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9 Aug 2009
Travel / Driving to Poland from England - any tips? [264]

Hi first time poster here.

my fiancee and i are planning to drive to katowice around Easter next year, the reason is that we are picking up our dog that we are having to leave here this summer for 6 months.

from what i have read so far on these posts, the drive from england to poland is an excellent one, i have used to plan the router, i have also looked at aa router planner and rac route planer, they all pretty much go the same way and take about the same time.

i just have a few concerns if people dont mind giving some advice, first of all i will be driving from south england london area, so i was thinking of taking the euro tunnel. oh i will also have brought a new stanav by then, im looking at the tomtoms with europe maps included.

is it safe at the borders into and out of germany, i think i have watched to many tv shows and just want to make sure we are safe on the trip.

what would you say would be a safe speed to drive on the motor way in mph if you could please?

oh i should be doing this drive in a bmw 318is auto 2liter, i know that means my petrol used would be higher then a lower enginee size car. any guess at how much it would cost in a car that size, or more to the point how many time i might need to stop, the less stops for me the better, not so sure on the misses though lol.

erm any other advice or information you could pass on would be grately appricated.