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9 Sep 2009
News / RHD cars in Poland - my campaign to change the rules in Poland [128]


I sympathise with your case. However, I believe the advice given on the forum is sound- exhaust all possibilities at the Polish ministry of transport first- find a native speaker if you are not yourself and proceed from there.

I dont know your experience of Poland- but the 1st,2nd,3rd answers from an institution or Govt office can be no- in which case carry on, speak to more senior officials until you receive a satisfactory explanation.

Your are clearly distressed about the issue, however to obtain a useful outcome remain calm and allow due process in Poland. Shouting and threatening EU action doesnt tend to cut much ice here when meeting officials.

The European option is slow and time consuming.

It depends ultimately if you are doing this to make some political point or simply wish to have your RHD car registered here.

If you genuinely do want the issue fixed, then EU is probably not the way to go.Thats only experienced opinion though
28 Aug 2009
Love / I`m Polish bloke lookin`for an English girl. Is it gonna work out? [51]

Yep your spot on.

It may the intrigue of something different.

Speaking for myself, women from different countries can be interesting, behave differently, there is probably an exotic factor there too.

Also what is appreciated by people and tastes in different countries varies. Take for example something as trivial as ginger haired guys.Not really liked in UK perhaps but in other countries it is almost a badge of honour!
28 Aug 2009
Love / I`m Polish bloke lookin`for an English girl. Is it gonna work out? [51]


I was merely being positive and speaking with experience of different countries, if i struck the wrong tone then hands up.

Your right Britain is what is, some good some bad people but it could be said for many countries I have been to. Nowhere's perfect. Polska's pretty good :-)

Making new friends by joining new groups will increase social circle making it more likely to meet girls. I disagree- try a starbucks/coffee store book club- mostly female! I wasnt encouraging homosexuality....

In my experience women are not aliens, not creatures to be hunted. Often seems that guys who soley chase for dates may seem desperate to women and not many people like desperate personality. If seb is himself, enjoys himself then he is an attractive happy guy.
28 Aug 2009
Love / I`m Polish bloke lookin`for an English girl. Is it gonna work out? [51]


There is no magic formula.

I dont know your circumstances but the best way to get know new people (and this way potential dates) is to get doing things.

You may spend a lot of time with Polish speaking friends which is great but if you want to meet more british people then this wont really work.

So try some new things... Britain is a friendly place, if you are a good guy you will be fine.

So some new hobbies is good idea - say sports- running , cycling, climbing etc etc there are lots of clubs like this in yorkshire.

Dont like sport? What about joining local classes in something, books/cinema groups or charity. Join them and you will meet new people. Dont get focussed on "finding a woman" enjoy yourself, be yourself and the rest will follow...

Ever notice how people are attracted to fun, happy people than those desperate for dates?