to make appointment and wait for a long time?
10 Jan 2010
Law / How to register for doctor in Poland (by area) [16]

Hello Pawian / Delphiandomine

Sorry but I just found your post here. Thank you both of your answers.
I just started to deal with this medical book since I want to check my sight in hospital. But I heard I will a medical card with IC chip set, instead of a book. Maybe it depends on different province. I'm wondering whether or not it is free if I want to have physical check for my body every year?
29 Dec 2009
Food / Why is it that some Polish people refuse to eat anything that is not Polish? [120]

In my opinion, it just depends on different people, different culture and different tradition.
My Polish friends are willing to trying different kind of food. One of them have been in Japan. He tried many type of Japanese food, including uncooked squid. When he and his friends were in Shanghai, China. They also ate much chinese food which is quite wired to them, such as frog legs, shark fin, tongue and feet from ducks. Some of them even ate turtle and pigeon. In Thai restaurants, they liked to eat the curry crab, as well...
16 Oct 2009
Work / Does it make sense to move from the UK to Wroclaw for this salary? [50]


What does your role play in the IT company customer support? Is the job something like help desk on the telephone? IBM also has such kind of business, quite boring...

It is said that the payment for such kind of job in Krakow is 3000~4000PLN per month at the begining.
8 Sep 2009
Work / Cost of Living, Average Salaries and Job sites in Poland [263]

Hello, everybody,

I am from China. I just found a job in Wroclaw. The gross salary is 5200 PLN. The annual bonus will depend on the performance. I still need to rent a flat in Wroclaw. I'm wondering regardless of the bonus if this salary can cover all of my living costs in Wroclaw? Does this salary hit the average point in Wroclaw?

Thanks in advance!